Kangwhado Island Tour with Mom

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Kangwhado is a island located in the West sea of korea 2 hours distance by car from Seoul.
The Island is not far from the land. Now the Island is connected with bridge. You can get there easily by car

Kangwhado is famous for its history especially in Nation Defence and its academic background including literature and philosophy. And this island has long history from prehistory. You can look around lots of dolmen here.

At first the Kangwhado is the west fortress of capital Seoul. So In Koryeo dynasty(918AD-1392 AD), when Mongolian had invaded Koryeo, government escape to the Kangwhado island. The Mongolian forces could not cross the sea between the land and the island, even though they could hear and see the Koryeo army. Mongolians had no experience in the sea battle and it was incredibly difficult cross the sea due to muddy tide land.

In Choson dynasty, the Kangwhado was west defence post to protect Seoul against the threat from the sea, mainly from Japan. Because of this circumstances, there are lots of facilities relating to the National Defence.

I couldn’t have a trek with my mom for a while, so we with my mom had ran to the Kangwhado island.
The first thing we saw was a King’s Archive in Choson Dynasty. As I wrote, Kangwhado was considered very safe place to protect the Documents and Books.

But in 1866 AD, the French fleet invaded the Kangwhado for Imperial purpose. At that time the French navy took the important books and documents and burnt the Archive building.
Later the local government rebuild some buildings, but most of them were still underground.

In side of the building, the king’s march miniature was made from books which had been confiscated by French navy

My mom looking at the miniature

close shot

Finally through long diplomatic contact, the books had return from France to home.

Next to the Archive, there were a local government office. We walked to the office.

the front board of the building

Model was made inside the building

The commander of Kangwhado island.

Thank you for reading.



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It's great to see your mom back @slowwalker, it has been so long that you did not post on her! I miss her painting too!
It looks like you and she had a great time visiting Kangwhado Island!

Thank you so much

Nice post enjoyed your recounting of the history. I am Korean American and have been traveling Korea the last few weeks with my mom and sister. Unfortunately we didn't make it to Kwangwado, but been to Jeju, Busan, Gyeongju, Seorak and Seoul! It has been quite an experience seeing Korea for the first time since we left in 1979. I'll be writing about it in my blog soon. I just wrote about our time in Japan and as you know, it was interesting to be there with my mom with Korea's sad history with Japan.

Thank you for your comment
I 'd like to read your posting on traveling in korea soon

Yes! I am in seoul now but hope to have a chance to write about it in the next few days. Would love to youread it and let me know what you think.

I did my first post on Korea about the skincare industry if you are interested a fascinating aspect of tourism in Korea especially Seoul.

wow. this is beautiful. the 8th picture really looked so real. i had to look again to notice the difference. thanks for sharing @slowwalker

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The place looks historic. Hope someday will visit there.

welcome haha

wow! I once was in seoul for a business trip, couldn't see that much. I realise now I lost a great opportunity to explore more!

please visit korea once more

a welcome retreat from the pressures of life, @slowwalker, and always delightful to see your mother - she, like you, has a lively interest in things about her, and not unexpectedly, seemed fascinated with the miniature display of the King's March!

Kangwhado Island is a world apart and before technology developed, was a safe refuge from Mongolian hordes and any foreign invaders. But our world has shrunk, @slowwalker, and I know at the moment you feel vulnerable and threatened by an attack from the North, but really, we are all vulnerable as well.

In the modern world there are no safe sanctuaries, no islands so remote that we can escape the threat of war. But our vulnerabilities are also shared with our enemies and we will either learn to coexist or perish together.

There is hope - I see it in the delicately fashioned miniature of the King's March made from confiscated books. Eventually, everything was returned and peace restored. That is an outcome I devoutly wish for us, @slowwalker.

Thank you for your commet.
It's my pleasure to read your comment.

Beautiful photography. Looks like a very interesting place to visit

A very interesting story about this historic island, I give appreciation to those who have worked hard with diplomatic relations so that all important and historical documents can be returned to their place of origin, kangwhado island.. thanks for sharing

thank you so much

you are wellcome..

why are you always behind the camera

because I am taking the photos.
I enjoy trecking alone

Very interesting . Upvoted and resteemed :-)

Thank you so much

You are very welcome @slowwalker :-)

Sounds like you had a great trip. They made those little figures using recycled books?

Dear friend! Thank you for the wonderful journey around your country. I even envy you in a kind way))) I dream more soon will see everything with my eyes))) I wish you much health, so that you will continue to please us with your interesting stories)))

Thank you so much my friend

Very beautiful pics you are very talented keep it up

Edit please: Defence = Defense*
Nice and good models.
thanks for sharing.

thank you for correcting
s and c are both correct, aren't they ?

Yes, both are correct.
I take it from here:

incorrect: defencive, defencible
correct: defensive, defensible

so I think 's' is better.

Wow............gr8 tour...........upvote u so as u upvote me..

Beautiful! I added this to the Steemit Social Media queue.

Thank you
It's great honour to me

Beautiful place, i think so good to studying history of empire

Yes, studying history is interesting

Wow.Its so beautiful and the ancient little models are amazing.

thank you so much

What a unique hut it is.. the architects are also mindblowing.. handicrafts are damn beautiful.. no words to describe the place.. just WOW.. thank you slowalker for bringing to us.. i really enjoyed your journey

thank you so much
I am glad you like my posting

Pleasure is all mine!

