Water, Building And Mountain In ‘San’ Museum By Ando Tadao At Wonju, Korea.

in travel •  5 months ago

I didn’t have any opportunity to study about the Architecture.
But ‘The water looked like having a very important meaning in the Architectures of Ando Tadao.




It was remarkable for me that there was no boundary between the building and the water, the water and the mountain.


The museum was in the water.
All building was connected with the water.

So whole museum looked like an island surrounded by water.




In this way, Ando seemed to try to identify the building from it’s surroundings.

The building was connected to the outside only through the water.
The building had a relationship with nature through the water.

I don’t know what is the meaning of the water in Ando's architecture.
For my opinion, the water seemed a mediator between inside and outside.

There must be some discrepancies between inside and outside of Ando Tadao.
The water seemed to work for the harmony in Ando Tadao’s world.

In my view, the building was enlarged to the outside world through the water in the building.

Any way this unexpected water made me enjoy the work of Ando Tadao.

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wow that's some well thought about house!
the view is just breath taking!
you want to jump in that pool even tho if it's raining outside! <3


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Tadao's architecture is truly unique and it amazes me looking at the water, building, and the mountains in harmony and his artwork gives the impression of calm for the ones that witnessing the designs which is the best thing that people have to see for themselves to appreciate it all @slowwalker.

amazing nature

My mother was born in Wonju


Wonju is a very nice placa

That's amazing, love the use of water in architecture

Looks very tranquil

Excellent! I always love herring about Korea and the way the break the boundaries and turn a building into an art piece...Cheers And for doing a great job, thats right............
Upvote gif meme.gif


Thank you so much

he often uses glass as a protective material between stone and water-his architecture is also amazing when the water freezes and snow covers these surfaces

omg what an beautiful weather conditions u really enjoying sir


Yes, it was very nice weather for taking photos

Hi...very interesting post with nice pictures👍and the architecture really special!
For me it's great - if have possibility connect building with water... gives a good vibration & feel closed to the nature.


it might be

The scenery is very good.


Yes, it is.


Yes, it is.

Wow... All posts are really very beautiful


Thank you so much


Thank you so much

@slowwalker, Absolutely I'm wondering to see first time these museum in Korea. There are so many architecture techniques indeed. Whole building in the water. What's a amazing thing.

The building was connected to the outside only through the water.
The building had a relationship with nature through the water.

It mean Ando Tadao totally connect with the nature. Better relaxation and meditation place. My class mate working South Korea yet. I'll give information about Ando Tadao for know much information. Thanks to you.


Thank you for your comment and concern

These picture are beautiful


Thank you

Fantastic pictures.


Thank you


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I like to start a mini picture story serial.
Click 👇 here and post your suggestions


Amazing photography @slowwalker


Thank you so much

정말 물에 둘러쌓인게 섬 같습니다. 한국땅에 존재하는 곳이 맞나 싶을 정도로 신비로운 곳이네요. 주변 산세도 아름답고. 안도 타다오가 한국땅에 이렇게 신선들이 살만한 작품을 남긴 배경이 문득 궁금해 집니다. 방문하신 날의 안개도 물과 함께 이런 무드를 만드는데 결정적 역할을 한 듯 싶네요. 좋은 곳 알려주셔서 감사합니다. 원주 들릴 일이 있을때 꼭 한번 방문해 보겠습니다.^^


비올때가 더 좋습니다

Nice one @slowwalker. The architecture is an excellent but uncommon one. It really makes sense. I also don't fully grasp the water connection but it's cool though


Thank you for your comment


You're welcome!

와 정말 희한합니다.
물이 감싸고 있다니..
이런데 있으면 신선놀음이 따로 없을 것 같네요.
너무 좋을 것같고 직접 가보셨다니 부럽습니다.


한번 가보세요. 좋아 하실 겁니다


꼭 여유생기면 가보고싶습니다 ㅎㅎ
요즘 스팀페이로 여러가지 구상한다고 정신이 없어서
열심히 해보겠습니다 ㅎㅎ

이번엔 원주를 다녀오셨군요. ^^


모임이 있어서 다녀왔는데 좋았습니다

a place that can keep the mind is always busy can be calm, water and nature united in beauty, clean and peaceful, special designed for like of many people.☺️

These images are impressive, they are really beautiful, I do not understand why so much water, but this is out of series, this is from another world.

What a view , imagine jsut being in the water and seeing the world in front of your eyes like that. Makes your own worries seem so small

Everything is great. !

That is so unique and very beautiful design and architecture. Is it similar to any Infinity pool ?
Thanks for sharing @slowwalker :)


it looks similar.

I think it's raining.

a very beautiful architectural masterpiece.arsitektur very friendly to nature,dengan so we can enjoy the museum of nature and water simultaneously.i very happy if one day can visit the museum Ando tadao at wonju Korea ... success always for you friend @ slowwalker hopefully day you menyensngksn .I've upvote and resteem your post. please visit my blog thank you

Wow stunning, next time I'm in Korea I'll have to make the trek from Seoul out to Wonju. Its a stop on the new high speed Olympic train no?


no, but there is a station near Wonju

Wow! So beautiful.

very beautifull photography

it is raining there isn't it? looks beautiful

no word to say

In whole Asia I saw such buildings. Pools connected with the buildings. Some looks awesome, some looks not so. But what I always think, what is the need to build such Waterhouse. It must be very correct build, otherwise the water goes in the whole house and damage everything

Looks very similar to "invisible pools" I have seen integrated into the balconies at some high end hotels. I have always wondered about the engineering necessary to handle the tremendous weight of all that water when the boundary appears so thin.


um. water was not so deep


Oh, that certainly changes things. It isn't apparent from the photo.

