Musicians Get Inspired by Anything & Everything

in travel •  9 months ago

One of the strangest things about being a creative is the unexpected inspiration from the strangest of things.

I've heard and seem musos get inspired by pots, pans, plastic cups... heck, Timbaland got inspire by a baby Cooing for one of Aaliyah's classics "Are You That Somebody". For me, anything that is repetitive gets my creative juices flowing.

While I was in Germany I used the train system all the time. Other than the amazing punctuality, the sounds while in the train would send my brain into overdrive. It was a soundtrack in my head which was layered with murmurs of German, constant percussion from the train tracks and an occasional hype-man announcing the next bus stop.

To cut a long story short, I was going through some footage of my last trip and that ignited some inspiration. The video below is a breakdown of what this particular train ride inspired.

I hope you enjoy!

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Well this is cool. Thanks!