At the Entrance Gate of Muryang-sa Temple in Buyeo city

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Next place I’d like to visit after Beopjoo-sa temple was Muryang-sa temple located in Buyeo which had been the capital of Baekjae dynasty more than 1400 years ago.
The main reason I’d like to stop by was for looking around the main hall of this temple.
As I posted in previous, the hall for Maitreya of Muryang-sa temple was considered one of the 3 great buddhist halls in Korea.

Muryang-sa temple was located far from the down town of Buyeo city. It took about 1 hour to get there from Buyeo city.
As soon as parking my car, I walked to the temple.
Not like other temples, the road to the temple was not so long.

From the parking lot, I could see the entrance gate of the one pillar.
In my thought, this one pillar gate must the one of the best entrance gate among the gates I have ever seen.



Its pillars were thick and old.




The plants were growing over the roof of the gate.


There was hung another name at the opposite side of the gate.
The name of the gate was Gwangmyeong-moon which meant “The Great Light Gate”.
People can see the name of 'Gwangmyeong-moon' when they go out from the temple.
Maybe it was a first time for me to see those case at this gate


There was a small stream along the road to the temple passing by the entrance gate.



It was so wonderful.
I entered into the temple with peaceful mind seeing this old one pillar gate.

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Nature around the temple is so wonderful! Specially the stream! I wish to see more great photography of this temple! One day I will visit Korea and will visit few of these wonderful temples! Coz this is what we so called as the route of Civilization and the mysterious of our ancestors!


Awesome photography📷, my dear lovely friend,@slowwalker...💕 very, very beautiful nature..& love you 💞💞💞💞😍

I love you too my dear friend 💞💞💕💕💕

@slowwalker, Around the environment of Muryang-sa temple's very peaceful and cool. With green coloring tree shades not feel tired looks. Entrance gate there, feel same looks like previous once. Pillars looks so oldest. But having better historical looks without innovation. Beautiful photo clicks.

Excellent post & wonderful photoshoot-😱😱😱😱

The Stream looks so Peaceful as it runs by the Gate of the Temple.........@slowwalker

Que hermoso, me gustaria viajar por el mundo y conocer culturas. esa puerta es impresionante, gran fotografía

yes that causes visit it @slowwalker it looks very beautiful

the view of the temple is very beautiful and I want to see this temple with my 2 eyes

The way these places were made in midst of the nature and with so much intricate art work really amazes. The Gate still looks grand, wonder what beauty it must have hold in those times

The colours and patterns around the top of the gate are quite intricate, they are very beautiful and it is amazing how vibrant the colours have remained despite the age of the gateway.

It is definitely a sight to behold with wonder, I can see why it would set your mind perfectly for visiting the temple.

You really do wonder how it stands with such a big roof and such small legs.

That is a great entrance gate! Ancient builds are build to last!

The temple looks peaceful with fresh nature.

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Thanks again for sharing your photographs.

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At the Entrance Gate of Muryang-sa Temple in Buyeo city. #STEEM #steemtalent #JoinSteemit #Steemit @Steemit

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Looking like hut

Very beautiful creek. I do not know why, but I liked it the most. It is very nice that the old columns and the roof of the gate did not want to change to something new. It is in this form, a bit beaten colons and a plant on the roof, these gates look sincere and warm.

Очень красивый ручей. Не знаю почему, но мне он понравился больше всего. Очень приятно, что старые колоны и крышу ворот не захотели сменить на что-то новое. Именно в таком виде, немного побитые колоны и растение на крыше, эти ворота выглядят душевно и тепло.

ancient temple , the pic ture about the grass growing over the temple is wonderful .

The nature touch there makes it even more interesting than ever so nice it makes me happy :)

Damn it that’s great!
Great lesson in history and architecture! Love this combo.
Hugs to ya

무량사 초딩때 수학여행으로 간기억이 나네요ㅎㅎ

What a beauty! You are a happy person as you travel to so many places. Maybe I will have an opportunity and travel to many countries one day too. )

Wonderful pictures as always, I wish you a nice day)

Whoa! The temple looks so serene. The sounds coming from the river will calm your nerves for sure and you'll be able to meditate peacefully. By the way, you have a set of well captured photos.

@slowwalker I've lost your last publications, because I did not have internet 😭.
Yes, the door is very beautiful is all the wood, those are many years but still have not seen the details that it has on the roof are cute! The plants grew by the wood and the passage of the years.
The environment looks very fresh and more with the stream and all the trees must be a very pleasant environment that's why you enjoyed the view and entered the temple so serene .

The gate is indeed a very interesting picture you took ❤ wonderful architecture.
Asian architectural styles are very detailed and colorful. ❤ Muryang-sa Temple were so awesome, i love the nature photography, very beautiful colors and atmosphere. great work slowwalker.