The Meaning of the Christianity in Kang Keong and the First Baptist Church in Korea

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One of the most impressive thing in Kang Keong was the Churches.
There were so many Protestantism churches in Kang Keong.

In this journey, I could find out the reason why.
Actually Religion has very close contact with the Political situation.

In Korea, Christianity was a symbol and a hope for the declining Dynasty.
Choson Kingdom of was based on Confucian Philosophy, but in changing world of 18-19 century, Confucian philosophy could not resolve the problems what waning dynasty had confronted.

At that time, Catholic was considered as a new theory and a hope to resolve the problems of their kingdom among the scholars of progressive Confucian philosopher.

But during the colonization by the imperial Japan, Catholic Church had showed the limitation to that matter.

In late 19 century, New religion came into Korea through China. It was the Protestantism.
The missionary came from mainly the U.S.
Protestantism was very strong background for Korean people to fight against the imperialist of Japan.

The reason that the Protestantism could support for Korean Independence was there was no Protestantism in Japan.

Even though Japan had accepted Catholic very early, the Christianity could not be approved by the Government.

For Koreans, the Protestantism and America was considered as a savior at that time.
Many people in Korea began to accept the Protestantism for their faith.

Up until now, the Protestantism is one of the most powerful religious faction with Buddhism and Catholic.

I went up to the hill where all city could be seen. The big and high building was the Protestantism church.


Among the protestantism, the Methodist and the baptist church were predominant in Kang Keong Area.

Especially, the baptist church was established in Kang Keong first time in Korea. 1n 1896 Edward Pauling was sent from
Boston to Korea as a first missionary.



The First worship service was held at the house of the first butler. His house was near the hill.


(The first Korean butler)


This house have been well preserved as a historical legacy by the local government.





This house has a really nice view. Here you can see far away.


The protestantism had been a center of national independence movement.
But international situation was changed, Japan and America became enemy from friend.

Due to the political atmosphere, American missionary had been ousted from Korea by Japanese.
By that time, Korean protestantism had suffered severe suppression.
Korean pastors were tortured to death and sentenced to death.

In this posting, I’d like to introduce the reason why Korea had accepted the Christianity so quickly and how they became powerful.

Next time, let me introduce how the Methodist church fought against Japanese oppression on Religion.


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매일 배워 나갑니다. 감사 합니다.

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interesting! thanks for sharing:)

every reglions main motto is self realization

우연히 보게 되었는데 혹시 한국분이신가요?
영어 롸이팅을 너무 잘해서 외국인인가 싶었는데
자세히 읽어보니 한국분 아니고서야 한국에 대해
어떻게 저리도 잘 표현했을까 싶어서요.
포스팅 잘 보고 갑니다.

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Interesting about religion is original... I didn't know that in Korea.

post that is in need of the world for now, because it is politics and religion it must be in line.....
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It's an interesting article!! I didn't know that!! 😊😊

Church and political power, In Italy we have many signs of this relationship.

Yes, one day I'd like to study on Italian experience

This piece has made me go to read the biography of Kim Hak-sun "the comfort woman", she was the first korean butler.

beautifull view, great history korea

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Awesome post, I really like to read about Korea, I think it is a nice country, thanks for sharing good information!!

Interesting! I want to see the place myself in the near future.

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I would love to visit there. Great article!

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Very much informative post. @slowwalker. There is many things to learn form a person like u. From my point of view #political_situations and #religion are two sides of a coin.

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Thank you my friend for such an interesting and informative story. The question of religion for many centuries is one of the most difficult. Thank you for sharing some of your country's life. As always, your photos are taken prisoner by my mind)))

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Very interesting and something I had no idea about. I expected the change to be more modern than the late 1800s.

lol, I hope so.
history is a history.

The picture is beautiful. The relationship between religion and history is so strong, deeply rooted in the life of the people there.

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Photos are very beautiful.

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Thank you for this enlightening post about Korea and Christianity.
By saying Christianity I should better say Christian churches of Protestants and Catholics as you refer to, that are both supported by different political parties and interests.
And have managed to influence the politics, not just in Korea but the whole rehion of the Far East, in general!

Yes, life is complicated and religion is also complicated.
religion seems a reflection of our lives

Well I think life is simple if we are after the basic and essentials!!
But....we aren't! !! We always want more! Right?

So it becomes complicated when we bring in so many dreams, desires, hopes, plans and so on. So the ones that rule this world, have always known that and use it to their benefit! Religions now, play a massive part in that!

Actually this is such a nice topic for a discussion ☺!!

Such a melting pot of religions in korea, even after all the suppressions and trials that came to their way, they still remain strong throughout the generation. Thank you @slowwalker for sharing this history to us all, we definitely learn a lot everyday. Have a blessed day ahead my friend. :)

Thank you so much

Always welcome my friend. Enjoy your wonderful day! :)

Your photos are amazing, I have to learn a lot from your work....@senior slowwalker

How cruel, the death of a priest who was tortured and put to death ...
This is a very tragic story.
I'll wait for the rest of your story.
Thank you for all the support and kindness you have provided. @slowwalker

Thank you so much Silvia

You are welcome, your support is very meaningful to me ..

I think Religion should not be reason for politicals because everyone has their own religion we should worship ower own GOD.

Was it met with dissatisfaction when the religion was brought to Korea?