Such rich history and some of it sad that things were stolen and ruined so nice you took a day trip with your beloved mother and learned so much about your country now that's what's up! Have a great day big hug to you and your mom🌷

What a unique hut it is.. the architects are mindblowing.. and the handicrafts are just amazing.. i wish i could visit Korea some day.. im eagerly waiting for that day.. thank you @slowwalker for bringing this amazing place to us.. i really enjoyed your journey. Looking forward to your new posts 😊😊

It looks like your trip very enjoyable brother @slowwalker, always love the postings you provide. its very nice miniature, the building is also very beautiful, because there is still the traditional art there. I am very proud of you, wherever you go you will not forget to bring your mother @slowwalker, it seems you are very affectionate with your mom, success is always brother. ;)

thank you so much

You are welcome brother @slowwalker ;)

Great post,i must admit i know very little about the history of Korea so it was very interesting to me.Those figures telling the story about the books and documents being saved,look really special.Thanks for sharing.

thank you for reading

I didn't have any idea about the long history of Seoul. It goes way back. I don't have so much history knowledge about Seoul. So all I want to say is thank you sir @slowwalker for making us aware about the Kangwhado Island and their history.

thank you for reading.

Wonderful photography work of the wonderful Kangwhado Island! Thanks for sharing, @slowwalker!

Thank you so much

Amazing Pictures...

Especially the 1st Two :)

Great photos @slowwalker ! , look forward to looking at more of your posts!

wow its amazing :) really nice post and pictures as well. i like you post.

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Heyy really nice post:) It was verry useful.Please check my little journey that I made soon. I hope you enjoy my photos. @nakedchef89


I am a great fan of Korea and Korean people. Have accommodated opera singers for some years. Miss their friendly intelligent ways . Sorry, but I don´t miss the Kimchi. :) Would love to visit Korea once in my life...

kimchi... hahaha

Kimchi is the nose killer for Europeans...Once you overcome the first shock it actually tastes interesting.

Wow such a lovely place visit and explore the ancient history...
Nice post with creative camera capture @slowwalker
I really like your post.
keep steeming
Cheers !

Thank you
let's keep going

But in 1866 AD, the French fleet invaded the Kangwhado for Imperial purpose. At that time the French navy took the important books and documents and burnt the Archive building. --- this is pretty sad when important history is getting destroyed , ... I am a very positive person, still I think that war and conflicts will always be on our earth , sadly ..

history is history
We should make our world better with the help of history

Yes, and we should make Steemit better by not flagging someone for no reason. Like how you flagged my post only because someone you know did.

Wow! Great piece of history. Korea has a really interesting history. Thanks for next valuable post @slowwalker :)

Great tour, friend @slowwalker! You gave me pleasure! Thank you for sharing! Does your mom love the music of the violin?
I want to give you bliss: the violin plays on the street in Lviv. Video concert for you!

Thank you so much
She was really music lover.
When I was a kid, my mom, brothe and I always had heard listened music after dinner.
Now saddly she could not hear one ear.
Bur I will tell my mom you send a music to her

One word Fantastic

one word thanks

Wow! Very interesting! Like!

Really cultural place it looks like a tour very infomative

Thanks for sharing. It seems like a very interesting historical monument.

Yes that's right

Great to learn more about Korean tradition and culture and the hidden gems it has within it.
I've never heard of Kangwhado before but it seems like an absolutely beautiful place with a lot of honour, courage and integrity behind it.
Spectacular Photographs @slowwalker. Upvoted.
Keep up the great enthralling posts

Looks very good. I want to go in this place!

Very Nice ! Amazing photography tells a lot about kangwhado

I really love the history ans lesrned something new thank you so much

Really it has a great history and all the pictures are very beautiful.

Good Snap
Amazing Post
Thanks for Sharing

I like this thanks for the post!

awesome keep going

It's nice to be able to see a country thriving. With all that is going on with the north.

외세 침략으로부터 안전한곳 강화도 ^^ 저도가끔강화도여행을 즐기곤합니다. 요즘 석모도로가는 다리가 생길걸로알고있습니다. 조망간 바람쐐려가려합니다. 좋은글 감사합니다.^^

석모도 가는 다리가 있는지 몰랐네요
다시 한번 가봐야 겠습니다.

How happy it is to be able to tour with family, I really live your story because I will never be able to repeat the incident. Both my parents are dead @slowwalker

Great history post! @slowwalker

thank you so much

Nice photo @slowwalker thank you very much for sharing

Thank you for this excellent telling of the history concerning the important books and documents stolen. I'm still amazed by the history in Korea. It's fantastic to read your retelling of all these things. Thanks!!

Very Nice pictures, I loved your post :D

I have wanted to visit Korea for such a long time. I live in Vietnam,so I must get over in the next year. Followed!

Beautiful photography

Like your post. Thank you for shearing

강화도 글 잘 읽었습니다.^^
좋은 글 감사합니다.

These places where one tells and preserves the historical memory of a people is very important. In Italy, I must say that the archives have a great deal of attention and importance. The existing laws on the protection of public and private archives are among the most advanced....Thanks @slowwaler

Beautiful pictures

Looks really interesting! was in south korea in 2012 and loved it! But haven't been to the countryside... wanna go there again!

Beautiful travel. Looks like a very interesting place to visit my friend
please visit my page

Hello. I like chinese culture, nice photos

Nice post and pictures! Thanks for sharing!

I thought for a moment that these people with white dress are Real people :))
But Noooo... they are not :))

Heyy really nice post:) It was verry useful.Please check my little journey that I made soon. I hope you enjoy my photos. @nakedchef89


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Well all I can do is tell you that I wish you happiness and hope that you can be nicer to your fellow Steemians. No reason to flag anyone when there is no reason to do so.

Great post,i must admit i know very little about the history of Korea so it was very interesting to me.Those figures telling the story about the books and documents being saved,look really special.Thanks for sharing.

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