Night View of Cheomseongdae

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Cheomseongdae looked so nice. I had walked around Cheomseongdae for several hours. It would be a usual relic for some body, but it was really something to me.

It is not easy for me to explain the reason why I felt like that. But something strange power seemed to pull me to Cheomseongdae.

In fact, it was 3rd time to visit Gyeongju this year.
First time when I visited Gyeongju was too cold to enjoy traveling. After all I left Gyeongju next day.

I made a mistake at 2nd visit. I didn’t bring Camera battery Charger as I had done same mistake as in Ganggyeong. As batteries out of power, I could not help returning back home. I had nothing to do.

At second time, I did take photos of night view of Cheomseongdae.
As you can see below, the lighting was excellent for taking photos.







But I felt something insufficient.

Finally at 3rd tour, I could fill what I want in the photos of Cheomseongdae.
I bought one more battery and battery charger.

I was walking around Cheomsengdae in my last tour.
It was getting darker.

Suddenly some photographer asked me the way to the downtown.
I showed him the way to the downtown.

H told me that he took a nice photo of the reflection of Cheomseongdae.
He indicated me a small puddle near Cheomseongdae.
It was strange where this puddle came from.

Anyway I could take more shots using reflections of puddle.
Below are the results.





I didn’t bring tripod, focus was not clear

What do you think on the night view of Cheomseogdae ?
There were lots of people enjoying the night view there.

Thank you for reading.

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This post truly deserves all these upvotes. I have no words to describe the beauty of your camera work. It's outstanding!

country name??

Cheomseongdae is in Korea :)

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Nice work! The reflection in the puddle is a very creative approach. I really like it. Not everyone pulls that off cleanly. The first picture is the best one in my opinion. Good choice. I just wonder why it's a bit leaning. I would straighten it to make sure the ground is level and the structure is upright in the picture. Just curious.

Amazing pictures. How lighting makes me feel peaceful and relaxed. Just couldnt imagine to see it with a good weather. And i think i can stay there and let time pass by. It very great post and you captured everything with a very sharp colors.

조명에 비친 첨성대가 아름답네요


Beautiful pictures.

It looks so good. Looks like it was worth this time taking camera and battery with you :p

Your this event just reminded me of my last week's wedding of my friend and I didn't have my camera so I couldn't capture it that much.

Fantastic shots you've got there! You have really captured the essence of then place. Your pictures want me to visit that place and see for myself personally. Thanks for sharing and keep those awesome shots coming.

Thank both of you

Your photos are very beautiful! Thank you!

I envy you... My dream is to go to south korea and visit all those beautiful places i see in their dramas. FB_IMG_1518479976672.jpg

Welcome to Steemit, I'm here to give you a vote on your very first comment! Great job engaging with the community!

Wow! This photo shows Hyang-won-jung in Kyungbok-palace, Seoul. I really hope that your dream could be true.

Thank you for dropping by.
Drama is a drama

Oh my....... So quiet and calm. Where's this in South Korea?

Looks great at night!

Nice pics man. I loved the blue, its hypnotic. although pink looks great too. too bad no tripod otherwise that puddle was a jackpot, no? :) Cheers.

Very beautiful, thanks for sharing :)

wow this photography is eye catching and these colors are making it worth watching.

Nice photography
Good post @slowwalker

This is a beautiful

Great colors that are particularly beautiful in the after. I have to go to the city again at night. Dresden by night is just wonderful and wonderfully lit. This makes the old buildings shine to full glory.....

I'd like to see the night view in Dresden

Here you see a small example. Dresden at night


The view is majestic and i lovr the blue skies especially . Thank You for showing us dresden.

If you are living in Dresden and you have such a view... You don't know what you are missing. ❕

아주 아름다운 게시물. 놀라운 ssngat.

Wow nice :)

This is really owesom and wonderful photo which make to go there.I wish I am also go there and enjoy this romantic night. I love your all photographs. Really very very enjoyful.

The view of this post is awesome.

Really nice photos... And of course nice view...

Wooo..Good drawing @slowwalker is really a good relic of my friends ..

Wow!!! It's really a nice photo......

