Diving At The "Vision of Guadalupe" in Acapulco, Mexico!

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This is actually one of the very first videos I took on my very first GoPro!
At Anarchapulco 2016, we went on a snorkeling adventure in the main Acapulco Bay. Locals pitched us on the experience and took us out on their boat for a couple pesos.

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I made the best of some pretty poor footage! LOL I hope you enjoy the video! And if you are ever in Acapulco (highly recommended and safe area) ask someone to take you diving at the Vision of Guadalupe! (also called the Virgin of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Guadalupe)

Watch this video on YouTube:

Music via NoCopyrightSounds: http://bit.ly/2HkRM35

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Hi Will,
Hope to meet you and others when I get back to Aca.
Save some beer for me ;)

0:40 to 1:05
Like a boss..............chilled out and enjoying.
I know there is no diving durin that time frame of the video but I say it's the best part. You can see the guys enjoying the hell out of the vacation.

Great photo diving. @slickwilly

Nice photo diving @slickwilly. Very good ocean

@slickwily how are you brother!

Looks like that was a great time when you dive into the water.

Nice video... Which part of that trip was your favourite? the boat or the dive?

It looks like ultimate fun and I must say your GoPro has got awesome skills. Thanks for sharing.

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this is really amazing and fascinating video i watched today so interesting :D

Awesome video. Makes me want to swim. I was snorkeling in Hawaii. Was in Vietnam. You make me wanna swim even more. I'm Oatmeal. Thanks for sharing.