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I had posted on the DDP several month ago. At that time I promised to look around the DDP at night.

DDP : Dongdaemun Design Plaza.
Jaha Hadid
스크린샷 2018-01-19 오후 9.29.29.png

The DDP was designed by Jaha Hadid. She was one of the most famous and influenced Architect in the world. She was born in Iraq and had worked in Britain and America. She was a genius.

When I posted before, I looked around DDP at daytime. But some of my friend told me that the real appearance of DDP could be seen at night.

It had taken almost half year to stop by once more since I had dropped by DDP first time.
It was a hot summer when I stopped by. So I sweated a lot

In day time, it was clear to identify whole appearance of the DDP. It was not difficult to understand the image of DDP.

But at night, it was totally different. Even I had walked around the DDP several times, it was not easy for me to understand whole formation.

Jaha Hadid had told before that she’d like to express the Wall of Seoul which had been built in Choson dynasty. But actually the DDP looked like a space ship for me. Especially the aluminum panel made me think DDP of Space ship.

Lots of the aluminum panel was shedding lights like a space shuttle as like I had seen in SF firm.
The lights of outside of the DDP disturbed me distinguish the DDP and made me falling into the fantastic atmosphere.

There were lots of tourists to enjoy this marvelous looking regardless of cold weather.

I was confused how this DDP came to me totally different feature comparing to it's feature of daytime. And I confirmed that this uncertainty was the real subject of the DDP. Making things difficult to define the conception of this magnificent architecture was a true talent of Jaha Hadid in my opinion.

That was the reason why they named her an architect of deconstructionism in my guess.

One looking is better than one hundred listening.

Then let’s go.

2018-01-19 17.33.22.jpg

2018-01-19 17.33.27.jpg

2018-01-19 17.33.44.jpg

2018-01-19 17.35.14.jpg

2018-01-19 17.35.19.jpg

2018-01-19 17.35.36.jpg

2018-01-19 17.35.49.jpg

2018-01-19 17.36.16.jpg

2018-01-19 17.33.38.jpg

More shots around the DDP

2018-01-19 17.33.08.jpg

2018-01-19 17.32.21.jpg

It was almost impossible to take the whole appearance of DDP, so I bought the wide angle lens. But this wide angle lens was not enough to catch the DDP whole.

Anyway I strongly recommend to look at the DDP at night .
New York times selected the DDP as one of the 55th place you had to stop by before you died.

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Thank you for posting @slowwalker, nim.

Lovely...lovely photographs and composition.

It is so very modern in its appearance without being stark.

Thank you for introducing Steemians to Mrs. Hadid and her work.

All the best to you and yours. Cheers.

Thank you so much for your comment

thank you so much 👍

Good! Let's be the same applause to our friend there .. thanks to all steemit users


Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. It looks like a futuristic set from Star Trek or some other sci-fi show!

Its architecture is wonderful. In my city he designed a futuristic museum that had to contain important archaeological finds and modern works. Unfortunately it was not realized. Fantastic woman.

That place is just incredible! I can't believe they can make a building look like that. It must be very expensive. Thats impressive architecture.

@slowwalker imagine that this is one of your masterpieces...only a great minds and people with big imagination can do this...JUST GREAT!

Yes, it was very very expensive. lol

Well deserve to be upvoted!

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wow DDP design at its best indeed. Thanks for sharing this @slowwalker would love to visit indeed. Feel free to see my latest posts about issues with cryptocurrencies . I wish you a blessed weekend and more success to you.

Thank you ;))

great photographs looks like a tourist destination

Dongdaemun Design Plaza, the "Great Gate of the East". Not only technological but also ecologically advance in it's entirety. You captured its in essence in your photographs, amazing use of the wide angle lens. That will be a place to visit atleast once in my life.

Thanks for the stunning pictures @slowwalker. Splendid work. :)

Thank you for comment

Lovely pictures, what a marvelous building. So many nice places in the world and so little time and money to visit them all. But thank you for taking us there!

