The cliff of the Chaeseokgang In The National Geological Park, Korea

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In this posting, I’d like to show you ‘Chaeseokgang’ meaning beautiful place.
In any case, the cliff of Chaeseokgan is the highlight of the national geological park.
Chaeseokgang was located on the beach.







People used to visit to look at the cliff in the Chaeseokgan
This cliff shows us that the Chaeseokgang had been formed in the process of the accumulation for a long time.

When turning to the left on the beach, I could see the cliffs along the long beach.
Its appearance was unique and little bit different from other cliffs formed as of uplift of strata.

At that time, sunshine was changed to soft golden color. It was a dusk making sunshine softer
This golden sunshine changed the mood of the Chaeseonkgang area.









Everything is changing. What I am looking at right now is also changing.
What is real ?

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classic collections of pictures

Chaeseokgang was created from many layers of rocks stratified by the sea, and the blue sea and the rock cliffs together create a really picturesque landscape. It is nature’s masterpiece of stratification, and the rocks form interesting structures and unique shapes.

I love @slowwalker postings and your words are a perfect descriptor on his eloquent photos and summary. RESTEEMED!

Thank you so much

Yes, nature is the best art creator

i want to draw a portrait for you as a gift for your content and for you support and contribution but unfortunately i didn't find any picture of you

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Oh my god, I don't want to show my face which would make people uncomfortable.
Not because I am an ugly man, but I am too handsome. hahaha, Joke.

Wonderful beautiful place i love these pictures and the accumulation very clear on every step, also the change of each picture colors makes a great photo shoots . And about What is real?
I think the most is the love of people who care about you your family your friends and your fans. Great post thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

Thank you.
Every thing is real, and every thing is fake.

i want to go to korea just for this place..
this my favorite place...omg its really awesome...
thanks for share dear..

Amazing photography @slowwalker. These rocks look so fascinating. Weathering effect has made them more attractive.

Thank you so much

Amazing view I also wanna visit this beautiful place for sure. Every country is beautiful just need to explore.
Loved your photography. What's will be next post about???

the scenery is very good, there are many stories, @slowwalker,🙂

Changing is real~

Really beautiful place!

Yes, it is.
You will like it.

@slowwalker, Very beautiful Cliff Chaeseokgang friend. I've been looking in google map. extraordinary. :)

Yes, good god.
Goole map is really nice to look around

@slowwalker, I agree, thank you my friend :)

Nice spot

Any sci fi or alien movie shot in this location??

Is it a rock cliff ??
Very beautiful and layered.

Yes, it is a rock cliff.
thank you

The place looks very adventurous @slowwalker. The cuts on the cliffs shows how this place has withstand the different seasons of nature. The way it's formed I guess a lot of part of this cliff must have been in water for a very long time. Nice Pictures

Yes, this cliff was a present from time

It looks like a historical place. The place looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Your publication is great of travel I would like to invite you to my blog and I hope you enjoy it as I do yours, Allow me to follow you ... God bless you.

It is a wonderful scenery.

Excellent article. I really liked it. Good luck to you and Love.

Отличная статья. Мне очень понравилось. Удачи Вам и Любви

Thank you so much

beautiful landscapes with rock cliffs that fascinate me amazed with your photography.

Thank you so much

You are welcome

Chaeseokgang Cliff is very beautiful, thanks @slowwalker already shared about the extraordinary Chaeseokgang

That's nice!

waoo.. Same scene is presenting different scenario.. amazing.

your words are a perfect descriptor to images

Stunning adventure pictures my friend, Korea is very lovely place for travelers. Loved your photos.

Thank you so much

Wonderful beautiful place I love these images and the very clear accumulation in each step, also changing each image color makes a great photo shoot. Korea is a very charming place for travelers. I loved your photos.

  ·  last year (edited)

Really amazing picture. Nature is definitely best of the bests.I love this picture.

This looks like such a beautiful part of Korea. I've only been to Seoul and I loved it, I never imagined the rest of it being so beautiful. I need to go back and explore more.


Wow, really great nature photo impressions, the cliffs there are looking fascinating!