At the Ground of the Barley, The Village of the Poor in Mockpo City

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It was a taxi driver who took me to the unexpected place that day.


Actually I’d like to look around the modern history museum. So I asked the taxi driver take me to the museum. Suddenly he recommended to me to look first the village of the poor in the name of the ground of the barley.



He explained the reason why that village was called as the ground of the barley. Actually the barley was the grains for the poor. Rice was too expensive for the poor to eat, so they had eat the barley instead of the rice.



In Spring, they had dried the barleys on the ground. That was the reason why that village was called as the ground of the barley.

It was a shock that the view which had been unfolded in front of my eyes. I never had expected that kinds of panorama in Mocpo city.




The village around the ground of the barley was for the poor. The size of the village was unexpected. The rooms were so small that one person barely could lay down.

The history of that village went back to the rule of Japanese Imperialists.
Farmers had lost their land and forced to move near Mt. Yudalsan. That's the history of the village formed



There was no other means to live except the fishing.
So this village was the fisherman’s village.
Many people had lost their lives while fishing in the sea, at that time the fishing was very dangerous job.

It was very difficult to escape from the poverty. The only way getting out of the poverty was an education, the parents had made all their efforts to educate their kids. As a result, there are so many famous scholars and writers who came from Mockpo city.


The poverty and the difficulty were the true source of the success.
Many people have escaped from this village with their efforts.


But up until now, the poverty have been continuing in this village. While walking around the village, I noticed that many places were empty.



I felt good when I saw empty places, because empty places meant that people living in this poor village were diminishing.

While taking the pics, the history and the hardships of our parents’ generation came into my mind.

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이땅의 부모님들이 다 그렇게 사셨죠
사진속에 보이는 빈집들처럼.....
한장 한장의 사진들이 아프게 다가 오네요
감사 합니다.


Don't steal, don't lie, don't cheat, don't sell drugs. The government hates competition!


este es otro planetaaaa umbrales!

Incredible pictures. Thanks for the tour!

I am very surprised to know that there's still a place like Mokpo City in South Korea, a developed high-income country and 11th largest economy in the world.


It's true. Even in well off advanced nations there are those who have been dealt a terrible hand.


We still have places like that in America, we call one Detroit.


Yeah, it's amazing how many people in America are blind to their neighbors who live like they are in third world countries.


The people in Detroit like it there.


Detroit is improving and more people are rebuilding and improving the city. You shouldn’t be such a hater if you haven’t check out all the new towns like midtown and cork town and Indian village. Just to name a few.


I also have such a toilet.


Except your toilet water is probably cleaner.


When you get out into rural America, you see worse. The native american reservations are some of the worst. But that misery gets spread around all over, honestly. I travel around in a van fulltime and prefer out-of-the-way places. The shit I see ... Sad.


In spite of all the problems that he has experienced and generated with his civil war, it is a country that still has a powerful and stable economy.


We still have places like that in America, its called Flint, Michigan. @funnybobby51

It is amazing what people live
Really terrible that one leaves home in search of life ..
As if we were in the Stone Age
A cruel world
Thank you for sharing your experience with us

These pictures are amazing. Thanks for the share.

Great pictures!

At first, I thought that some places are empty because the people need to work and even children can't play in the playground. The conclusion was not what I expected but that's pretty good!

Hello Sir @slowwalker
I am sorry about the people of Mockpo during the times of japanese occupation as they really made the people there in aa great hardship.
But I a happy that it was all over and that the city is recovering.


That's good to hear. It would be tragic if it stayed like this for too long.

very interesting set of photos!

very interesting set of photos!

That seems so sad, I'm sorry to hear this Slowwalker.


Why is it so sad?



Wow I never knew that The Village of the Poor in Mockpo City existed in a modern rich South Korea..on the other hand, they have a beautiful landscape and am sure the wealth will reach them soon due to the successes of South Korea...hopefully the North will be free sooner than later. Thanks for sharing this @slowwalker , thanks for all your support and have a blessed weekend.

Love following your posts!

Although the village is poor, but the photos turned out good!

Hangul Love!

Wow, the favela of South Korea!

"I felt good when I saw empty places, because empty places meant that people living in this poor village were diminishing."