So, expectation should be limited.

Thank you for sharing!

Jaha or Zaha Hadid, May God have his soul

One of the best architects in the world, he has made great works around the world, below one of her best jewels that she designed before leaving us, the big theater of Rabat in Morocco which is still under construction.

Wow thank you for posting @aminekad

Fantastic Photos, the contrast is amazing! Very nice post here, Thanks.

Very cool.


good post @slowwalker

Good post @slowwalker. Reading this post seems to be in place. Jaha Hadid is indeed a professional architecture. Rare to find the architecture of a professional woman. Reading this post makes me familiar with the woman who has expertise in designing the place becomes very beautiful

Totally agree with you. She is a prodigy.

Won an award every year since 2000, winning up to 12 awards in one year.

She designed her own bedroom as a child.

Taylor Swift is wearing Zaha Hadid-designed shoes in the "Bad Blood" video.

But I am bit confused with her name. It's Zaha Hadid or Jaha Hadid.

OMG these are awesome clicks. there are only few people who are able to do justice to a good camera's lense and she is definitely one of them. impressive work

wow...nice photography and its actually shows the modernisation of infrastructure...lucky you...:)

Mam Is it your own captured???

It's Zaha not Jaha right? Anyway she's my inspiration being an architect myself.

Really amazing project !!! Very beautiful photos, my friend! I'm very grateful to you for making photos for us and posting. If it was not for your post, then I would never have found out did not see these posh photos.

Thank you, Sokoloffa

Thank you for sharing this photo, nice post @slowwalker

Much obliged to you for posting @slowwalker, nim.

Lovely...lovely photos and sythesis.

It is so extremely present day in its appearance without being stark.

Much obliged to you for introducing Steemians with Mrs. Hadid and her work.

Nice post it is a beautiful place

Thanks for the nice pictures :) I'm a fan of her work and love her design.. I visited an exhibition in abu Dhabi where they showed her process of designing for the Performing Arts Centre in abu dhabi. I was fascinated... also the works directly next to it from Jean nouvel, frank gherry and my absolute favorite Tadao Ando. Beautiful composition of architecture these 4 masters did there.

Btw. I'm pretty sure her name is Zaha and not Jaha

Nvm great prictures hope you enjoyed architecture, because thats what its for :)

Jaha hadid is such a great person

Successfully combine design, lus, art and functionality.

sorry i am newcomer ..
the beautiful scenery of her building is so beautiful ...

hopefully that's in it all will be real .. do not forget kenjungin my blog and upvote my post .. karna I really need your help ..


They are saying right about jaha and ddp.. Thanx for introducing the marvelous stru tural masterpiece.. It affect my senses deeply.. May i ll come to see it one day..

Thank you so much

You are welcome..


Nice girl

The art of photography is very beautiful and makes everyone amazed

Great architectural masterpiece. The design is so majestic and amaze everyone who sees it. Could be a new tourist destination for tourists. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

Great architectural masterpiece. The design is so majestic and amaze everyone who sees it. Could be a new tourist destination for tourists. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

DDP is really an interesting part of modern verses chosen. Great write up @slowwalker. I haven't taken a stroll through Dongdaemun for a long time.

I went to DDP last time i was in Seoul and was kind of skeptical of its 'spaceship' appearance from the outside. It was only after climbing down to the plaza with the beautiful bridge that cuts across it and the structural elements that support it, I felt that the building was truly one worth visting .

From your photos it seems that its so much more beautiful during the night. I've put it down on my list for next time!

Hahaha, Yes, night view of the DDO is essential in visiting Korea

Nice post,the pictures are lovely

Awesome clicks

You're right, it really does kind of resemble a spaceship. I think the round edges give it the really futuristic look. An interesting blend between traditional and modern style. I bet it looks even better in person, the camera just doesn't do it justice

Yes, ;D

she was AMAZING... I don't have words for her designs...


