The Gardens And The Sculptures Of The Museum San By Ando Tadao, Wonju Korea

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Something different from other architectures in the museum San was there were two gardens in this museum.

As soon as entering into the museum, you can find the small garden.
The sculptures were displayed there.





As Passing through the main building, there was a large garden.
This garden was not like usual garden.
The garden was filled with the round stone piles.

And there were also some sculptures among those stone piles.




Those stone piles reminded me of the tombs of Shilla dynasty in Gyeong ju.
I thought that Ando Tadao intended to make the most korean mood in this garden.
So he tried to move the tombs of Shilla dynasty to this museum.



I think the reason why Ando Tadao made these backyard garden bigger than front garden.
According to Korean Architecture tradition, the backyard garden was bigger than the front garden.

Ando Tadao must’ve had a profound understanding of the Korean traditional Architecture.

In this respect, the museum San seemed the synthesis between the contemporary and the tradition, and between the artificial and Nature.

Moreover, as passing through this backyard garden, there is James Turrel’s mystical Hall.
It was strictly prohibited to take the photos in James Turrel’s hall.
Only what I could show you is a corridor to the hall.
You can experience the mystery of the lights in his hall.

The theme of museum San, Mystery, was completed at the hall of James Turrel.

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Beautiful .. Good for you
The place looks really great .. Thanks for your amazing photos
Great post well done..

Beautiful Museum, The Scenery Looks Comfortable And Cool, Success For You @slowwalker.


Are you threatening me!?


No Friend Because I Love People Like You @cornholio


Yes it is

Modern sculptures, trees, and ancient suggestions are perfectly blended in this beautiful garden. These images are very interesting.

The two gardens look really brand new compared to museum. The tombs are made of stones. That is quite different with our tradition.

your travel photography is awesome....truly the museum sculptures are very beautiful...thanks for sharing

love this post

thank you so much for sharing

An interesting museum visit, @slowwalker.

Ando Tadao chose to exhibit these sculptures in a garden setting making use of natural elements and light.

But the setting is also artificial, as are all gardens, and in this case, the back garden is very minimalist using stone piles perhaps reminiscent of burial mounds as you remark, or possibly berms.

Berms are traditionally used to direct water flow into swales where the water is held, but in this case, the berms break up the flat topography and direct the observer to certain perspectives where sculptures can be viewed from certain angles.

It is a subliminal technique for managing perspective and certainly one I'd use if displaying sculptures outside in a garden setting.

The weather adds an unpredictable element as well ensuring that each sculpture is gradually revealed and under varying conditions.

Architecture is always about light

Have a good day, my friend.

Gran post

Beautiful sculptures. That abstract art seems to have new meaning.

very nice pictures! the first one, especially with the fogginess, really like that!

beautiful photography friend You have my support. I hope to count on your support to keep growing. regards

beautiful and nice garden and statues, I can enjoy, always happy, @slowwalker

wuao wonderful place everything is very beautiful, that really fascinated me the gardens look fantastic, impeccable work bravo
friend @slowwalfer that you continue triumphing successes

Oh wow, such a beautiful museum I can't believe the investment in such a great place.

Our muaeums aren't at this level

원주에도 이런 박물관이 있었군요.

돌 무덤 모양은 실제 무덤은 아닌 거죠?
정말 신라 왕조 무덤이 연상되네요..

좋은 장소의 포스팅 감사합니다.

Love the foggy, drizzling weather. Makes the photos feel very tranquil.

One of the most thing impressed me is clean garden. Not like the garden in my country, always dirty

Beautiful museum with a very nice garden

The beautiful museum thanks @slowwalker has shared about the museum, I love to read about history, help me once yes

Wow. This looks amazing 🙏🏻

I think the reason why Ando Tadao made these backyard garden bigger than front garden.

@slowwalker, Absolutely I think about same mind with your opinion. Those stone piles most impressive looks indeed in Ando Tadao backyard garden. You images really professional one. Sure I'll travel Korea in future and visit these place with your assistance post. I learn more history via your contents. Thanks & have a nice day.

Such a wonderful place. I wish I could get there one day.

Cool photography thanks for share @slowwalker

Beautiful and quite serene looking sculpture garden; the photography done on a slightly foggy day (or is it in a cloud?) certainly adds a lot to the peaceful mood. The stone mounds are a very interesting and unique feature; I imagine being there in person makes you fall into a reflective and meditative mood.

A beautiful sharing, thank you!