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The picures were amazing and now Im getting a feeling of ecstacy looking at the magnificent night view with lights patterned in their differnt sizes. The night is something I definitely look forward to seeing if my travels ever take me across that part of the world.

Welldone for those pictures ans lively descriptions.


Wow what nice photos. I'd love to walk there someday. Night shots are pretty cool.

Yes, it was awesome

Sometimes it is kind of a blessing when your batteries die because pictures dont quite represent how amazing something really is. The best pictures are the ones in your memory from having seen it in real life. But I guess since you are very popular on steemit, you need pictures to help your blog continue to grow haha. Hope you had a good weekend my friend

Nice comments

Thank you for your comment

very cool and awesome

What a beautiful place! Keep posting!

여러색의 조명이 자연적인 아름다움을 표현 못하는 것 같습니다.
^^ 조명의 매력을 더하려고 한 것일까요.

think so : )

Thank you for sharing this great photo. As per my experience during our few travels, my habit is to click on anything, in different angles. Just doing an experiment.

Then as we reviewed the photos taken, then we discovered that a lot of re takes photos were all amazing.

Nice shot indeed! Hope to see more beautiful photos soon!

Thank you

Hola. Estupendas las fotografías. Esta es la torre mirando a las estrellas. Korea del Sur. Buena esa. Saludos

Stunning shots in the low light this is really beautiful and amazing to see :)

I am very interested ,,, I look it up, it turns out it was an ancient star watch tower. I was reminded of the Korean movie "jang yeong sil". a korean movie about an intelligent astrologer. but this photo is amazing at night. I love it.
thank you for sharing this.

Thank you for reading

You are welcome my friend,,,

Nice carefull and enjoy with family

The night view is really beautiful and looks calm?

wow, this is amazing photography

wow. great dear 👌

very good post,@slowwalker

Wow what a good photography very cool and awesome i love your pictures and i love the way you explore the things and show them to our community people, thank you for Sharing it with us

Thank you so much

I love your publication, with you I can visit Korea without even having to go! I love those places where you get peace and you can carry new energy. but it also fills me with nostalgia to know that because of the situation of my country in Venezuela I can not fulfill my dreams of knowing all those magical places. but the last thing that is lost is faith. while I will be happy watching each publication and I make an intendant of everything that I should visit. Grace for sharing.

God will help you.


첨성대가 이렇게 아름다운지 몰랐네요 밤에 보니 더 멋있는거 같아요 잘보고 갑니다 .

우리나라 아름다운 곳 많습니다 ㅎㅎ

wow you still make it even witout tripot.. great pictures..

Wow what nice photography. I'd love to walk there someday. Night shots are pretty cool.

The scenes are very beautiful.
These scenes make the mind cheerful.
It is very nice to see this scene of different colors.
The guys are making me lively.

i must say the travel blog is truly awesome and night views are magical for me. @slowwalker you shared awesome photographs I have ever seen....!

brilliant photography and your writing @slowwalker

Hey @slowwalker, nice pic ,! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! :)

Beautiful photography. Thank you for the good post @slowwalker

Thanks for the night view @slowwalker. Looks totally different from the day view. I like how the stone bricks illuminates the colored lights so beautifully.

night was better

The light is so beautiful 😍

Very beautiful sculpture. I adore different light sources.

Beautiful images . That's pure art. I love it

Very beautiful photography, very interesting in view
Perhaps you are taking it from a different angle for perfect results.
I wish to visit there, hopefully there is a chance for me.

Thanks, nice to meet you brother @slowwalker

So simple, and so beautiful. Color game. Great enjoyment. People are enriching every place. The eighth picture is extraordinary.

this is very-very beautiful friends, it's amazing, amazing really amazing, hope you keep work.and healthy and success always, thanks for sharing with us friend @slowwalker

I love the colors of that light! They makes it look so beautiful! Definitely a place to enjoy the night view

very beautiful photography @slowwalker thanks for sharing

its very beautiful place but i dont where is this place

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thank you

Nice pictures! 😊

Wonderful view in the night brother, its very pleasure if we there and enjoy it scenery, thanks for sharing to us, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia

Fantastic and interesting post friend great contribution thank you I invite you to support me on my blog with a vote or resteem thank you

밤에 보는 첨성대는 처음보네요. 너무 이뻐요

wow excellent photos, is something totally awesome, what camera did you use? I would like to be there to observe with my own eyes so much beauty.

