Mt. Yudalsan in Mockpo city. Exceptional Beauty.

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You can see Mt.Yudalsan from any direction in Mockpo city. It means that Mt. Yudalsan is the representative in Mockpo. Mockpo city without Mt. Youdal is hardly to imagine.

It was 37 years ago when I first had climbed Mt. Yudal. It was hot summer, so I remembered I sweated so much. It was not easy to climb Mt.Yudal in hot summer. In my memory, I felt really awesome when I stood at the summit of Mt. Yudalsan.

With remembering on climbing Mt. Yudalsan, I was walking slowly to the summit. I was getting old and I don’t have that much strength as of my young age.

I walked along the road, and arrived at the intermediate height of Mt. Yudalsan. So many thing was changed in comparing to the past. When I climbed at first, there was no road to the intermediate point. I needed to climb from the bottom one step by one step.

In this time, I could get the middle part of the mountain with easy thanks to the help of the road.
But this convenient approach made me inconvenient, I expected the steep steps and difficult way to the summit. I’d like to recall my reminiscence of my young age. But they confiscated my memory of jewelry.

Anyway I stood in front of magnificent rocks in the name of Nojeockbong. The reason why Mt.Yudal have been famous was it was a mountain of the rocks. In Korea, there are two kinds of mountains, one is a mountain of the soil, the other is a mountain of the rocks.

Mt. Yudalsan is a mountain of the rocks. In mountain of the rocks, you could enjoy the beautiful scenery which you could look at the scenes in traditional Korean paints of SanSoohwa (mountain and water painting). I’d like to introduce on the traditional paintings sometimes.

Even in Korea, it is not easy to enjoy the scenery of the rock mountain. In Mockpo, you can look at the rocks very closely in your eyes, and you can walk on the rocks with easy.

At first I took the pics of Nojeokbong peak.






Wide angle lens was needed to take a whole rock

And finally I entered into Mt. Yudalsan. I could see lots of pavilions which were build on the peak of the rocks. Since olden times, Koeans have loved to build the pavilions in the beautiful place.


So there were lots of pavilions in Mt, Yudalsan.




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Posting on the rocks and the scenery from the mountain need to be continued in next time.
Scenery of Mt. Yudalsan was exceptionally beautiful and I have something to accuse of against the local governments.


This is a must see stop for people, its bueatiful, For those looking for a hiking workout while ascending i guess this a great placeThe the mountain path is quite obvious. I would describe the effort used in beautifying this mountain as moderate.

Mt Yudalsan has nice landscape view

I absoutely agree.

What an extraordinary place ... the rock, it speaks

저도 님의 포스팅을 따라서 여행을 떠나볼까 합니다.
날씨 풀리고 봄이되면....
지금은 너무 추워서 엄두가 안나네요.
유달산은 뽕짝 노래로만 들었네요 ㅎㅎ

Nice to hear about the weather. I wish I can go to korea one day.

Good story!


But I am impressed by the photography ,good job

No idea about this at all ????

Wow Yudalsan in Mockpo city is indeed a beauty and you can see the beauties of the surroundings from its top. I like the way it is preserved and hope that it gets even better attention. Thanks and feel free to see my posts about steem and social media . Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

great and resteem

so calm

cool af

Beautiful indeed! Awesome post @slowwalker I love the photos so much.

I like taking pictures of rock formations. I just haven't got a chance to revisit the place in the northern Philippines. Thanks for sharing!

very nice photos

Very beautiful.

That's it I'm going

nice stone structure every angle of photo is good!

That looks so quite and peacful, great yime to reflect and relax.

Agree with you @zahidkhanniai. @slowwalker Nice click seriously. I have one request, as it seems & you mentioned it they all are the mountain of rocks. Can you click and post some pics of mountain of soil.

Thank you so much

@slowwalker Wooow what a beautyful place! So inspirational!

Wow man! Great work... I just joined steemit today and its so lovely to see such wonderful photography work on the trending page! Congratulations on 10k followers :)

for me architecture is all about life

That's so amazing!!! Hermoso!!! Alucinante!!! Quiero ir!!! Felicidades fotógrafo viajero!!! Congratulations photographer!!! source.gif

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I love photography and the truth is that this experience you share is very amazing, you managed to capture landscapes that are not very common all over the planet. Excellent work, congratulations.

What an amazing place!!! Hope one day I could go :D
I wish I can go there!!

@slowwalker : This is wonderful...
I just upvoted and resteemed this Extraordinary photograph...

such a nice view, thank you for sharing

Mokpo is my hometown. I miss Yudalsan. Thank you very much.

I really like to go to korea!! because of this nice place!! I love beautiful place its relaxing!! i love korea.

Wow! It's beautiful 💭

quite a nice view. Solid work

it's amazing, after I see it, I'd love to go there to see it in real time.


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Wow, very beautiful pictures thanks for shear @slowwalker

Wao...a nice place to we still have a nice place like this in this world and planet earth..this is a place to be with your family for holiday..nice photography @slowwalker hope to get more pictures of nice and beautiful places like this...bravo

really awesome pictures of a beautiful scenery !!
thanks for sharing, hope you enjoyed your trip :)

Y mockpo city is good

It means that Mt. Yudalsan is the representative in Mockpo. Mockpo city without Mt. Youdal is hardly to imagine.