I do not understand with ddp what it is, and I really enjoy your post

Very cool photos. She worked also a lot in Austria, she was a professor for architecture in my university in Vienna. Just one thing;), her name is Zaha;), not Jaha. She did change modern architecture and most of all the role of female architects. Best wishes;)

Teach us friends


Zaha Hadid was a pretty awesome architect, her designs were very sculptoric :)
Btw the saying is "An image is worth a thousand words" which indeed it is.

Wow, New York times. What an honor to DDP. I've never been there, but it just looks like a spaceship. Thanks to your photos and word, I'll definitely visit at night when I'm goning to there.

Yes, You will like it

Amazing places! I would like to travel around here.

Very nice, amazing!

그녀의 유작이 되어 버렸죠. 짓는 과정에서 참 많은 이야기가 담겨 있는 건물 같습니다. '해채주의'라고는 하지만 저는 그녀가 그 땅의 역사를 온전히 이해하고 설계했는가 아직도 의문입니다. 서울시청사와 더불어 정치인(행정가)들이 건축가의 의도보다는 겉만 번지르르한 건물을 선택했다는 의구심이 드네요.

@slowwalker/ Wow Jerry that was a lot of work, thank you!
I will check them out when I get home this evening and can sit down and read.
Such a great article & nice photography

Thank you so much

amazing pic


I am one of jaha's fans, I really like this building.
Best of the best arsitecture

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Looks stunning

Very nice article!

It's funny how seeing something in different light can shift ones perspective of the subject of our attention. I guess that's the expression comes from, seeing in different light. Hadid's designs are epic and it's obvious for this one that lighting is as big an architectural feature as materials & colors are. She truly was a master in a league of her own.

I can only hope, being in architectural visualisation, that I one day get to visualise a building even remotely as great as Hadid's designs.

You must be a specialist on architecture. Thank you for comment

Not really just a healthy interest. I am a specialist in making 3d models of archtectural designs though. Thank you for the post and replying.

와... 동대문 DDP가 이렇게 변했나요...?
한국에 들어가서 동대문 근처를 가 본 적이 없어서 신기한 UFO가 내려온 줄 알았습니다. 서울에 드디어 랜드마크 급 건물이 생겨서 기분이 좋습니다. 다만 한국 기업이 시공했으면 좋았을텐데 하는 생각은 듭니다.

여행하면서 각 나라의 랜드마크는 우리나라 기업에서 시공한 게 많았거든요. 싱가폴의 마리나베이 샌드 호텔이나 말레이시아의 페트로나스 트윈 타워(한 동) 그리고 아랍에미리트의 부르즈칼리파 등등.

한국에 돌아가게 되면 한 번 보러 가야겠습니다!

if i get to korea one day , then i must go to see DDP cause you say it's the 55th place that i had to stop by in my life .thank you @slowwalker.

Yes, Yu need to stop by the DDP.


I must confessed that the architectural design is beyond human imagination I am giving you an up vote thanks

The contest, which was attended by world-famous architects won the architect of Iraqi origin from the UK by Zaha Hadid. This woman has managed to earn fame by designing objects such as the Central building of the headquarters of the BMW group, the main stadium of the Tokyo Olympics and several other. By the way, it became in 2004 the first ever female architect who received the prestigious award in this field – the Pritzker Architecture Prize.
Built a new "business card" Seoul five years from March 31, 2009 to March, 2014
It should be recognized: it was good and interesting. This is "Dongdaemun Design Plaza", which is now known by its English abbreviation: DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza). At least look interested definitely stops, attracted by the futuristic design of the complex, reminiscent of their curved and unusual lines landed alien spacecraft. The look is difficult to capture the richness of complex in General, it is desirable to climb on the roof of the nearest skyscraper or see it from a helicopter, but still definitely impressive.

Wow. What is inside that amazing building?

Nice pict!!

So gorgeous design

Great photos and composition @slowwalker.
Your photos have me intrigued.
Where is this located? I cannot find it in the post unless I missed it somehow.
This looks like a very cool place to sight see, especially at night time. Thanks for the post.

