A Local Beijing Man Playing The Erhu

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While on a tour across China, a local Beijing man played us a song on the erhu, an ancient two-stringed bowed musical instrument. It is also called the Chinese two-stringed fiddle.

The man also showed us a great deal of hospitality by cooking our group an authentic Chinese meal.
Read more on the experience here: https://steemit.com/travel/@slickwilly/eating-dinner-with-a-chinese-family-in-beijing-or-highlights-of-traveling-china

In the video, you can also see the Bell Tower of Beijing, which holds a 63-ton copper bell, the biggest in all of China. You can read more on the bell tower here: https://steemit.com/travel/@slickwilly/the-bell-tower-of-beijing-or-highlights-of-traveling-china

Youtube Version:

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Local but exotic music and cuisine :D - what's not to love here?

BTW I remember the post about the bell tower (it was a short and sweet one) but I think I missed the other post.

Nice. Heart touching. Slow and beautiful. I enjoyed it.

He is playing such a peaceful sound.thnks for sharing your beautiful memories with us.

Is this the same man you had dinner with?
China is well known for marcial arts, this is looking like expert in erhu.

I enjoyed it.

I have never heard of a Chinese two-stringed fiddle, very cool and Interesting!!!

A unique local playing, you find the experience of the local people, and you share it to us, it is very interesting.

Cool... It's cool to be kind
But what kind of instrument has only two strings, what about do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do
How does it make melody?

Just amazing picture. Lovely photo. Thnx for sharing. upvoted!

Very interesting to check that out so beautifully done thanks for sharing that

ErHu (二胡)is one of the traditional Chinese musical that I love .. it has that really melancholic feel ..

Not sure if any of the younger Chinese ErHu players have attempted to do something like how the YouTube duo "2cellos" have done .. thought it will be really cool if someone could attempt a Justin Beiber on Erhu! Haha