Yes indeed! From the pictures, we can all agree that this is true. Such a magnificent mountain with wonderful scenery.

The above picture also captivates my mind and really paints a mental picture of mountain known to its people for beauty and status.

I'll like to visit this place anytime I travel to Korea.

Thanks @slowalker for this wonderful and educative post. I always get educated on this platform reading your posts.

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Amazing shots. You're a good photographer!!!

Thank you so much for dropping by and comment

Yeah no doubt its famous truly.. Rocks are marvalous and greenery is decorating them like jewel of bride.. Thanx for sharing such beautiful place.. How can you be old.. I cant imagine.. Your working stamina is more than todays young generation.. Live long young man

You are welcome.. God bless you.. I am inspired from your efforts for preservation of your culture and heritage... Its shows your patriotism.. Keep it up

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very beautiful shape of the stone. and the stone was pretty big. I really like to visit that place. hopefully always healthy my friend
slowwalker (73)

from up there you have a great view. very nice my friend. A true natural paradise

Thank you so much

Stunning. Thank you for sharing! Love Lali xx

this is really nice picturs and wonderful are a good phothographer.tnx for sharing with us

a very beautiful view on the mountain I want to be like that.

Thanks for exposing this beautiful city to us. The city, the wonderful rocks that looks and smiles are all awesome. I upvote you.

Ur work is so great

It is spiritual and beautiful! You feel the calling from days gone by. Thanks.

Wow this is very beautiful place,amazing picture.i am enjoying.I am really impressed for your post

Korea is the most beautiful country, a lot of history and natural beauty that exists...

Nice shots. Is that rock stable? It looks like bits are about to fall off 8-).

Hey, I bet this really was a cool place to visit .The pictures and your description really added to the beauty of the place. Good going. :)

best photo of the day
keep it

Hello my dear friend!!! You're not old at all. You talk so much, visit so many places. I know that you have a lot of energy! You're young!)) You have youth and a lifetime in your soul!))) I really liked your photos) I love the mountains. Thank you for the interesting story))) I wish you happiness, good and health.

Thank you sokoloffa

The mountain looks like face of human, do you think ?

It’s good weather, have a good day.😊

wow really a very nice place to visit sometime I should be there.
Greetings from me @slowwalker

When I first moved to korea, I lived in Jindo for a year. Seeing this post is bringing back a lot of memories because it was the first mountain I'd ever gone up in Jeonranam-do.

Wow perfect click

Wooow Good Photos

I am happy to see your story @slowwalker
Let me introduce you @aidilputra911

Oh Wow ! Such awesome shots @slowwalker ! "Exceptional Beauty !" Indeed , You captured the essence perfectly , thanks so much for sharing with us all ! a definite upvote and resteem . Thanks also for your awesome support , its much appreciated !👍📷📷📷📷💕

Thank you so much

Your very welcome , loved it !✌👌💕😀

Really I love it the photography and yours photos just transmited me so much peace, I should be there. Just thank you for this beautiful art.

pd: I need to know Mount Yudalsan :(

one day i want to travel like you

Wow, what a beautiful view, thank-you for sharing really enjoyed looking at your photography :-)

what a wonderful photos

On the first and second picture the mountain looks like a face looking into the sky very cool. I am living the last 5 years in Mauritius and here they have a mountain who is call King Kong mountain because it looks like the head of a gorilla.
I also wanted to say thank you for the support you gave me today on my crypto news post. Thanks and have a nice day :)))

Photos #3 and #4 - the geometry and the curvature of shapes of the big rocks suggest fornication, rock babies in the making. :)

a very beautiful view on the mountain I want to be like that.

Hello Friend @slowwalker! Thank you for the fascinating story! I also love to come to the places that I liked, many years later! A totally different feeling! We often traveled in the mountains of the Crimea ...

Waw. This is awesome

Beautiful photos. And beautiful places too. I hope they have great food to complement?

Wow really nice photos!

@slowwalker, I love these kind of photohraphy

Amazing photos. Thank you! Really liked the mountain is extraordinary. I love the look of these types!

But your photo is better realistic ))

Wow..... Beautiful.
Is this really your picture..? I mean You took this shot...?
mind blowing and extraordinary.
looking like such a great creation..!!
You are a genius photographer.
Keep it up I wish your bright future in photography.
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WOW beautiful sights ...

indeed you are a remarkable figure, hopefully people would be proud if for example he was able to ride the mountain yudal, your amazing @slowwalker.

Great post, amazing photos like always my friend :)

Great Views !

Lovely. I just love photos like these.. Keep up the nice photography!!

really nice congrast!

thanks, happy today

It's the place I always want to go.
Thank you.
I'll have to come by this year.

Great place!

Very mesmerizing and thank you for sharing.

The Yudalsan looks amazing! I would enjoy climb it, I can't imagine how beautiful must be the view at the top of it.

someday I must visit this place with my family.

@slowwalker Wow....Such a awesome place recorded and better driving with rough road. Seems excellent background view without any crowded. Only has nature assets like as land, trees etc..... Better travel experience thank for shear

Nice read @slowwalker. I would love to visit someday and play my guitar in the mountains :)

Love your travel content! Keep up the great work.

yes friends if our youth can climb any mountain, but if it is old we can not climb mountain anymore, because we have weak muscle we, post good friend.

Thank you

This is something strange I have seen