Take A Trip To The Byeonsan area And The Beauty Of The Entrance Naeso-sa Temple.

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Me and my colleagues promised to look around Byeonsan area which was famous for it’s geological beauty. Byeonsan was designated as the National geological park. More over, there are several famous Buddhist temples which had more than 1000 thousand years history.

Byeonsan is a part of Jeonranamdo province located in southwest from Seoul.
The transportation to get there was not so convenient.
So me and my colleagues had planed to drop by this area for a long time.

In this travel, our first interest was looking around Buddhist temples in this area.
As you know, I have posted on Buddhist traditional temple for a while.

The reason why we planed to visit Buddhist temple in this area was those temples had had some historical meaning.

Most of old temples were built in Baekje Dynasty and destroyed in Japanese invasion in Choson dynasty during 1592 - 1598.
Destroyed temples had been rebuilt after the war.

I’d like to introduce you Naeso-sa temple at first.
I had heard the beauty of Naeso-sa, especially the entrance road was famous for its romantic atmosphere.

As soon as we arrived at Naeso-sa temple, the old tree waited for us, it was more than 600 years old.


People we met at the temple explained there were lots of old trees and the road to the entrance was so amazing.

There was a stone table in front of the old tree. .


The resident people is said to hold a long traditional ceremony every year for the memory of this old tree

The road was about 0.5 mile distance from the entrance gate of one pillar structure to the main building of this temple.
This one pillar column gate had a very specific structure of the roof.


The roof was sustained with only one column of the pillar, so the structure of sustaining the weight was very special.

Below is the image of the structure for sustaining the roof.
All weight was converged into the one point.


The road was covered with the shadows of lots of fir trees.
The green colors of fir trees were so soft and made me peaceful.



And finally when we arrived at the main gate, we could see the temples through the main gate.


Naeso-sa was surrounded by the green mountains of the early summer.
There were some old trees in the temple ground and those trees witnessed the history of the temple.



Let's look around more in detail about Naeso-sa temple in next posting.


These ancient trees are fantastic. witnesses of time. Respect for these green monuments is very important.

A very peaceful post today, @slowwalker. Trees have a way of cleansing the eye - Green is a restful colour.

It's interesting that people visit ancient temple sites and the thing that intrigues them is not the architecture or the history but the longevity of trees.

We expect inanimate things made from stone to endure, but we are drawn to living things like trees that have survived six centuries and more and are still putting forth leaves.

Life in general is stubborn and persistent but when we see individual examples such as this long-lived tree, we are enchanted with the wonder that it was alive back in the Middle Ages, before Columbus discovered America.

That is why we are fascinated with history and the past - we are drawn to vestiges of aspects of life that have endured - and this is why space exploration is not just landing probes or rovers on barren planets, but the search for life. This is what fascinates and motivates us - not the shells of past cultures or desolate worlds, but the mystery of life and survival itself.

A thought-provoking post, my friend :)

such a beautiful place..


Amazing place!
Recently had the privilege to visit a famous Japanese Tea Garden at San FranciscoDSC_0066.JPG

Keep posting such nice travel blogs!



Wow. This is a beatiful national park. It looks very peaceful and relaxing. Also is full of history. As you said about the wars, I'm imagining the scenes where the temples were destroyed and then people began to rebuild from scratch. I sense a lot of energy only by seeing this. Some day I'd like to trip to a place like that.


Todo se transforma

wow its beautiful for visit ....i like the temple inner design so much ...wish to visit sometime

Naeso-sa is a beautiful temple @slowwalker, it surprises me like its beautiful sculptures, the tree and the rock table that is surrounded by coins, the structure with a single column, the very interesting one that I hope with the following ones.

What an amazing place to visit. It looks absolutely beautiful.


This is so old tree and the roof structure is the beautiful architecture design. i wish can visit this fir trees green valley. so peaceful and fresh area. Thank you @slowwalker to share these memories.

Thank you for dropping by

Wonderful place to visit roof is very different
I enjoyed to see more than 600 years old tree
and roof .

Another great post. thank you. 600 year old tree is amazing!

Full of positive energy place. Very good for meditation. ;) Greetings

내소사 전나무숲길에 녹음이 짙네요
갑자기 산이 그리워집니다. ^^ 오늘 퇴근하면 @jsj1215님 이 소개하신 월정사 난다나에 빵사러 가야겠습니다. ^^

Incredible architecture, I have seen lots of beautiful stuff in Nepal ( Birthplace of Buddha) relating to Buddhism. We are planning to visit Thailand and Korea very soon. wow, thanks for amazing shots

It appears that all the images are made by a painter. Amazing photography.

It would be super interesting to see the Beauties that this park brings us, in my country I work a little geology to look for hydrocarbons, that's why I'm interested in this place that is a geological park! I'm sure it must have a lot more to it than history, thanks to you you'll make me do a little more research.

Wow Very Good Scenes In Korea I'm Very Likes About Your Postings Within Korea Friends @slowwalker

Great post. So tranquil with the shadows of the old trees. I was struck by the architecture of the first temple being held up by only one post. Leaving much room for prayers and humble offerings. 🐓🐓

You still manage to impress me with these beautiful photos, it's really worth going on a trip to Korea is wonderful all you can see

@slowwalker, Such a impressive location you visited and posted photos and contexts today about Naeso-sa temple. Amazing to hear it had over 1000 years history and we can see it through your clicks. I give big salute for Temple authority coz they protected yet those huge trees; the trees gave massive proud to Naeso-sa temple. Entrance roof style touching my mind better. Whole environment so cool and peaceful with ever green trees. Colorful Lanterns also beauty. Outstanding landscape view indeed. Thanks for gave me inspiration.

Lots of big trees and old trees there, seen also a lot of coins under the old tree .. For what coins ..

So nice amazing.. visting a place is making very intresting memories.

The most fascinating part of this place is the presence of all the trees. I guess they give all the charm to this place

It is really breathtaking to marvel about the beauty of the temple, its history is rich and making a great heritage for the Koran people. It is fun to see how people who visits there to pay their homage to that old tree because it already survived the ravages of time. Awesome place, very fresh and located in the very best of the soil in Korea.

Niiiiice!!! What a tree !!

beautiful garden, in orderly with trees can sheltered in complete place worship, extraordinary, @slowwalker,☺️

Really nice temple, do you know how old is the tree? 600years old?

Actually I was there 2 days ago.
Im going to share some photos sooooooon.
good to see them :)

Wonderful clicks & a great post ! Its amazing how nature has its own way of soothing us amidst our #socalledbusy lives

As Buddhism explains - Everything in nature is just perfect ! Thats why they say - Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder :)

Amazing pictures, amazing place :) I always like Asian area's with mountains :)

Just beautiful. Really love to see these Buddhist Temples you are visiting. And that Tree is amazing.

Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

Btw, I'll be gone for a Month on Vacation in a couple of days so just letting my good Steemian friends know that my regular Commenting/Curating on their blogs that I follow might be limited.
Thanks for understanding :)

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