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There was a rock near the golden plated bronze Buddha statue.
It was really nice looking rocks.
At first time I thought it as an usual rocks.


As getting closer, the Buddha carved on the rock came into my eyes.
It is said this Buddha had been carved in Goryeo dynasty about 1000 years ago.



The whole description was very delicate and excellent.




The style of the face in Buddha statue was as similar as other carved Buddhas which I had seen before in Seoul.

I took the pic in Bota-sa temple in May, this year



But in my view, this work seemed to be strongly influenced from India.
Look its thin waist. It is not easy to see that kind of thin waist in Korean Buddhas of traditional Carvings and Sculptures.

There were several writings carved on the rocks, but most of them were unreadable.
Many people had carved their name on the wall to be remembered forever.
But time is very cruel, it erased slowly but definitely those names on the wall.
The name only remembered by people could be longer.



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this stone altar is very beautiful and very expressive!

Beautiful photos!!

such intricate art work. it must have been quite a task carving that into stone!


Really..lovely post ...... I always love your photography and dear friend you

Awesome place. Excellent photo graphy.i like it

Amazing Details

1000 years ago? It is a precious, and delicate rock art sculpture. Looks like it was created by a perfect laser beings!

Great sculpture. I liked this carved statue more than yesterday's gold. This article gave me an idea that money is secondary for art.

Великолепная скульптура. Эта вырезанная статуя мне понравилась больше, чем вчерашняя золотая. Эта статья натолкнула меня на мысль, что для искусства деньги второстепенные.

Wow it's really amazing to see it, a stone has a Buddha carving, I love to see it, greetings from me😄

Did they do this 1,000 years ago? wow it is beautiful the result of the carving, has very good details is perfect.
and they did it with hands and not a machine, it's amazing work.
the lyrics look very good.

HAVE a nice trip ....

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Great shots sir!

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Great carving