Cosmic colors of the past united in this magnificent scene your photo lenses captured so our eyes can see the beauty and our mind can find the purpose...

The puddle seems like a mirror of the past reminding us that Cheomseongdae was here a long time ago, it's still here, and it will be in many years to come, hopefully!

Beautiful photography, you took me there and I thank you wholeheartedly!

Thank you for your comment

I guess It's not easy to get a sharp shot of Cheomseogdae at night, but it looks pretty enchanting still in the pink and blue lighting. Thanks for always sharing these interesting sights in Korea that I've never heard of before!

Thank you so much

That's a very good lighting. But I am wondering why chimney is there center of attraction and where do the light focus.

Looks like a beautiful night adventure 👍👍

wow amazing........

Love it!!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I love this so much! Your pictures are so colorful and bright! You really got the eye of an artist ^-^

it is really out looking,the lights are so cool

wow nice.....
i vote vote me ..please....only one url

It looks so great. It would appear that it was justified regardless of this time taking camera and battery with you. Once in a while it is somewhat of a gift when your batteries kick the bucket since pictures dont very speak to how stunning something truly is. The best pictures are the ones in your memory from having seen it, all things considered

this post is so helpful. Thank you:) is a nice place,very romantic sense...such a nice moment that can spend with family,friends..

It's great to feel that way. Just like the colors in the photo that explain without need we ask that they are so interesting and make fall in love repeatedly to him. It's just like me who loves poetry! You can not explain why. But you know it's always in your soul. Like a wind you can not grasp. But you can feel her presence.

Thank you for sharing.

Wonderful photos 💕


Wonderful night view.
Do you did edited for all of that?

I know Korea had many nice place from Drama, but I'm not interest yet till the day. May be someday when I visit Korea, I'll visit that place too.

Greetings from Indonesia. Let's following each other.

Very Good photography, i like it

@slowwalker wow this a very nice place man! I am also inspired to visit this place some time soon and I'm actually going to visit Korea next week so i might also visit this place and do you have any other suggestion where I can visit while traveling in Korea? Thank you in advance.

Sangatlah bagus dengan tempat itu.saya sangat suka sekali jalan jalan kesana,seandainya saya pergi kesana saya akan memotret beberapa lembar dan akan saya jadikan kenangan terindah.sangatlah bagus sekali tempat itu dan senang sekali kalau bisa saya pergi ketempat itu.

this site is weird. These photos are nothing special and you got 300$. Then I checked your wallet and the value is 1 million dollar ! That's why .... Steemit is the site where money matter.

purple is wonderful O.o
it seems like a movie scene ^^ thanks

아이들과 경주 여행 다녀온 추억이 생각나네요. ^^

Wow amazing view ♥
Keep steeming ♥
God bless 😇

this is so beautiful

It turns out at night the scenery in the shilla is very beautiful ,, the color of lights in the tower Cheomseongdae
It looks colorful and more interesting. Very beautiful.

Thank you silvia

It is very interesting, but what is the meaning of the monument or is it a tower or something?

looks like good

I would love to visit that place :) I'm new to this platform and also into photolgraphy

Hey! Great post.
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thanks, very good post !!!!

Nice view.. your picture so good. I like it.

Hola! @slowwalker como estas? las fotos estan preciosas, se respira un aire de profunda paz espiritual, lograstes trasmitir todo eso con las luces y los reflejos del paisaje, el reflejo en el charco quedo muy bueno, te felicito, mucho exito en tus proximas publicaciones, cuidate mucho, besos y abrazos desde la distancia.

great article, great read! upvoted and followed. follow me back @ryanng

never been to korea before but will definitely plan a trip there within the next 2-3 years! beautiful shots of Cheomseogdae. how far is it away from Seoul?

It’s so nice at night