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There are several gates to the temple. The first is the one pillar gate which indicate that you just enter into the temple area. Second gate it 4 heaven kings gate which protect the Buddhist paradise. The third one is the diamond warrior gate which protect Buddha and his teaching. The last gate is Bulee-mun which means the last gate to enter into the Buddhist paradise.

There were 3 gates in Beopjoo-sa temple among 4 gates. It must be not ordinary case there was no Bulee-mun in this magnificent Unesco listed temple. I don't know the reason whey Bulee-mun was not built in this temple.

In this posting, I’d like to introduce 2nd and 3rd gates of Beopjoo-sa temple.
4 heaven kings gate is all but same in its style in every temple.
But there was different points in this temple. There were the wish memos in front of the 4 heaven kings statues. It was first time for me to see that kind of wish memos in the 4 heaven kings gate.




This gate was built in Shilla dynasty about 1300 years ago. This gate had been repaired several times until now. I tried to find out the traces of Shilla dynasty. But the cornerstones seemed to be replaced in Choson dynasty when it had been repaired.




Next gate was Geumgang-mun, the diamond warrior gate.
Diamond warrior statues in this temple were not special, but the Bodhisattva statues next to the warriors looked like unusual.
Usually the Bodhisattvas were the children appearance, unlike other temples the Bodhisattva in Beopjoo-sa temple was in the adult appearance.



I had passed all entrance gates to the temple

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This time the pictures are unusually bright and colorful. I really liked it, very much like a fairy tale with desires.

beautiful colors!

You have a great knowledge to understood which dynasty the temple built on. Actually I don't know how you are doing it! But I think you have that ground knowledge and sometimes this might be your most interesting area of observe or sometimes this might be your job related thing! Anyway, it's great and educational!
We can get a clear idea by following these articles about beautiful Korea and it's history as well!


Very colorful and crystal clear pictures I must commend. Thanks for taking us on the little tour . You’re much appreciated

It's really nice to take your pictures. You take pictures of a beautiful place.... Awesome photo, I love your photography

¡gran aprendizaje! seria un honor estar en tu lugar y aprender de los mejores

This includes historical heritage that is still very well maintained, care is seen from the photos you share and I wonder if the memo has existed since ancient times. Regards @slowwalker

Well liked the wish Memos in the Gate

It does really feels great to get through your posts and looks like going through the history in live mode.

The crown on Bodhisattva statues does looks pretty nice and unique by the way

Clean and colorful pictures.Good sharing. Have a nice travel.

Which camera or smartphone did you use to capture these beautiful pictures?

For the people, this temple is very sacred. Thank you for your pictures.

Congratulations @slowwalker!
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today is a special day ,wait for the good newsand thanks for your sharing .

Wao very beautiful temple.This is an historic temple.Wonderful clicks.This temple build in 1300 years old.Very big pilars of this temple.You are so enjoying your travel.I really like your photography.Thanks for sharing.

Interesting story. I am sure that the more the gate passes a person, the more symbolic it begins to feel. Perhaps, all these gates fulfill the peculiar function of a placebo.

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