Nature And The Circumstances Of The Museum ‘San’ By Ando Tadao

in travel •  6 months ago

It seemed that nature and the circumstances was playing so important role in Ando Tadao’s Architecture especially in the case of San Museum.

It was not easy to depict the whole appearance of this museum in one eye, so it seemed important the role of it’s circumstances to find out the outlines

Only we can estimate whole appearance of this building through the partial understanding of this building.

But it is uncertain for me whether the effect of the surroundings is the key to understand his intention or not.

But the surroundings was very impressive for me to understand the whole appearance of this building.
What made me impressive were the fog and trees.

The fog was very special for understanding the meaning of Mountain. The name of this museum is San, or mountain.
I don’t know why they named this museum San, even though this museum is displaying the subjects relating to the paper.
The paper museum seemed more proper name than San, mountain.
I think there must be some reason of naming in such way.

The architect must try to make the proper result, according to the ideas of the architecture.

In this point, the surroundings of the museum seemed to play important role to constitute the meaning of Mountain.

What represents the meaning of mountain ?

In my opinion, it was natural objects such as trees, water, fog and so on ?

I posted about the invisibility brought by the fog and the water in previous posting.
You can’t not see the whole appearance of mountain at any place except air.
I couldn’t identify whole appearance of the museum.
The water around the building was the mediator between the building and the mountain.

Trees around the museum help me to understand the whole concept of the creator.





The fog in rainy day was very special to show the meaning of the museum than in sunny day.
The fog hide some so many surroundings of the museum and made the museum mysterious.



The fog also made the trees mysterious.



Through this way, the museum became a very mysterious place.

So, it was inevitable to visit the museum in a rainy day.

Mystery seemed the very essence in the meaning of the San Museum in the view point of the Architecture.

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That place where the San museum by Tadao is very surreal by astonishingly beautiful. Maybe he wants to show the balance of life in his architectural masterpiece by making a structure that has the elements of earth, wind, air, and water. @slowwalker

Fog is making everything look mysterious, what we cannot see stays unknown and ads beauty. Thanks for sharing it with us.
By the way, thanks for your upvote on our post, we appreciate it a lot!

Thanks for the pictures, the trip looks amazing
Well done .. good for you..

Beautiful photography

wow, looking awesome....natural photography all-time best

Wonderful expression of nature.
it's really nice.

tranquil.....the fog adds a mystical element

Great nature impressions and Steem On @slowwalker!

Gran post

I think this post very great with a nice pics

Nature can amaze me every single time :)

Good writing for reading... keep our nature...
Thanks for sharing...
Success is always for you @slowwalker...

The fog in the forest looks like a film twilight, it looks too beautiful, very good photographs, I have practically followed your photography work and it is great, very clean and impeccable, you show us places you visit, that through your lens we moved to those places, very good job, congratulations.

안개가 자욱하니.. 더 신비스러운 느낌입니다
어떻게보면 정말 자연과 잘 어울려서
독특하고 자신만의 개성있는 느낌을 보여주는 것 같구요^^ 또 다시 신선놀음을 만끽 할 수 있을 것 같구요
잘 보고갑니다 주말 잘 보내시길 바라겠습니다

good tarvel and beautiful nature i like post sir... resteemid post .


Beautiful site, I'm a photographer I invite you to see my new photo album Woodpecker
who lives in my house. regards

Really beautiful scenery @slowwalker. You always take some amazing photos and share great places :D

Beautiful scenario, where is it located?

It's interesting the way the fog appears appears, skirting around the mountain and trees, blanketing them in mystery.

The fog sometimes covers of building giving it a different appearance.

What really represents the meaning of the mountain? I would venture to guess that it had everything to do with the trees and the other natural objects of Mother Nature.

May your day be filled with a sense of peace.


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@slowwalker, Wonderful surrounding area located around San Museum. Yesterday I saw most attractive, powerful strength indeed architectural technique. Lot of foggy condition seemed. But it's so stunning and I guess more cold there.

Through this way, the museum became a very mysterious place.

Definitely museum was mysterious location I saw probably, with fogs around it would be true. Nice effort and top quality photography.

Great, Ando Tadao...

Yes it looks a mystery because of the presence of such a thick fog. Part of the place was lost from view. A very interesting post to read. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker.

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. ...Nice post @slowwalker

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Beautiful site, I'm a photographer I invite you to see my new photo album Woodpecker
who lives in my house. regards

the fog in the rainy day is also special here just that it is rare to see fog. amazing post 👍

Looks like this trip is quite fun, the air is quite cold.

The tree is our best friend

a cool nature, with a foggy atmosphere adds a fresh scene, @slowwalker.☺️

I love your posting
Natural is my best choice
I love you too much

I love your posting
Natural is my best choice
I love you too much

Interesting reflection and theme, thanks for sharing!

pretty .

Are those birch trees? Mesmerizing views as always! Ahhh that fog, I can taste it almost ٩(˘◡˘)۶

The fog gave mystery to this place
Very effective pictures.
Thanks for sharing, @slowwalker
I love to spend time in such beautiful places.
You write very interesting and exciting.
Best wishes from @singa

Wow great job awesome photography keep it up

Yes It Looks A Mystery Because Of The Presence Of Such A Thick Fog. Part of the place was lost from view. A very interesting post to read. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker.

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your pictures are worth looking at

Wow great job awesome photography keep it up

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

Wow this is totally amazing, I love it.... Check out my blog and you will like my pictures on nature

Hermoso lugar

Nice pictures! What a beautiful place!

Cool, thanks for sharing.

lo decía lo místico en su esencia de contemplar es lo mejor..

how did friends my tea

the fog makes the place look dramatic on your pics!

An amazing place. You have perfectly managed to make beautiful photos of fog. . Good luck to you and Love.

Изумительное место. Вам отлично удалось сделать прекрасные фото тумана. . Удачи Вам и Любви.