Ancient Tombs of BaekJae Kingdom in Neungsan-ri near Booyeo, Korea

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I headed for Booyeo city with some despair on my latest tour for finding out traces Baekjae dynasty in the old temples.
The reason I headed for Booyeo city was just walking around this last capital of BaekJae dynasty.
On the way to Booyeo city, I dropped by the Neungsan-ri BaekJae Tomb area.

It was really nice weather when I dropped by.


There existed 7 tombs of Kings family, but all of tombs were stollen under the Japanese Imperial rule.
Most of the relics in the tombs seemed to be transferred to Japan.

There were nothing special when I entered into the tombs area.
Only 7 tombs were scattered. The only one tomb’s entrance was opened but the iron door were locked to protect the paintings inside. Even though everything was stollen, they could not steal the paintings on the wall.



But it was so sorry we could not see those paintings.

While walking among the bombs, I found 2 tombs which seemed to be made lately.
Those tombs were the last King of BaekJae dynasty and his son.
The last king’s name was ‘Uija’
People in this area made the tomb for the last king who died in China after the collapse of the Kingdom.


There was nothing in the tomb. They were buried in China

But people still have remembered the dynasty had existed in this area for more than 1500 years.

As passing through the tombs for the last king and the prince, I found small tomb. Its’ entrance was opened.



They opened the entrance of this tomb to show the style and the progress of making tombs in BaekJae dynasty.


I looked inside though, there was nothing special for me to attract my attention.
Only a small clover made me think the meaning of our lives.


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They resemble incredibly at the Etruscan tombs of Cerveteri, near Rome

You like Asia a lot, right? Guess you could be a good tour guide - so much you have seen already... 😊 @peekbit

Well maintained, waiting for other interesting posts....

It's a really unfair thing that Japanese Empire stolen those tombs! Anyway, I like that last image! Yeah it means the life, no matter who we are, we all must go into one place and again we all might be here!
Great photography and great travel of yours through Korean Peninsula!


These are beautiful shots taken by you!!! Thank for bringing new places and share your experience in your journey with us!

Post Shot is most my favorite, however, you are very correct with your thoughts after looking inside that tump, and found none, that call for everyone attention most! From dust we were made, and we shall return back to dust from your story this place has been in existence for decade of years, historically, but we still read about those hero of the past, their deeds either of good or bad, those hero are no more, but their deeds still remains with us! That call for our a attention!!!

Thanks for share.

wow ... well-maintained and clean tomb, I like it @slowwalker

Awesome photos!

Yes quite nice weather! I thought first it was cute hills, but then they are the tombs actually

Well i have to say that you travel a lot and iam suprised to see that almost each day you bring a new place for us to explore, thanks a lot for your hardwork and dedication @slowwalker.

Existe mucha historia en esas tumbas de la dinastia BaekJae @slowwalker. Solamente al ver las entradas se pueden observar que fuerón muy importantes en la historia no solo de Korea sino de Japón también

Very intrsting post mate !!

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Great story. Thank you for the journey in which you took us with you. I was very touched by the phrase about clover. I know little about Buddhism, but, like, Buddhism preaches the rebirth of all living things. Perhaps this clover is the current reincarnation of some beautiful girl from the past, clover is painfully beautiful. If I made a mistake about Buddhism, forgive me.

Отличный рассказ. Спасибо за путешествие, в которое Вы взяли нас с собой. Меня очень задела фраза о клевере. Я мало знаю о буддизме, но, вроде, буддизм проповедует перерождения всего живого. Возможно этот клевер нынешняя реинкарнация какой-то красивой девушки из прошлого, уж больно он красивый. Если я ошибся по поводу буддизма, простите.

How beautiful the tombs do not look like they were tombs, it looks so amazing

왕릉과 하늘이
무척 조화롭네요~^^

"I looked inside though, there was nothing special for me to attract my attention.
Only a small clover made me think the meaning of our lives."

Too bad there were no 4-clovers. At least where I come from we used as kids to say it brings luck:)
Although it might seem a bit dry, I love dynasties. Used to play a game where it was all about that and made me really look into the history of China(or Ming back then), Japan and Korea.

What are you doing in Korea by the way?

Reply: Ancient Tombs of the Baek Jae Kingdom in Neungsan-RI near Boyer, Korea

Its good to see you that you engage people on one point socially.
Every Nation have its own Culture. Tombs, Heritages presents Legacy of the Nation in the history.
Baekje was a kingdom located in southwest Korea, One of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, together with Goguryeo and Silla.
Baekje was founded by Onjo.

Stunning area! the best and maximum beautiful things inside the global cannot be seen or maybe touched- they have to be felt with the coronary heart. the vicinity is incredible, and the photos are the first rate.

thanks for your sharing .

Wow, Wow, Wow!tcreative and all around amazing, upvoted for being original!

it's the place you can locate the great custom and wonderful ... In July, and August a large number of lotus blossom line up for Seodong Lotus Flower Festival. your pictures are told the beauty of story.

The 1st image was indeed one of the best scene by the way :)

Seems like the memories are still alive after all

While thanks for the tour buddy

This is fascinating.

Wow nice photo

Wow... wonderful nature photography. thank @ slowwalker