The photo is really cool, I like the panoramic.
What museum that!

It took me a minute to realize that everything outside is water, lol. Crazy and beautiful. The cloudy day was perfect for the photography. Everytime when I read your posts I want to travel the world 😊


Thank you for comment.
Traveling around is a everybody's dream


very true my firend :-)

Really Nice


Thank you

Thank you for posting @slowwalker, nim.

Lovely photography and subject.

Very interesting ideas from Ando Tadao; as man does have daily interaction with water and he is expressing his perception through art in architecture.....amazing.

Wishing you and yours and your Mum all the best. ^__^



Thank you for your comment.
My mom will be pleased with your concern

photos of beautiful scenery ... water is the source of life ,,, where there is water there life

Absolutely beautiful, when I see your posts I always really want to visit south-korea, even more than before ^^

Wow what beauty, I love water and all the green nature around looks spectacular.

Being there must give a feeling of harmony for being surrounded by water and a lot of green, it is an incredible job that of Ando Tadao.

Haii steemit friends thank you for the news and information may be always successful friends in steemit development. For me there is science where every where as long as we are convinced that it is a science of gratitude steemit friend for this very useful information and news

Hello, I love to be surrounded by water, this place would be a perfect one for me. It would be cool, if they would build such a hotel for tourists. Greetings Lena

Just when you think you've seen it all in Korea...secrets unlock. Breathtaking place - great for relaxing, I'm sure.

Really ... you see a lot of water, you walk with towels!

Wow, very attractive place.

Good article. Beautiful photos!

Wow what a building great design 💯🐒

Design is very nice 👍
feel relax with it.

Wonderful view , seems all the nature is captured in every photo..lovely :)

I wish I'll be there someday. Spectacular views. Thanks for posting.

I have seen many people go up countries similar to this and commenting that they wanted to be there, I wonder if they really know the beauty of this place, look at that, when looking at the first picture I already knew that this post would fill my soul completely, not it is the spectacular architecture that is there, it is nature that truly falls in love here, is fascinated and captivated with these photographs, as it will be there truly, it would be to feel in paradise

Wow it was a great place.hows the feeling when you are there?i hope soon i will have enough money to go there.keep it up!

I agree, I really think that landscape and environment really play a big part in bringing out architecture. Love the post, can't wait to see more.

I think water is neutral. many views that we can give meaning, my opinion water in this building has meaning as an intermediary.
@slowwalker hopefully you are not offended

Maybe the architect was trying to convey the feeling of 'infinity' with these water features. As you point out yourself.

"The building was connected to the outside only through the water.
The building had a relationship with nature through the water."

There is no separation. No clearly defined beginning and end between the two entities?

Interesting concept don't you think?

Wow... I never saw any beautiful artichitectural design as this my whole life

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This is truly breathtaking, thank you for sharing. I love how the building is not an obstruction to the beauty of nature, but rather an addition to the beauty. This is an amazing representation of coexistence.

마치 해자로 둘러쌓인 성을 연상시키네요.
잘 봤습니다.

That is amazing! It's like living in some sort of "Inception" style house. 😊


Yes, you're right

"You can't just put something new in one place. You have to absorb what you see around you, what exists on earth, and then use that knowledge, along with contemporary thought, to interpret what you see". Tadao Ando

This philosophy of Tadao Ando is always evident in his designs and is recognized for the attention he pays to nature and the relationship between the interior and exterior spaces of his buildings.

On a slope down a small river in a beech clearing, the element of nature appears throughout the architecture of Tadao Ando, who initiates subliminal experiences in this Church on the Water in Tomamu, Japan.


Thank you so much for explanation.
You must be an architecture


Is Tadao Ando a person?


He's a Japanese architect.


Wow..Mr @slowwalker. terrific architect Ando Tadao .. we can see for yourself the work of a very great museum that filled the water ..
Want us to visit there.

Thank you alot for share to us.

May your success always sir



Thank you for dropping by

wow .. korea many nice place, when can i visit there, to enjoy keindah and culinary tour, good post @slowwalker success for you


You will like it

Korea has the perfect mix of nature and modern life I've seen. One of the most beautiful pictures I have seen.

my foto


thanks for taking us there @slowwalker nim
the first pic makes the place look majestic ;)

great photos .. would have been even better if it was sunny. almost looks like an endless infinity pool .. This definitely worth sharing .. keep it :)

A magnificent work of man. This is the true heritage of all mankind. Everything is very beautiful. I have not yet seen such a unique structure. Good luck to you and Love.

Великолепное произведение человека. Это настоящее достояние всего человечества. Все очень красиво. Я еще не видел такого уникального строения. Удачи Вам и Любви.

I am also a great fan of Ando, and never know there is his work in Korea. Thanks for the sharing, it looks very impressive!