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There was a wrecked wall at the corner of the temple.

It seemed ruined building, but the gate of this building told it was of very important meaning.


As getting closer, I could read there was the real Buddha’s one piece of Saria.
King Gongmin in Goryeo dynasty moved one piece of Sarira of Tondo-sa temple into Beopjoo-sa temple to memory of conquering the Chinese revolt army of Red turban.


The stupa stood behind the hall which seemed to be built at the same time with the stupa.


This building seemed to have the characteristics of Shilla dynasty's Architecture, the style of the foundations was as same as that of Shilla dynasty's.

The stupa looked so great, but it looked same as the usual stupa for the monks.
It was so strange why they did not make Buddha's sarira stupa specially. It was as same as ordinary monk's stupa.

The cornerstones of this hall indicated this building had been built before the Choson dynasty.


There was a window in the wall of the hall, so people could see the stupa.


But one thing strange is there are 3 Buddha statues in the hall, usually the temple having the real sarira of Buddha didn’t set up Buddha sculptures in the hall.

It looked strange why they didn’t repair this wall protecting the stupa of real sarira of Buddha.

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@slowwalker, thats amazing article!!!It's so mysterious that the crumbled wall of the looks like:)Will you be on Steem Fest?

Your pictures are very beautiful..Your places of travel are very beautiful...really my dear friend..love you

Awesome photography .very. Beautiful place

Yeah it's little strange! Conz in my country all temples with real Buddha Sarira, is highly protected and very famous as well! So like you said it's strange to see that broken wall and small Stupa of that temple! Sometimes after years of that time, people have moved that Sarira piece to somewhere else! Anyway those are relics and great histories! So we all must protect that history to our children!
Every nation built top of great histories! That's what I strongly believe!


@slowwalker, After read & watch whole blogs of Beopjoo-sa Temple I have big passion to see those temple seriously. It reminded Goryeo dynasty of older days. Whole background so ever-green & better for the meditation process. The stupa stood showing Korean's architecture. Great productivity by old citizens. There are most oldest story indeed,
Final image of 3 Buddha statues so impressive. Seemed real buddha live with us. Golden one more attractive. Better description with professional photo clicks again.

I know everything about the temples of your country!

Great photos turned out. Ruined wall does not leave me alone. Perhaps this slight destruction has some meaning, which we do not guess.

Отличные фото получились. Разрушенная стена не оставляет и меня в покое. Возможно, это небольшое разрушение имеет какой-то смысл, о котором мы не догадываемся.

@slowwalker always a joy to see a new post from you so I can learn something new that I had no knowledge of.................

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it is an amazing place, great post @slowwalker 👌👍

Beautiful! The colours are so rich and interesting ❤ The temple look so amazing.
The angle of the Buddha statues is shine very nice all the details also very good care about the light, love your awesome article. Love your style.

This is great @slowwalker, I can read it more comfortably than your writing and I really like to see the fifth picture, whether it's a lotus flower carved on a wooden pole. I can only see the bottom of the flower.

Sometimes there are more questions then answers, but that it is we may not find the reason for it. The wall look like it would benefit from some maintenance work but behind the gate everything looks nice and in a good condition. I like the statues of three Buddhas, the ceiling and surroundings are nice colorful with beautifully worked out wood in front.

Hey there Mr Walker. This dynasty and that dynasty....My country (USA) only has like 250 years of history....makes things more simple! hahaha.

The hisotry of China, Korea, Asia, Buddhism. Unreal, it's goes back seemingly forever. I literally get lost in time when learning about it.

So my girl and I broke up. That was a quick fling I guess. I'll save you details if I haven't already told you on my last message to you. But the plan now is Steemfest in November, then straight to Chiang Mai Thailand. Tickets bought, so it's definite. I miss my Thia Buddhist culture so much. Looking at the photos you share, makes me feel good about my decision.

Keep on keeping on! From Odessa Ukraine! -Dan "World Travel Pro!"

Wow.....sooo..... Very wonderful photography

It is evident that many people invested in the construction of these buildings. So many stones spent for building walls. They had to get, bring and lay. Very hard working people built

place that has history, even though it hundred of year old, hopefully it can be treated well, @slowwalker

Woow amazing photography

Nice shot! I love seeing temples like this..

This reminded me of my childhood