Night View Of Woljeonggyo Bridge in Gyeongju, Korea

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In this posting, I'd like to go back to Gyeongju city again.

In this year I had stopped by Gyeongju 3 times.
One of reason of visiting Gyeongju city was to take photos of Woljeonggyo bridge.
I had heard several times that the night view of Woljeonggyo bridge was so beautiful.

At first time, I couldn’t take the photos of the night view of Woljeonggyo bridge because I forgot to take the battery charger of my camera.
When I tried to take the photos of the night view in the bridge, the battery was out.
I could not but help getting back home.

When I visited Gyeongju next time, it was too cold to take the photos outside at night.
It was so cold, but I could not miss that chance.
It was already dark when I arrived at the bridge.
The pity was that I couldn’t feel the whole atmosphere and the circumstances around the bridge.

So I made up my mind to visit Gyeongju once again.

Up until now, there are lots of things for me to take the photos of Gyeongju.
I will visit Gyeongju city once more before the summer getting close to escape the hot weather.

Woljeonggyo had been built for more than 1000 years ago in Shilla Dynasty.
The original bridge was destroyed completely.

In recent years, the excavation had been done and the pieces of the bridges were found under the river.

The government had decide to rebuilt Woljeongbridge as same as possible like that of Shilla dynasty.
It was recorded that Woljeonggyo bridge was so splendid and luxurious in history book.

When I arrived at Gyeongju, the reconstruction was almost done.

The view of Wolgeonggyo brings had been changed with time going.

Below is the whole view of Woljeonggyo bridge taken by 3rd times visit


Next are the photos taken by 2nd times visit. At that time I could not take the photos of whole appearance.
It was too dark to find the center in the river.



Below are the Front views of the bridge.



After finishing taking the photos, I sat at the caffe near the bridge.
It was quite awesome to take a cup of tea looking the night view of the bridge.



How about the night view of the bridge ?


It really is so calm there and astonishing to see the Woljeonggyo Bridge @slowwalker and it is good to visit that place because of the breathtaking panorama of the famous bridge which is here illuminated very beautifully.

Beautiful photography..

amazing view, thanks for sharing

Wow, it's very beautiful here.

wow such a great you can travel and share with us your experiences .. thanks

Wow looking beautifull and eyes catching photo

Nice reflection from the water.

Rich and beautiful colours. Just perfect.

As I wrote you before Gyeongju falled in love with you and never wants to let you go :D

on the bridge woljeonggyo really very beautiful scenery, I like to post friends, I upvote and resteem yes.

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