To the Memory of the Splendid Last Summer.

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It is getting cooler in my place.
At the gate of the wonderful autumn, I remind one moment of last summer.

I found those photos during arranging my computer.
Those photos made me recall the moment I spent with my friend.

There was a splendid sunlight. And the green color of the plants was getting thicker.




Time flies like an arrow, and I am recalling the moment of last summer which never come back again.

Arranging my photo was the ceremony to say goodbye to the last summer.
Now the summer’s gone, leaving the reminiscence in the photos.
The only thing I could posses might be the remember.

Putting on a sweater, I miss the splendid sunlight of the last summer

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Is that your living place? It's beautiful and I wish the upcoming winter might not so cold and you can see the sunlight of next summer soon!
For my country, it's always summer! Not so cold, but personally I like that cold and misty weather!


the summer is gone , but let's welcome the autumn , it's harvest and happy time as well.


Beautiful pictures I must say . Good memories are worth a fortune 🔮. Sweet memories brings back good times the ones that once was. A beautiful place to behold

I totally can relate to that! I even wrote a blogpost about that topic myself 😉 Check it out:

Thank you so much

Querido amigo caminante... Me encanta leer tus post, son fascinantes... No solo por las bellas fotografías, sino también por la manera como nos describes cada lugar o cada momento.
En este caso despides una etapa, una estación o un fragmento de tu vida, solo debes recordar que os recuerdos son los que nos hacen sabios, y es maravilloso que poseas tan bellos recuerdos @slowwalker
Dear walking friend... I love reading your post, they are fascinating... Not only because of the beautiful photographs, but also because of the way you describe each place or each moment.
In this case you say goodbye to a stage, a season or a fragment of your life, you only have to remember that memories are what make us wise, and it is wonderful that you have such beautiful memories @slowwalker

Thank you for your beautiful words

there is no other word for you @slowwalker, keep on being passionate and successful always, follow me.


thank you @slowwalker, thank you for the visit, thank you for following me ..

with my pleasure


@slowwalker, Exactly brilliant green coloring background last summer.

There was a splendid sunlight. And the green color of the plants was getting thicker.

Of course, why not? If I have like these environment nearly my house I stay more time there. Mind attraction photo clicks.

Thank you

Very beautiful place. & lovely photography..i like it photos

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wow this is wonderful place, looks lovely! amazing colour! Really impressed with green! adore the atmosphere, love your style slowwalker ❤😊❤

Wow beautiful scenery! Sooo green and green. I liked these pictures. very nice sharing my friend.

Thank you so much

The pictures are really full of young, juicy green vegetation. It must be early summer. I love spring and summer it is a time everything starts to turn green again and I love those sprouts that making their way through the soil, they look awesome and that makes me always surprise how much power they have to push away the heavy soil.

It is a truth everything here is also yellow and red, beautiful season but the day shorter and cooler. Unlike in Korea we are already in our rain coats and warm sweater, but we got used to that :)

Thank you for your comment.
Autumn in Korea is exceptionally beautiful.
So I will take a trip to took around the scenery of the season

Surprisingly picturesque photos.
So much greenery and sunlight
I really liked them.

Thank you for finding them and sharing them with us , @slowwalker )

Such Beautiful Green against a mountain back drop......@slowwalker to Peaceful

Beautiful to check that our so nice and amazing shots some great memories :)

Nostalgia is indeed a painful experience, albeit tinged with good recollection of some pleasurable event. Not to worry, @slowwalker. You can take solace in the fact that another summer will come, although it will never be this same one again.

In fact we are 2 months away for the year to end and it is amazing how fast time passes! In any way the photos that you bring us today are beautiful the landscape of nature and its surroundings is fantastic thanks for sharing with us

I understand you perfectly !!! With my hormonal problems, any weather drop is perceived as torture. Especially when it gets cold. But when I look out the window and see the different colors with which the trees are covered, I start to enjoy autumn, dress warmer and go to photograph this beauty, which only happens in autumn.

Я Вас прекрасно понимаю!!! С моими гормональными проблемами любой перепад погоды воспринимается как пытка. Особенно, когда становиться холодно. Но, когда я смотрю в окно и вижу различные краски, которыми покрыты деревья я начинаю радоваться осени, одеваться по теплее и идти фотографировать эту красоту, которая бывает только осенью.

Beautiful landscapes in the mountains, my friend @slowwalker! How would I like to sit there for a bit of rest and take energy of mountains :)
I love autumn very much! In my city it is very beautiful! Lately, I am very concerned because of the illness of my little daughter and rarely visited your blog! Do you plan to be at Steem Fest in Krakow?


I wish your daughter become healthier again.
It is really nice landscape. Thank you for your photo.
Krakow is really far from my place and I have lots of works to do hear.
But I really hope to go there

Such a wonderful nature, the mountains look magical)


I love the autumn and we've had some lovely weather here by the sea, although today it is raining. I don't really mind, as the rain is nice to hear, so heavy and reverberating on the roof, it's quite tranquil. All seasons have their joys :)

Your photos are very beautiful, they really are amazing captures and the mountain in the background makes the view more splendid, a new summer will arrive and with your arrival more beautiful photos like the ones you published today. 😍

Beautiful scenery of the mountains! And it looks refreshing with the bright green trees! Ah! Really “splendid” summer, as you said, I absolutely agree! Great shot! ;)

What a splendid view! The green scenery and warm glow of the sun looks so relaxing. I could spend outdoors all day with these kind of weather and view. :)

Very nice landscape

Its beautiful!
I think those incredible moments remain in our memory and if the photos are not in the memories they will always be!
It is cold there that is incredible @slowwalker , here it is always hot and rain in winter, but times are a little crazy and there is always a lot of sun, a lot of sun, putting on a coat would mean sweating all day long!
some day I would like to place one!

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