I got goosebumps when I read this! As I was reading your article, my impression of the situation of the village got darker and darker and more pressing until this sentence came. What a wonderful, positive perspective on an empty house in a poor village!

very nice thanks to you

This post has been upvoted and resteemed! I started to follow you so I can see more of your work.

Your photography really tells a story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Much of the country learned from your posts)

@slowwalker These buildings are looking really unique and awesome. I love this architecture. I like Bank Bridgeport. And the door of Restaurant is also very attractive. Thanks for your efforts and sharing this beautiful photography.

Very unfortunate residents who live there. May they immediately rise from the depths of their lives. Thank you for elevating this place to the eyes of the world. Hope you are always in happiness @slowwalker.

infromative post indeed!

I totally agree with you @slowwalker our parents made great sacrifices to ensure that we got educated and we are eternally grateful to them. That village in focus is just a representative of countless other villages and hamlets scattered around the world, especially in Africa, whose inhabitants are subjected to abject poverty. Most of them can't afford to send their children to schools. Unlike the children of Mockpo rural poor, these other uneducated ones will find it difficult to break free from the shackles of generational perury. What a bleak future?

unfortunately, there are a lot of such villages, in my country there are very, very many of them. Everyone tries to leave whenever possible, they are looking for good luck in big cities. The post is interesting, also reminded me of our poor and abandoned villages. Thanks you).

There are many places that are still poor, and I hope that such places will disappear in the future, andwish people can live better. we are lucky compared to our parents' generation.

Shocked to see the ruined and damaged housing, the way people are dressed and the properties in a state of disrepair, always thought of south korea as booming , wealthy, country with millions of techie people inventing stuff and software geeks

I'm from Korea but I did not know it.

It was nice to know about the village and the production of barley. It's a good alternative of rice. In India it is used as a divine purpose as well according to Hindu mythology.

Love the colours of the roofs. Reminds me a bit of the different coloured apartment blocks they have in Tirana, Albania to try and cheer people up!



Woo nice image. Thank you

"You should always appreciate what you have because there is always someone doing alot worse" - My Grandma

Its unbelievable to me that some people are so poor that they can't afford Rice only Barley! I couldn't imagine living in a room where I can't even lay down.

Good to know that alot of that town is empty no one should have to live like that.

I hope someone has a God-complex and invert the pyramid. Poverty is really a pain. Furthermore, educated people who rose from those slums should help build and make that village prosper. They should be able to at least donate rice grains for the farmers to produce.

There's always places like that in the world, maybe government don't remember those places ,just got no idea

True post

The place looks so beautiful, pity it is a place where the poor live.

Thank God that they place is becoming deserted.

The whole post makes​ me think about poverty. That people are really living in poverty. But I like how ended this post, that you saw empty places and that means that people were diminished. A good ending which spreads hope for a better tomorrow.

Thanks for this deep kind of contributions my friend :)

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great post and pictures - i have been living in haeundae most of the time i've stayed in korea and it's always fascinating to see the other side

Hope you stay warm thorughout the rest of your mocpo trip and thank you for the share

Your last line strucked me the most. Yeah I remember my grandparents' hardships during their lifetime and the hardship was passed on to their children. Luckily we strived hard to finish our education and find a good job.

And the Japanese Imperialists were followed by the American Imperialists after World War II. Without the interventions of the USA after 1945 Korea would be today a united and free country with much more prosperity than the USA ever had. But now we have the dawn on the Asian century and that is great.

Great work,very nic posts,i liked your posts very much,i request to you when you are free then visit my blog plz.

Wow I am sure that was a very humbling experience. I wonder how the government there takes care of the poor? They have a decent economy, I guess that just isn't enough sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

Barley as rice. Life may have its hardship but with hardship builds our character. It is great to see different parts of society regardless of how prosperous it may look on the outside.

'Empty places meant that people living in this poor village were diminishing'. I would feel good as well if I'll be able to witness more cases like that in here in our country. Poverty however still continue to spread in here.

The travelling is good habit.

Mokpo is a famous port city. But the majority of the people who lived in it had a hard time. It is a typical poor city in Jeolla-do.
I saw an old photograph of a precious person photographed on the hill before the coast road was constructed. There were not many houses in the photographs, and there were many vacancies. Decades later, the houses were left in the vacant lot, but now their houses are broken and empty.
Thanks to your photo, the face in the picture is revived.
Thank you.

