Local Food in CheJoo Island With My Son at 2nd Day

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I enjoyed my schedule at 2nd day in CheJoo, walking around the amazing place and taking a cup of coffee in cozy cafe on the beautiful beach.

It was great.

Among them, what I’d like to post is the food I tried.

There were excellent things, but the most memorable moment today was a taking a taste of local food.
Because the food I tried was possible only in CheJoo island.

My son got up today morning lately.
He got up early at dawn and slept again in the morning.
I didn’t wake him up until he got up by himself.
Taking a rest is more important sometimes than walking around even in a trip

Usually the important and meaningful things came up unexpectedly.

When he got up, it was almost noon.
We need to have a lunch, so we decide to go to eat something.

The guest house where we stayed was not far from a traditional market place.

We found a very humble restaurant there.
But there were full of people




The menu was interesting. Among them, there were some thing I’ve never took a taste before
It was mom kook.

I asked owner about that menu.
She explained that was a meat soup with sea vegetable.

We ordered mom kook
I didn’t want to miss the chance to take a taste local food.
It looked like something weird at first.
But it's taste was special.
It included the taste of the sea.


I ordered roasted fish, okdom.

Okdom was also local fish, it was not easy to take a taste out of CheJoo island.

Everything in this humble restaurant including sidedish was excellent.

After finishing tourism, we tried to eat local noodle.
The pork soup noodle is very famous in Korea.
So there are many places to serve the pork soup noodle.

In CheJoo, taking a original taste must be the number 1 mission.

The restaurant was also humble.


But there was a reason to be known best restaurant in CheJoo island.

We waited for a minute, it was late time for dinner.

It looked like not special.


I don’t like to describe the taste.
Warning, think carefully to eat red pepper. It could kill you.


Just take a taste when you visit to Chejoo.

I ate it up to the bottom.


At least what we ate was successful.

Posting what I saw would be next chance.

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that looks so yummy and delicious food you were a really good time with your son.

wow so Alluring foods ....yummy

Captivating photos! I particularly like the red pepper on the foto. Excellent work!

Welll all the photos you had placed are good that are of food and my friend it's great to know your journey today and the way you described it

Your first dish looks like our native buckwheat soup) And I like the view of the dish on the right among four others. Is this something like cheese?

Nice photos ... your post are upvoted by @ranjuthpvrp


hummm! really looks palatable, so what do we call this kind of dish.

Bountiful post will dony

Sumptuous!!! Seems am hungry now.
Great food.

Nice and informative article.

I love this food. Kimchi, nice!

I like it & i folow u
Ago k likhan tyko samujg ne ane tan k acha halwo ko kokrekon keta sajon naraz wata hy ty pata changa ton

Waoo nice food feeling so hungry ....uuuka bukh lawa dity hi yar hun kithay wanjan men shodi hotel ty v ni wanj sagdi bhala thesny sako v an devo ha dua karsay mari lugi wati han aj tay

Thanks for sharing this post. and meal looks tasty that mu mouth filled with water @slowwalker

very nice, doing things with your kids is so nice.. I also post many times about them.https://steemit.com/photography/@rival/20171111t112644863z-post
thx for watching. followed

I've never tried the mom kook, but your posting made me to want to taste it! I'll definitely try it when I visit Chejoo next time!:)

Nice pics :D great travel

The fish and I love. Thanks for the photo and frankness! In such restaurants quiet and tasty cooked ))

have you had fish in the name roach

That food really looks amazing! Making my mouth water just by looking at it! Every single shot looks like a perfect painting to me.
Have a marvelous day!


Bountiful post will dony

It's interesting to see so many plates. Westerners like to put all food on one or two plates. I'm glad to hear you have a great time with your son.

Am not a seafood lover but I would love to have a fresh catch right now. I ate dried fish if it's not too strong of a smell, and not way too salty. =D

That kimchi looks good though! Btw, where is CheJoo island?

Thank you for sharing this. UPVOTED and Following you now.

TC <3


Bountiful post will dony

looks delicious, I'm jealous

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Those korean peppers are a gamble. I never know which are gonnagonna be spicy and which ones are not

I love your post. there soo interesting. especially when you try out different foods..

Looks like tasty food

Sounds like food adventure. 🙂 I'm not into spicy or peppery foods though. But mom kook, that sounds intriguing and something good. Enjoyed all the photos. ☺

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youre in china? new follower here :)

Yummy food my friend! Local food is always the best and we must always try local when travelling!

Wow....looks so delicious I want some :)

wow a great day with yummylicious food

jaju~ 반갑습니다~ ㅎㅎ

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great photos. very well written.

I want to try this delicious food @slowwalker

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