The Scenery of Daeheung-sa in The Front Yard, Korea.

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As passing through the Sarira area, there was a front yard of temple.
The front yard of Daeheung-sa was very special in the style of the garden.

Actually the front yard of the temple was quiet different from that of other temples.
In most of temples, it was not so common that there were the gardens in the front yard.
In many cases the gardens in the Korean traditional architecture was located behind the building.

The front yard was consisted of the pond and the big tree on the hill.



Turning around the pond, I stood in front of the tree.
The tree seemed looked down me like a giant.
It looked like to have lived for several hundred years.




There was a bench under the tree. I sat there and looked around. It was good.
I was little bit hesitated where to go at first.

I used to drop by Daewung-jeon first when visiting the temples, because Daewung-jeon was located in the center of the temple.

But Daewung-jeon was not in the center of the temple.
I walked around several building around the front yard.



And I entered in to one building in the name of Cheonbul-jeon meaning one thousand Buddha statues building.
I could see the Cheonbul-jeon through the wall.





There were one thousand Buddha statues in the building.
I was slowly looking around Cheonbul-geon.
What made people make those 1,000 statues ?

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I admire the picturesque splendor of the temple and its ornaments, the passion of the people who built it and the surrounding forest of the Daeheung-sa is breathtakingly pleasant to the soul to experience and see @slowwalker

beautiful scenery and beautiful nature

so beautiful !

Thanks for sharing @slowwalker. This is some amazing landscape and buidlings and everything in between.

Really beautiful and just had to Resteem :)

It's amazing Korean culture, beautiful photos.

Oh my God!! So amazing. I hope i will going to that place one day

@slowwalker wow! you have shot beautiful pictures.especially the structure of temple is nice.keep sharing.

De verdad que la arquitectura de Korea es espectacular digna de resaltar en esta gran comunidad @slowwalker

Nice place. Traditional architectural buildings, lots of forest, which is very good for ecology. Nice Photography. Good job.

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I had a friend from Korea when I was attending to the gym. She was always telling me to visit her country. Now I totally understand why. Fantastic place. Thank you for the trip along here :) Greetings

진짜 천개인지 세보고 싶네요.

As I have been following your travel journey and have seen quite fascinating things it sure is great to be a part of it

In the 1st image the scene really looks very beautfil as the mountain in far away made it look amazing !

The tresss were indeed pretty great !

Yeah the bench sure was in the perfect place indeed tpo get some rest and go agin ;)

Wow the 1k satatues were indeed looking amazing and never seen that before as well !

What made people make those 1,000 statues ?
The mystery will be like that I suppose, some questions are good to be not answered !

1,000 Buddha can be possible! Gautham Buddha said, there are 32 Buddhas and another type of Buddha named as "Pahe Budu", they understood "Sathya" but they have a weakness, that they could not teach the path to Nirwana! I think these 1000 statues are about them!
I like this gardening area! It looks fabulous and well maintained. Wish to see more photography of this wonderful experience of yours! It's a bless for Steemian, coz I don't think I could visit this place in my life time! So, wit your articles I think we can learn and experience the beauty around such sacred places!


Korea and its landscapes and places so incredible and their food so exotic hahaha

I am always fascinated with the old architectural skills of your ancestors @slowwalker ...nice photo shoots and very intriguing because of the 1000 statue of Buddha.

Well @slowwalker I always feel so relaxed after enjoying the awesome architectural skills you share with us quite often. I am also convinced that the way you capture he photographs is really really skilled. Thank you so much for showing us the beautiful side of the nature as well :)

얼굴을 자세히 들여다 보니
제각각 다른 표정을 짓고 계시네요
편하게 사찰구경하고 갑니다`^^

Buenos día me encantó el post. Saludos desde Venezuela. Lo invito visitar mi blog hasta luego.

Awesome views to the front and back of the field, the mountain air is very cool and eliminates fatigue thanks to the amazing post feels.

Look like great hill is here. This place is truly Awsome. You feel wonderful i know. Buddhas 1000 looking fine

Very beautiful photos. A difficult question, perhaps it is a hint that in each of us there is a little Buddha.

Очень красивые фото. Сложный вопрос, возможно, это намек, что в каждом из нас есть свой маленький Будда.

Buddha Statues and plenty of them! Reminds me of so many Buddhist countries I've been to all over Asia. Love your posts Mr. Walker! ....but you already new that ;)

Keep up the great work!

Still....from Kiev Ukraine -Dan

Very beautiful place, definitely trip exciting.

Really beautiful!... Great shots!

A very useful post for all of us and the children of the nation, the preservation that everyone is proud of. What is the history that is proud of the children and grandchildren, praise Buddha ....? Preservation of statues that are historic and useful for the origin of the culture of Buddhist sculpture. Success always for you ...?