What a beautiful building/sculpture work of art. It is magnificent and truly a work of beauty. She was a very talented person. Thanks for showing us these lovely night shots. @slowwalker

Upvote and rsetem

A lovely sight to behold

I like this post, informative.. and thank you for the beautiful pictures .
but u got the architect's name wrong, it's Zaha Hadid not jaha

Thanks for the pictures and your thoughts @slowwalker. Being from the UK Zaha Hadid is held in high regard here. I'm thankful to have visited many of her buildings over the years and see the spaceship comparisons in her work as well.

Using software she was able to create really unique shapes, random patterns that, in my opinion, a human a mind could never depict.

Anyway, your photos are great. Keep up the good work. 🙂

It is a remarkable designer very good Postingan interesting work good work always

wow!amazing photography my dear!travel is very very beautiful..i like it..i appreciate desing,,thanks for sharing this post,,best of luck.

Lovely design wat a man can do a woman can do better

Such beautiful touches the soul
URF<3 Hugzzzzz

Nice post!
I am looking forward to your posts: D
I follow you.

It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Wow beautiful photography...loved all the images loved reading the article thank you for sharing...have a great day

Beautiful... Magnetic... Intriguing... Electrifying! I love the way you captured the true essence of the DDP at night to your audience. I have never been there before, but I have often heard about DDP as an architectural master piece. I pray that before the end of my sojourn on planet earth; to see the DDP and do further justice to your write up using my personal experienced being there physically, spiritually and Scientifically. Thumbs up to you @slowwalker - Good Job!

I love such a wonderful place

Greetings. super post. Jaha Hadid is really good Designer.I didn't know more information about DDP.But Now I have come to know more.Thanks @slowwalker

Stunning photo's and great presentation too. I appreciate knowing about Jaha Hadid and seeing her architecture. When we see this kind of beauty it brings us all closer together. Thank you slowwalker.

It looks like you put in quite an investment of time, effort and equipment to capture the beauty of the architectural wonder of Dongdaemun Design Plaza. The architect is more well known by this spelling of her name: Zaha Hadid. FYI only. Loved your post!

Wow so beautiful.

This "wow" It is like heaven on earth.Incredible work

Wonderful and remarkable!

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Excellent. Lovely photograph of architectural design. The light effects of photos are very nice, colorful and awsm. Thanks for sharing.

Your post is very amazing @slowwalker . I am very impressed once please follow and upvote me @ irwansyah883

wow what a architecture looks like my wallpaper

Woww nice post.. please upvote my post👍

beautiful building. designed by great people too, of course.

but perfect photo and lighting details make your picture much more dancing than the object itself.

succeeding in capturing all the light, certainly not easy. in addition supported by a pretty good camera, camera camera expertise is much more important.

the other thing that appeals to me is you are very successful in finding angle of photo shoot. and I really like for your photo photo.

Thank you for your interesting photos. I really liked it. Impresses fantasy. Handsomely. Now I have a desire to see it real :))

des photos magnifique

Amazing! Masterwork

Thats a beautiful work of art @slowralker :) kodus to you !

Very Good Photo

lovley photo graphy nice to see this post, lovely content text, taging lovley, can we fallow each other, i am new here, need your guide if you like

stunning photos! following for more :)

love it love it and lovly picture

@slowwalker this pictures are very beautiful nice and a very creative post thanks for sharing

Very beautiful photography

Yes I also see this like a spaceship. It looks amazing. Thank you for sharing the beauty @slowwalker. 👍😍

Yes, it was amazing.

Yes it is very extraordinary and coupled with your very great photo shoot @slowwalker.

Thank you very much @slowwalker for identifying the whole face of a world-renowned architect like DDP and presenting it to us. I do not know if it will be possible to see it in reality. But increased interest in your perfect presentation increased ....... !!!!! With him who made it Jaha Hadid, Salam I know you!!

nice post please follow me
thanks :P