A trip to the Mystical Land of 'Art of Living'

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The Art of Living Foundation is a fantastic place to visit for those who are interested to spend time with nature , learn about meditation or just have a nice walk to clear the mind. I visited Bangalore a couple days ago and I had to visit this place. The sheer size of the Foundation took me by surprise.

I went with my friends and had a great time ,these are some of the photos that were taken.
We took a free meditation class , ate traditional food and had a great time. Sometimes all it takes have a good time is to travel and eat good.

These are some of the photos , that I wanted to share :)




The architecture of all the buildings was very interesting. Few people were practising Tai chi , some were meditating on this roof. The whole atmosphere was extremely energetic and calm.


So this was a small glimpse into my visit to Bangalore and this should give you a little idea about the importance of yoga in India.

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