At the starting point to Mt. Namsan.

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History of Seoul have been more than 2000 years. It had been a capital for 700 years. So There are so many relics of old history. But interesting thing is that Some of the relics are used until now.

It was a sunny Saturday I walked around Mt. Namsan
Mt. Namsan is small mountain in the center of Seoul city. Of course Mt, Namsan was part of outside fortress of Seoul walls. Seoul Wall was connected by mountains surrounding Seoul city. Namsan was a one of those mountains.

I'd like to walk along all walls. So I continued to walk from where I stopped before. I started walk from an Old bride name of Soo Pyo Kyo Bridge. This bridge was a measure of level of water in Seoul City.
For more than 600 years It have been working it's work as a bridge.
It has really nice view. you could take a photo.

It looks really great. If you 'd like to enjoy a scent of history, this bridge is a good choice. You can get there by subway easily.
You can walk through.

Strange thing is that there were no tourists. I don't know the reason why.
There are nice place to walk from the bridge.

By the road there was a stream, this stream made me pleasant.

In the end of the stream, there was a traditional style house for Cafe and Restaurant.

Coffe smell was good and made me comfortable. The building behind the house is the Hotell Shilla.

I took a rest for a while.
At the starting point to Mt.namsan, I could see the wall. Yes here starts wall.

Thank you for reading.

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This is just so awesome man!

A lovely day for a walk, @slowwalker.

Evert city has its past and its secrets and Seoul is no exception.

The tourists would be taking the scenic route via the cable car to the mountain top to see the vast panoramic vistas of Seoul City from Seoul Tower, but you chose the less travelled route of walking the path around the ancient walls.

It's fascinating to think that these mountains were at one time lookout stations to warn of attacks and that residents would be warned by smoke signals.

But today, you were content to linger by the historic bridge and be comforted by the peaceful waters of the stream.

The lovely trees provided a shadowy oasis to stop and rest, but even better was a modern cafe serving delicious hot coffee at the end of your walk.

Another nice Sunday walk around Seoul with you, my friend.


Nice insight... walking is a really great way to get a feel for a place.. whether it's your home town or somewhere entirely new. You see things at a slower pace and from a different perspective


so true...


Yes it was a nice walking.

Pictures are good....
Mt. Namsan is in which country?


South Korea where I live in now


I've been wanting to go to Korea for a while, @slowwalker. This is a great substitute until I actually book my trip. A lot of the architecture reminds me of my time in Japan, which was surprising to me!

great pictures! thanks

sir @slowwalker, ance again a beautiful historical post of seoul where you told and share pictures of mountain named namsan and also wrote about the historical bridge there. much exited to read all and your skills and passion of writting such a nice post is admireable. my support for you and waiting for your nxt story.
Resteeeming and following.

Great pictorial view of korea. You did a great work here @slowwalker


Thank you so much

It's such a beautiful place


What a gorgeous bridge! I'm obsessed with bridges , and the history surrounding you, so amazing

@slowwalker, So serene and green!

great picture and nice post thank you i always want to visit seoul thank you :)

Seoul is an awsome city,,,,since I am not fro there and I love Seoul because of what I read about it and watch in videos and photos..
I was thinking that Seoul has only modern buildings...But when I see Historical buildings in your article I really feel I want to visit there and wish me to visit this amazing city soon...Cheers

Very pretty

Lovely post and pictures. :D

Oh how pretty! I would love to go there!

Such a wonderful post :D
what a beautiful pictures.
i bet you guys are having a great time :D

Great pictures and the story too! After read your post this is a place I'd love to visit

thanks so much for sharing @slowwalker I've never been to Mt Namsam. Walking is something we do a lot of on our travels.. it's a great way to really immerse yourself in the location I think.

Now following so I can follow your walks :)

looks nice place

Wow! How amazing. The geography of the place sounds really interesting. I love the block-work legs of the bridge in the one photo. So charming!! Almost fairy tale like.
What a wonderful experience and I can just smell the fresh air!
Thanks for another great post.

nice pic i follow u plz follow me

@slowwalker history is something that may always be remembered, especially with the construction made, looks simple, and unique, but has a high quality, I like this post

Beautiful seoul.. I love the greenery of it.

Hello @slowwalker! It is really amazing to see this bridge still standing solid since so many years, wow! The structures build in the ancient times were really very solid and nowadays we don't see these!

great a posting

I've only been in Namsan Tower and the vicinity. I didn't explore the mountain. But I'd love to visit Korea again. It's one of my favorite countries to visit. The view and the people are just awesome.

I've been to Bukchon Hanok Village but not mt. namsan, I wanted to go in the tower area but I had very limited time when I visited Seoul.
Hope to visit again. Reminded me of those days.

Thanks, upvoted as always :)

If possible, please go through my new post, thanks :D Nagarkot, Nepal

Oh gosh. I'm so glad that you have kept writing about Korea travel point because I'm Korean! I think Korean government has to promote Korean culture through any methods such as Steemit or youtube but they didn't. So this kind of post is a great chance to make people see Korean culture easily. By the way, I keep writing about Denmark exchange student life and Europe travel. If you are interested in it, visit my post :)

It's a very historic place with amazing relics that had survived the ages.

Amazingly beautiful..

Very particular the ancient bridge ... beautiful building that is handed down to us .. We must keep these signs ... are our history

Wow! It is amazing to think that 600 years ago people could design something strong enough to still be used today.

You beat me by 14 hours today. LOL I was slow in posting today I guess.

A sure place to visit fo me @slowwalker thanks for exposing this great and beautiful location .... Soul is a great city in all standards


Thank you


Thank you too sir for sharing and I must say your blogging is so rich and informative....really what is of value here.. thanks as always...

Looks like a very peaceful place to visit, I love that sort of historic architecture. One day I would like to visit Seoul. Won’t be for a while though

Incredible photos, wonderful colors! I follow you to see others.

That bridge looks to be in excellent condition for being 600 years old! That's Amazing. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing...

It was worth it reading all of this awesome read!! thankyou for such great writings , also I have a story about unsung hero that you might like.
Please read and if you like do give upvote this is the motivation that keeps newbies like us keep growing thankyou so much!

I will really love to walk on this beautiful bridge, it is so beautiful and lovely. The scenery is mind blowing and I wish I could spend some time there.

@slowwalker Thanks for sharing. Love it.

@slowwalker Wonderful put up And that i desire steemit experienced a sticky or pin selection due to the fact That is a type of Specific posts..

@slowwalker Terrific write-up. Certainly This is often truth in each individual state..