I like all the bright blue colors that are on a lot of the buildings and materials. I see you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a contest post to make it simple to do just click Here

The condition is similar to my city. The poverty actually always be the biggest enemy eventhough we have survived after tsunami disaster in 2004, but the economic look like constantly move after the charity of the world. I think because of lack creativity did the reason. Maybe the city which you told had the same problem, lack of creativity.

A lot of people know about post traumatic stress disorder but fewer people know about post traumatic success syndrome, even though that also happens. The sweetest fruits come from the most stressed plants.

I am very surprise to know that there's still a place like Mokpo City in South Korea

Great post. Plz vote me

nice post♡

The village looks poor, The pictures show the miserable of these people in that village.
Very nice post carry on.

I have seen and heard about many beautiful and modern progresses of Mockpo city so far. I've never expected this kind of scene and poverty. I feel sorry about your posting.

Poverty is all around the globe, likewise here in my country. Some of my high school students have more absences only to know that they dont have food to eat. I have the skill to cook but am underpaid with the profession, thus cant afford to buy the ingredients needed. Considering I have a job, cant imagine what's on top of the dining table to many jobless.

Pictures hold memories and they tell us history. Most importantly, they show us Growth

Hey what was this?

A mandap??


It is called jeong-ja. It is a place where villagers can sit and rest. There are many places around town. :)


Oh i see, very hot place i pressume

Good job.

Aceh, indonesia
Follow @newzifa

Although the city looks really poor I think that people living there are awesome! It was great if you could be shooting the people and traditions from there, it would have been interesting.

I didn't know that rice was ever to expensive to buy, considering the price and abudance of rice that we have today!

Thank you fro sharing your adventure,I'm looking forward to read the next posts. If you are passionate about cryptocurrency, fitness and nutrition I'd advise you to check out my blog. I'm trying to add the most value possible to STEEMIT.

looking good seenary, nice nature @ home thanks for share

we have lot to learn from unexpected trips . thank the taxi driver. haha

You visit so many fascinating places. Thank you for taking me with you by way of these pictures and your commentary.

The houses reminded me of some of the fishing villages in England's past - Cornwall and Wales spring to mind, even before you said it was a fishing village.

Thank you for your excursions.

beautifully constructed...bravo!

That's really interesting and surprising to know the deeper degree of Mokpo city where I have never been yet.

But I agree with him

To be honest, despite rapid economic growth of Korea, it is typical and true that many of the rular places haven't been achieved rapid economic growth but rather those places have been left over.

I have been to a cruise trip with my family where they are from the 1960s generation that it is a time when Korea was under super and very much of poverty all over the country.

They were telling me one story that they did not have electricity in the village up until the age of ten-year-old which is already 1970s. Later, as they became an adult finishing high school and their bachelor degree, they moved to Seoul where the capital city of South Korea. Then, Korea has become 11th largest economy of the world and high-income country after 4 decades from the time of poor and poverty.

I also don't know much of the stories but it is true that most of the rural areas are turning like a ghost city. People tend to move to Seoul or outskirt, or suburb of a big city for the purpose of better education and access to infrastructure.

My grand mother where she lives is a quite big city. At least, it used to be a big city back in the 1960s~1970s. The name of the place is Ye-San and it is where my dad is from, too. Every time when I visited to see her in the place, I could see that there are only old people left in the village. All of their children have left the place but only the local villagers still reside in the area. Some houses are just abandoned but my grand mother is still living there just because she wants to live there. Fortunately, my uncle is looking after her right after her house.

People don't want to live in the rural area. I think this is a typical symptom of our generation. For the purpose of better education, access to the better infrastructure, and high income, people tend to choose to live in a big city despite of the high price of housing and living-expense.

It is really a good point.
There are places left over. It may happen to every where in the world. There is a fancy and big city but there are always places left over and abandoned by people. The fact is that there are still some living there unfortunately.

Now, the question comes to here.
How do we have to manage those places in terms of urban planning and development. It will be very difficult if people don't want to live there and if the place is already abandoned. Who is going to invest money there?

