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Beopjoo-sa temple believed to have been built in Shilla dynasty after conquering BaekJae and Goguryeo Kingdom. So there exist relics of Shilla dynasty in unification era. I’d like to introduce stone relics among them.
In this post, I’d like to introduce the Stone Bodhisattva Statue.




It looked very unique stone statue among the relics existing in Korea. It might be said as the unique stone statue in Korea. It was the first time for me to see that kind of stone statue style.

Generally this statue seemed to get strong influence from India. Its thin waist was not common in Korean traditional art. Meanwhile this type was really common in India and Hinduism. You can see lots of statues in this style in Indian Hinduism temple.

The face was eroded, so we could not find out how was its face exactly. But the hairstyle was not similar to that of Korean people. The hair looked like waived as the western people.




There were some relics showing close relationship between Persia or India and Shilla.
Shilla was the last place of the silkroad. So this statue could take the image from Persian or Indian people.
It seemed that there was more possibility that statue belonged to foreign culture.
The patterns in this statue are not similar to the Lotus pattern, the common patterns in Buddhist statues.



I was so curious why the statue hold the bowl over its head. What does the bowl mean ?
This statue had the mystery and secret of 2000 years ago.

Below are the parts of Bodhisattva statue.





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Another exposure to an ancient artistry in the cultural artistic evolution of the Koreans. This is a beautiful stone relic. Thanks for the little historical knowledge which accompanied the post.

Woow.......sooooo wonderful photo... Really.... I love your photography...📷.my dear lovely friend slowwalker...💕💕 love you

Great photos, and the statue impresses with its
uniqueness and antiquity.
Korea has so many amazing monuments and statues,
thank you @slowwalker for showing us this beauty
and tell amazing stories about your country and culture.

In Korea, there are such images of statues right in the rock
You have talented craftsmen to hollow out the stone


Excellent post 📪 amd wonderful photoshoot.
..i like it..friend

The magnificent statue on which time left its merciless imprint. But, perhaps because of the track of time, it looks even better !!!

Великолепная статуя, на которой времья оставило свой беспощадный отпечаток. Но, возможно из-за следа времени, она выглядит еще лучше!!!

Fantastic place.

I love all the lessons I learn with You 😀🙏🏻 thank You

And again awesome photos to come along with the history lesson.

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Hey Slow! I'm back after a looooong Hard Fork! ugghhh that was brutal. I'm glad you noticed I'm posting again as your support has not gone unnoticed on my side. Thank you. As far as this post. Honestly, the stone is nice, but I really like that Jade green of the temple/hut it's placed under. That is gorgeous. Then again I'm a real big fan of architecture and how it varies country to country and culture to culture.

So I'm hanging out in Odessa Ukraine Until Steemfest. Beautiful place to spend some time. Hope all is well with you and have a great day! -Dan

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Well it kinda looks pretty unique by the way
Kind of hard to determine by the eroded face while liked it by the way

You do seems to explore new things as always .

That was really good description of the statue and looking at it it really looks so old, as we know weather left its traces of stone, wind and water most probably made it more smooth and unrecognizable, still as you describe there are shape for hair and the ornament on the coat of that statue on back. The front of it more smooth but more features on back, may be it was at the wall or so so that back was protected from weather.

From looking at stone, it looks like sand stone, but sandstone may get destroyed more faster and if statue about 2000 years then it might be something stronger. Hopefully it will be there for more longer years for further generations :)

It looks like a woman who carries something in the basket she carries on her head. In the same way it is a work of art and with the many years it has is normal that your face is not understood.

What gives me more curiosity is how did they do something like that in that era, what tools did they use to achieve something like that?

Great pictures and interesting information. Thanks for sharing.

This one is realy nice