괜히 한국 전통 건축에 대해서 이해를 해주셨다는 거에
감사함이 느껴지네요..^^;;
이렇게 만드신다는게 참 대단한 열정 , 많은 이해가 필요했을텐데
릉을 연상케하는 돌더미도.. 참.. 인상깊습니다..
정말로 신라왕조 릉을 옮겨왔다면..
더 볼거리도 많고 , 더 관심이 많이 쏟아졌을 텐데 말입니다..^^
월요일 잘 보내시길 바라겠습니다 슬로우워커님

GReat photography’s!!!
The first one is of course the most beauty of all but also the one with the sculpture!

Have a great day.

Thanks for your article.
Steem aum

Great post.

The architecture is awesome. Photos are great. Hope you have a terrific week :)

beautiful museum, the scenery looks comfortable and cool, success for you @slowwalker.

So amazing all the pics has its own beauti

All photos are really good.
You capture all them at correct angle .
Keep it up 👍.

The sculptures are awesome and the fact that it was foggy made the scenes even better. Awesome gardens.

The gardens are very beautiful and very very very professional photography very well done my friend
You are a really successful person. I wish you all the best
A very special article

I'm looking at your wonderful photo and articles.
I'm your fan :)

its a great photography ..

Museum SAN (originally Hansol Museum), has its Welcome Center located in the vast abundance of nature, and is composed of three gardens within. From the Museum’s Welcome Center that is reminiscent of a huge fortress, visitors can walk through the the Flower Garden in full blossom, then to the Water Garden where a dazzling display of water reflecting the surroundings, and finally appreciate the Ando Tadao's Stone Garden featuring nine stone mounds inspired by ancient Silla tombs.

Sculpture woman is the best. It is funny.

That path between the stone piles looks so gorgeous and peaceful. I am sure it was very lovely to take a walk there. The sculptures are interesting, that spiral one is my favorite.

Excellent photos, description, I love it, thanks for sharing!

Saludos, lo místico es lo mejor en contemplar..

this nice one and clear .... go share more like this ,, thank u share

Looks very beautiful and neatly arranged ..

Oh, this place is literally covered with the essence of purity and all the greenery environment holding an essence which running towards us to make our soul pure, nature is just healer and it can heal anybody and we have to breathe hard in nature because all those positive essence we will intake because, if in nature we will breathe hard then for sure that will give the refreshing essence. And just see this place oh, those artistic stones are so magical and the way of stones making our walking experience so amazing with combination of full of greenery and colourful flowers both side of us. Some structures are really unexplainable but those structures are reflecting as meditators and those structures are enjoying this pause of meditation and it's encouraging to us to do meditation at this peaceful and soulful place.

I like to explore nature and i tend to find the art in nature because i believe that nature is an greatest artist and it can motivate anyone in life to live the artistic life, and to gain the inspiration i always explore the leaves and tree designs and marks because for me those are real artistic stuff.

Thanks for introducing this breathtaking place with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

It sure is a beautiful place to be :)

The environment and the nature is indeed suited for the Sculptures.While they are as well very amazing and unique as I must say.

The round stone piles garden was amazing as well.It did added the beauty even more :)

Thanks for the tour.

Beautifull photo , the best place

Really pretty, especially the fog that surrounded the area.

would love to see the mystery hall too. as always a beautiful post my friend.

Unique and greenfull museum, very comfortable to visitors, thank you very much @slowwalker for your valuable information, success always for you

Wow the sculptures are very nice, really being there is to relax and admire so much beauty everywhere. ❤

Beautiful. Hope I can go visit sometime.

Simply amazing @slowwalker. Loving all the wonderful places you bring us always. WoW. Have a blessed day.

Everything looks beautiful there, like in a fairy tale. There are so many wonderful places in the world that people can not see with their own eyes, but thanks to photos it is possible.

how did friends my tea

Such a beautiful place for greenery. i love the art work of statues. Lovely Museum. Awesome Photography :)

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That is such a coincidence. Are you from Korea? i went to wonju this weekend too. We couldnt go to this museum but we went to the hanging bridge. It was so awesome :))

Nice photos

beautiful sculptures a whole scenario
I like the old and the landscape looks great fantastic
Good night my friend

The contrast between the garden and gray sky is so beautiful!

A touching picture of a sculpture~^^

Nice place, looks peaceful...

Wonderful garden with a lot of beautiful trees and amazing sculptures! The stone piles look very elegant. The garden is a good combination between the artificial and Nature indeed. Thanks for sharing. ;)

It hasn't been all about the sculptures but about the way the pictures were taken. You can softly appreciate the art through the photographs and the history within makes the whole thing a really good post to read and share. Thanks a lot!

Beautiful photos and an interesting post - thanks for sharing @slowwalker :)

It is very insulting that the most interesting thing is strictly forbidden to take pictures. Good luck to you and Love.

Очень обидно, что самое интересное строго запрещают фотографировать. Удачи Вам и Любви.

안도 타다오 저도 존경하는 분이에요ㅎ 글 잘 읽고 갑니당!