You are a pure talent, amazing pics. Good job :)

Thanks for sharing this awesome story @slowwalker ! it has such a positive ending making me happy as well that most places are now empty and that the work of ancestors and parents was not for nothing and really paid off for future generations to move on into better lives ! Great photos that really shows what it was like to live there . Upped and resteemed !!👍👍👍😀

It's so terrible. Very sorry for those residents. Now I will be thinking for a long time and I will be sad.

a very beautiful photo of friends in every life there must be their respective beauty.

Respect to that rich man who are helps the poor by feed. Honestly all of the poor man in Mokpo City obviously want this kind of help from Rich man @slowwalker

I hope all the houses in the barley village become empty and there is no such thing as a poor village.
I like your post

Never been to Korea before, but through these photos. I feel mysel as if I’m having the trip. Thank you.

Those pictures are amazing.

Great post man. Keep it up and keep sharing with us .

노후화 된 건물들이 눈에 생각보다 많이 들어와서 마음이 안쓰럽습니다. 일제 강점기 시절 강제적으로 이주해서, 힘들고 고단한 삶을 살았을 그들의 모습이 그려집니다. 어렵고 힘든 환경이 더 나은 삶을 위한 동기가 되기도 하지만, 기본적인 수준의 의료, 교육이 지원되고, 일자리가 늘어나서 균형적인 발전이 있었으면 합니다.

Maybe few years from now, this village will be like a ghost town since more people are finding their way out of poverty. Thankyou for sharing this. It is informative.

What a reminder to all of us how good we truly have it. We take all our basic amenities for granted!

Beautifully photographed @slowwalker!

This sort of looks like some places in El Salvador where its really hard for people to come out of poverty and the school is the way out.
But even though these people don't have much, I have never seen happier people and that is really what matters.

lovely photos !
I want more of them:)

A wonderful story about barley. I never knew that this food was for the poor. By the way, I really like pearl gruel. Your photos hurt my heart. And the story a little saddened me. I'm sorry that many fishermen died trying to catch fish. But I rejoice with you that many places are empty. I will pray for those people who stayed there. I wish them to leave their poor homes sooner and that they become happier than now. How could I help them? I dont know. I am very far, unfortunately.

Hallo my friend @slowwalker
Your post is very good ...
I like it ...

If you do not mind upvote my posting also:

Very interesting your story. I am so grateful. I am from Venezuela and the situation here isn't easy but we have to continue with a lot of effort and motivation. I love your photos, they have a very good quality.

Everytime your post is very interesting @slowwalker.

Mokpo is one of the beautiful city of south korea.This city also promote tourism which is a good sign!

Wooow I never realized that The Village of the Poor in Mokpo City existed in a cutting edge rich South Korea..on, the other hand, they have a lovely scene and am certain riches, will contact them soon because of the accomplishments of South Korea...hopefully the North will be free sooner than later.

This kind of photos remind me of my childhood days when I use to live in village with my grand parents, when I was care free and always happy :)

This place made me nostalgic :) Thank you poster.

Nice post! GZ

great photography dear


Wow!!! Thanks @slowwalker for sharing. Amazing images. A picture says a thousand words! It just brings to live the disproportionate nature of wealth distribution, which by the way happens in every part of the world whether developed like South Korea or a Third world country. These images contrast them very well, where on the one side there is so much affluence, development and order, while just a few steps away, you enter into another world of sprawling nature and almost-no-hope. That is life though. Thank you once again for sharing.

Very very sad

amazing photos
can i get an upvote from u and your friends

Breathtaking elucidation and awesome photography, being here in india i can imagine abt that place so lucid and clear explanations

We have a proverb in Ukraine: "Why is a man poor? For it is stupid, and why is he stupid, because it is poor" This demonstrates that it is very difficult to break out of the closed circle of poverty, because in order to obtain education, very often money is needed. But truly talented people can always break this enchanted circle.

well... that was pretty sad to read. I hope the world would get a better place soon...

I like your posts @slowwalker. Interesting documentary style with great images. I've just posted some large format black and white (mostly) images of the Hebrides in North West Great Britain...keep up the good work. I need to visit South Korea after seeing your posts...thanks PJ