Looking around Nam Dae Moon Market

in travel •  9 months ago

20170913 slowwalker

I entered into the Nam Dae Moon Market after walking down from Mt.Namsan. Nam Dae Moon Market seemed to be famous among the tourists who had been visiting Seoul. They told me that Nam Dae Moon Market was declined than before. But when I arrived at the Nam Dae Moon Market, there were so many people. One thing I noticed at there was there were mainly old people. Yes, Nam Dae Moon Market was changing as a place of memory and and turning into the place of reminiscence.

Whenever looking old people in the market place, I feel nostalgia to the past.

Korea is changing too fast, so sometimes I could not adapt myself to the change in my surroundings. I felt uneasy in modern department and contemporary shopping center. Conventional market place made me comfortable. Market place confirm me there is a people living place.

You can see and enjoy how people live their life. A dilylife is sacred. In market place I could see the warriors who try to keep and raise their family.

It is interesting to look at people, you can enjoy various kinds of people buying and selling.

One of the interest thing is taking food on the street. At the entrance of the market, I saw people make a line to buy a food

I got closer to the food vehicle to see in detail. It was fried vegetable cake.

I bought one. It was less than 1 dollar.

I tasted it, but it was so so. I couldn't understand why people were waiting for a long time.

I could see one monk taking a fried vegetable cake

It was getting darker. I needed to select to wait for a while to take night view or go to home. I decided to take the pics of night scenes.

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Fried vegetable cake's are the best! I've only had them at Korean restaurants, but never the authentic ting - so I'm very jealous! Very nice capture of the culture there, would love to be there myself! Thank you.


I want go to this market now but I can't, I only make feel from images, thank you for your trip !

I had a street food at India, it called vajha puri (fried cake), looks very similar and tasty. Interesting street photography and thanks for sharing.

I am afraid that not only Seoul and that market are changing. The whole world is changing to worse. Good post.

@slowwalker - I agree that the old traditional markets feel more comfortable than modern department stores. The human interaction part is somehow missing in the modern stores. I went to Nam Dae Moon market 10 years ago. Just like you, I walked around, tried some eatables and just enjoyed the atmosphere.
I remember having bought some blankets. They are fantastic and still in great shape. Every time I use them, I remember Nam Dae Moon.

Thanks for your blog. It made me nostalgic. Upvoted full.

I have not done travel blogs lately. Have been doing mostly wildlife and Steemit relation blogs. So, your travel blogs are nice to see.


1 $ for such vegetable cake is not very expensive even for Ukraine.

thx for sharing

This is a truly pleasant post I like your post and you discuss Korea so you can embrace it

I concur that old conventional markets feel more great than current divisions' shops. In any capacity the present day cooperation is missing piece of the stores. I went to the moon showcase 10 days prior. Like you, I went, attempted some sustenance endeavors and delighted in just this climate. I recollect a few buys. They are great are still could be better. Each time I utilize them, I recollect this moon name.

a tremendous crowd and many street cake merchants. Thanks for sharing. @slowwalker

nice contents sir upvoted your vote is important for me @deshwal

Can't wait to see the night scenes also!

Good thank

I really enjoyed this post! I love traditional markets, and get really excited to look around them- can't say I've ever been excited to go to a store. Thank you for the peek into a market across the globe from me!

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awesome market...up

its really good post I like your post and you talk about Korea so that I upvote you

For your post propagation.

In Aceh there was also such a thing. But now there's no more. So miss that stuff @slowwalker

For how long will you stay ? :) looks cool .. but i wouldnt really trust the street food there lol :D

Excellent post.

When will you upload your night time photographs? This was a wonderful look into an almost bygone era. I hope the young people keep this market going.

hii @slowwalker, you shared v impressive pictures of seoul market with your photography skills made that places much attractive.after seeing fresh fried vegetable cake mouth watering hunger heatup. thanks for sharing

The markets in korea is very different to public markets in Mindanao Philippines.

Ukraine is not very expensive for $ 1 such vegetable cake.

Love this place! Been there a couple of times. Yes the first time you come, it does have an off putting smell but you get use to it. The have the cheapest and freshest produce, meat and seafood I have seen. And the street food is amazing, as the vegetable cakes that you ware talking about

its really good post I like your post and you talk about Korea so that I upvote you

shopping shopping shopping........👍🙌👊


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I was here!

But you know what? Nothing beats Itaewon! Loved it. I went twice during a one-week trip lol.

Namdaemun Market is the largest traditional market in Korea with shops selling various goods. All products are sold at affordable prices and the stores in this area also function as wholesale markets.

Most of the goods are made directly by the storeowners. Namdaemun Market is even open overnight, from 11:00pm to 4:00am, and is crowded with retailers from all over the country. When day breaks, the site of busy shoppers bustling around the market creates a unique scene that attracts tourists worldwide. Namdaemun Market sells a variety of clothes, glasses, kitchenware, toys, mountain gear, fishing equipment, stationery, fine arts, accessories, hats, carpets, flowers, ginseng, and imported goods.

The best way to feel the place is to try local food.

@slowwalker This is supercool! Thanks! Followed

It's a good place indeed just to walk and snoop around and buy some good street food for our enjoyment.

Looks amazing! I'd love to try the veggie cake! 😅

Excelente post

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Fried vegetable cake sounds so yummy! I hope to try one when I go to South Korea soon.

Street foods are popular wherever you are in Korea, from Hongdae to Namdaemun.
That vegetable cake you tried, looks new to me. It looks like Korean japchae inside. If so, than thats a unique recipe, because japchae is usually a sidedish, and that explains why so many people were waiting for it.

the warriors who try to keep and raise their family.

"Definitely, yes." They have heen dealing with the rigors of everyday life all year long. They had to work when it snows and when it rains without the well-deserved rest. This admits of no doubt.

Love the cake. I've tried once, twas good! Amazing photos , btw!

Nice photo in post.good photography. thanks for sharing

What an adventure you got there experiencing another culture 🙂. Must have been a delicious eat worth it for them to wait that long. Beautiful photos. Resteemed.

A crowded market of visitors. but there is seen most parents who are shopping. thank you for sharing this great post @slowwalker

Awe some market, nice story

I am same like you my friend, I feel comfortable in conventional market place, but I don't like the modern places! I always prefer to buy with these hard working people than giving my money to large companies!
When I go to markets, one of the best moments is when I eat the street foods, they are so good and freshly made!

the food looks yummy , would like to travel to this place.

Wow the vegetable cake look so yum. I would really love to try it one day. There are also a lot of street food in Nepal, one of my best is 'Chatamari' , it is also known as newari pizza which cost less than 1 dollar but still this looks yummy. Nice photography and i really loved your post.

Nice market with some delicious food. That traditional market provide affordable goods and the quality is almost the same than modern one...in my country, you can see that condition in Tanah Abang, Jakarta. You can get everything with low cost.

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nice pictures

See, in the daytime it is a completely different picture. Thank you for sharing, it allowed an interesting comparison. Cheers

OMG. I have never had Fried vegetable cakes and they look so delicious. I need to find a recipe and tried it. Great post and pictures. Thanks!

The old style street shopping is the best shopping in the world. We all feel very connected and enjoy the openness of the nature. Inside the big malls everything seems to be confined and lack a sense of freedom. It is really a big challenge for the country people and older ones.

Hustle and bustle.. Thanks for this, I will do a similar series on some of my travels and experiences in China ^^