5 Story Stone Pagoda of Jeongleem-sa Temple Ruins in Booyeo city, Korea

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In this posting, I’d like to introduce the relics of Baekjae Dynasty. What I’d like to visit is a 5 story stone pagoda in Booyeo city where was the last capital of Baekjae Dynasty.

It is believed the place where the stone pagoda was located in was Buddhist temple in the name of Jeongleem-sa.


The style and the form of the pagoda might’ve gave me some kinds of imagination on the culture of BakJae Kingdom.

It was very hot and sunny day when I dropped by the pagoda.
At the entrance to the pagoda, there was a small pond. Looking into that pond, there were small fishes following me for something to eat.
Tourists were throwing the pieces of bread.


The stone pagoda was really great. It seemed like that this pagoda was made after the wooden pagoda.
The style of this stone pagoda showed us that the first pagodas had been made up with the wooden parts prior to the stone pagodas.




The end of the roofs in every story was slightly raised upward. Scholars told that was the one of the evidence that the stone pagoda was evolved from the wooden pagoda.
It seemed that the craft of mason’s was developed than before.





The masons seemed to try to reproduce the wooden pagoda with the stone.
The size of the stone pagoda also showed that it was influenced by the wooden pagoda.

The stone pagoda in Jeongleem-sa temple and the stone 3 story pagoda in Bulkook-sa temple in Shilla dynasty seemed worth while to compare to each other.

It seemed that the stone pagoda(Seokga tap) in Bukook-sa temple seemed to be made lately than the 5 story stone pagoda in Buyoe city.


One thing interesting for me was the ratio of the width of the pagoda in BaekJae dynasty. It seemed wider than that of other pagodas in late era.

The width of the pagoda looked very similar to the Architectures of BaekJae Kingdome.
We could not see the architectures of BaekJae dynasty nowadays, but the museum of Buyeo was built 금 the style of BaekaJae dynasty architecture.

It means that the stone 5 story pagoda in Jeongleem-sa place could be considered as the original model of the BaekJae Architecture.

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Some interesting cultural exposure.
So nice been exposed to other culture
Thanks for impacting knowledge as always


Thank you for reading

That stone pagodas are still elegant-looking @slowwalker I wonder why they only build relatively small ones just like those big Pagodas that are mostly made of wood.

Puras bellezas arquitectónicas tienen allá en Korea @slowwalker

what beautiful art, everything that can be done with stones is great and you have to have a lot of creativity is really beautiful

a very remarkable post about the stone pagoda at the temple.


Thank you


yes thank you for responding too

Korea is always a beautiful place. I've gone but stuck to city life and didn't really get to appreciate nature and their temples as much.

@slowwalker, Jeongleem-sa Buddhist temple located very impressive environment. But I see various look from this than previous. Around the temple seems more buildings. It mean there is a not only silence area. Less tree shades also indeed. More fish module have in small pond. I'm wondering to see those The stone pagoda. It was Koreans proud of the architecture. Step by step nicely built by masons. Architectures of BaekJae Kingdom already showed greatest architecture. Brilliant photo clicks. Triple gem bless you.


Thank you so much

As the architect would have done to keep it in place, since it has a great height and the stones are very large and heavy, he was a great architect!
maybe they took it as a reference for the other stone pagoda @slowwalker

I think this is the first time I have seen such huge Pagoda in your travel articles! This one seems bigger and well finished than your previous pagoda visits! Nice photography and a description! Really appreciate your effort of sharing those details!



Thank you so much for your compliment

I've always wanted to visit Buyeo.

It always amazes me how they managed to move these huge stones with just human power. The Baekjae Dynasty sounds like a fascinating period.

You've captured the details wonderfully, and the explanation itself makes it even more interesting. Thank you for the post, regards

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Each Pagoda, in its own way, is beautiful. I do not particularly understand what the Pagoda means as a historical memo. I will make my guess if I'm wrong, please correct me. The pagoda is a historical reminder, which is the embodiment of the architectural preferences of a dynasty. If I compare all the Pagodas, I, most of all, liked the latter.

Каждая Пагода, по-своему, красива. Я не особо понимаю в том, что означает Пагода как историческая памятка. Я выскажу свое предположение, если я не прав, пожалуйста, поправьте меня. Пагода это историческая памятка, которая является воплощением архитектурных предпочтений той или иной династии. Если сравнивать все Пагоды, мне, больше всего понравилась последняя.


Actually it means Buddha


Thank you for explaining. Pagoda = Buddha. Do I understand correctly?

Hi And thank you that you make time and look my post :)
I try also come more here back :)


hahaha thank you so much


you are welcome :)

I love these photos. They are so beautiful. I love how you described the places. And I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks and I'd like you to know your generosity is appreciated.
Have a beautiful day!

@slowwalker I really Love the Pagoda Posting that you are showing us here. I am so fascinated with the Architecture and it is Amazing how these Stone Pagodas could have been built. Just wonderful things that I would enjoy seeing in person one day...........................

Wow I love to know more history about everything in Korea.
Wish I could be there...

as usual great.

I realize that you just have such beautiful things that here in the US I will never get a chance to experience. But at least I can come on here and live vicariously through you ;) Thanks @slowwalker for sharing