Interesting post, I never knew the first missionaries to Korea were from America. I had this idea they had come from Britain or some other part of Europe.

It will be cool to hear how Methodists managed to fight the Japanese oppression. This is another fact I wasn't expecting since most reglions are typically pacifists.

They had fought against the oppression with peaceful method

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Yes my friend, I also have a new friend post if there is time stop in my block for a while ..

Posts that attract your friends insight about culture and culture is amazing my friend I salute you friend because I always follow you ...

Beautiful photos

New day, new great post!

A lot of things i don't know about Korea. Now i know one. Thanks for sharing this story. :)

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Awesome photos @slowwalker !! Korea is really also a photographer please check out my work at @whohow36 20170219_104634.jpgand give me your opinion.

Great photography and nice history review!!!!!

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That is really interesting about the history of Protestantism in Korea. I knew it had a big influence but didn't know the history behind it. That house looks really cool too.

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Not long time ago, I had a discussion with a friend about the connection between religion and politics. My opinion was that the two are connected and more than that, in a strong circle of powers supporting one another.
It was proven, even in our days, in my country, that masses were political influenced in church.

Thank you for precious information!

I glad that this posting is useful for you

how much useful information you always have such rich posts.I like them

Been blessed by this post @slowwalker knowing the baptist is the most dominant church there at Kang Keong Korea. I belong also in Baptist religion under the denomination of Southern Baptist Church. Happy to know that they still preserve that area.
Anyway @slowwalker I hope you can also visit my blog if you have time.

amazing post mate

Thanks @slowwalker, I learned something new again! Had no idea that protestants "colonized" Korea in significant numbers. I hope they did not have to go through the same fate as early Christians in Japan when their feudal system was declining. They got some real harsh prosecution. Great post!

The start of something good!

Nice winter photos slowwalker
interest that those churches are in Korea.
Thanks and have great day.

you were so kind to give me a wonderful upvote I graciously thank you so much 😊 I was off steemit for awhile I've been very very ill but I'm back now and happy to see you. This post gives so much great history about religion and I loved the story on the first butler, the pictures are amazing , how is your beautiful mom?

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My mom is fine.
We are planning to tour the someplace where my mom want to look at

Beautiful display of history! I like your post.

Very enlightening!

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Excellent friend very interesting post that you enjoy your holidays greetings

Nice review. I have been here, South Korea, for 5 years and go to church sometimes. They are nice and friendly.

Seriously, loving your posts on the history of Korea & Japan. You make it very easy to understand & it's great to have the picture along side the writing. Thank you!

Thank your for your compliment

My pleasure! Your work is really great! Keep it up! :)

I just know if in korea there is a Christian religion. Previously, I think all the people of Korea are Buddhist. Photo and your story I mean that tolerance in your country is very good.

Thank you very much for sharing history very well. Korea has a lot of past history. You always provide with historical place image evidence. Hopefully I can always see the latest posts from you @slowwalker.

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I am very curious about Korea.I want to go to Korea the nearest time.Thanks for your sharing :))

wow!amazing is very nice..thanks for sharing this of luck .

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Great post! Also impressed by the building method.

At that time, Catholics were considered as a hope to solve a new theory and problems in their state among the scholars of progressive Confucian philosophers. But during the colonization of imperialist Japan, the Catholic Church has shown limitations on this. It is not only that Japan has been behind Korea now, but Japan has no power over its own.

America is always a opportunist country. There is always any interest hidden in them !!

I am very curious about the continuation of your story @slowwalker, they are very cruel to the pastor, this is very sad.
Do they have no good in the heart? so they can treat people very badly.
I will wait patiently the rest of your story.

Nice article....I am stunned by your work....thank u forever. ..keep going

is a building like this church rare in korea?

Very beautiful place and amazing architecture. I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you for sharing :)
The most people suffered coz of religions and thats very sad :(

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Beautiful pictures @slowwalker

Even though Japan had accepted Catholic very early, the Christianity could not be approved by the Government.

For Koreans, the Protestantism and America was considered as a savior at that time.

Wow, I didn't know about that. So, that's why Christianity became rapmant in Korea. In the same context, I personally think the reason why Japan has no specific national religion is that they've never experienced any outside pressure because Japan is an island country. So naturally, they don't have to unite or stand up to foreign intrusion, and they started to get focused on their folk religions. Well, it was an interesting story about Korea's Christianity. Thank you^^

Interesting interpretation on Religion in Japan. Thank you

Confrontation of religions! It's so sad! It so far away from the true God! Thank you for sharing @slowwalker!

interessant article

beautiful pictures! so nice to read about other cultures , nice post :)

interesting to read about Korea and the Religions.. I always respect every peoples Religion I've met .. I had a Korean kids student before I wonder what kind of religion they have ..
I also invited to a Korean Church in Cebu that gives me more ideas about their religion..
Anyway thank you for letting us know..

great photos with very interesting historical background. thanks

Some great history there, thank you for sharing. I love the pictures too.

Thank you so much

Wow amazing photography all the snaps are awesome.... perfect click....thank you for sharing with us.... keep sharing more

Its nice to see the other part of Korea Kang Keong. Up to date, Korea has been in my busket list to visit. Keep on sharing, your work are original.

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beautiful photos, and a very unusual building, looks weird, but interesting! Thank you for photos)

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