Daewung-Jeon in Soodeok-sa Temple, Finding the Origin of Disappeared BaekJae Dynasty Culture.

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The reason I headed for Soodeok-sa temple was whether I could find out the traces of BaekJae in Daewung-Jeon of Soodeok-sa temple.

As I had posted before, Daewung-Jeon in Soodeok-sa temple had been built in Goryeo dynasty.
I thought I could’ve find some traces from Daewung-Jeon which had been built in Goryeo dynasty.

As soon as arriving Daewung-Jeon, I was looking around the building.
As walking around, I found the interesting facilities around Daewong-Jeon.


There was a ditch around the building. As you know well, the wooden buildings are very vulnerable to the water. The one of the reason why Daewung-Jeon could have survived for more than 800 years.



The ditches were well made.

At first I looked as the side wall of Daewung-Jeon. The appearance of the sidewall was something similar to the Japanese ancient architecture style. I can not explain you exactly, but I just felt the similarity between the sidewall of Daewung-Jeon and the Japanese ancient architecture style.



What I interested in Daewung-Jeon was the corner stones. The corner stones were very well cared for by mason. Especially the upper surface of the corner stone looked well touched. Actually the surface of corner stones were not touched to put the pillars on that in Choson dynasty. They carved the bottom of the pillar according to the surface of the corner stone. That kind of method was more stronger than that of Goryeo dynasty.




So I could estimated that the skill of putting the pillars on the corner stone in BaekJae Kingdom was not so different from that of Goryeo Kingdom.

And I could see the cornerstones of BaekJae dynasty in Booyeo National BaekJae Museum.
I posted about the cornerstones of BaekJae Kingdom in previous post.

At the last part in this posting you can look at the cornerstones in BaekJae Kingdom

After looking around the cornerstones, I went to the back yard of Daewung-Jeon, the scenery was really amazing.





In Korean traditional house, the garden was located in the back yard. Also, there was a garden in the back yard of Daewung-Jeon. There was a hill behind Daewung-Jeon and the hill seemed as well taken cared for by skillful gardener.

I did’t notice the backyard garden in Buddhist Temple until now. Here in Soodeok-sa temple, the backyard hill was so beautiful, so I had stayed for a long time to enjoy that beauty.

I'd like to recommend you not to miss the joy looking a beautiful hidden garden in Buddhist temple of Korea.

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That looks so beautiful and peaceful! Korea is on my bucket list for sure!

It is just another impressive temple @slowwalker and to think that the woods didn't suffer termite infestation despite of having built many decades or centuries ago just as impressive as its design and beauty. It just mirrors how well Koreans does their everyday work like you can judge the tree by a way of its fruits and this clearly shows it.

wonderful pix

Nature in the backyard of the temple is divine. I looked, and could not stop admiring it !!! It seems that the backyard is a small Sukhavati.

Природа на заднем дворе храма – божественная. Я смотрел, и не мог налюбоваться ею!!! Такое ощущение, что задний двор является маленьким Сукхавати.

Actually that backyard looks so stunning and it's a nice guide and I have never known about backyard of Buddhist temples before! It's great to hear and eye catchy!
Those ditches well made to secure the building and it worked so well! Useful article and great traveling tips!


Stunning photography and article as well.

Beautiful architecture of Daewong-Jeon, a lot of time must had been spent on the wood works, especially on sidewall I love the combination of stone and wood, the same idea was in Tudor's time in Europe when wood was used to stabilise the buildings. But less ornaments were done on wood. I see that wooden structures very well preserved,as you know it is not only moist but also woodwurm that sometimes destroys the wood and sometimes the whole building.

You are right those cornerstones look alike on your previous post pictures, it is good that the wisdom is given to further generations and not disappeared completely.

The backyard, looks very peaceful , the trees look like evergreen trees, normally they have such a refreshing scent, people say it is good if you have asthma. But I just love that nice scent.

As always very educating article @slowwalker thank you for sharing

Nice job!

Thank you for new knowledge and amazing
photos from Korea! @slowwalker

You will drink tea in front of this view :)

세월이 지나도 튼실한 우리 선조들의 지혜. ^^

great beautiful images thanks to share vote by me

이게 그 유명한 무량수전 배흘림기둥이로군요.

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I feel cheated by my friends. I went to Korea and only visited 2 temples. There was so much more beauty to see.

The garden is really nice, make me refresh after walking around the temple with your tour.😊

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I want to visit Korea. There is so much history and culture there.

Very awesome! Those trees are great!! 🌳🌴

hello, how are you brother @slowwalker

Can I ask you today?

I was so happy when I saw some great people like you who are so consistent with the activities in the Steemit account.

I want to ask a little about how you choose to be consistent in supporting someone who makes a post on a Steemit account?