Truly a world heritage site

in #travel4 years ago

The old town of Prague is registered as a world heritage, tourists visit from all over the world. It is the most crowded in Prague. The building and the atmosphere are the Prague. There are countless souvenirs and restaurants nearby, I think that visits will be made several times when staying. By all means, Czech beer with an open cafe!



Prague as a whole looks like a city that stopped in time in the middle ages and this makes the whole city very cool! Old Town is like the central square of the old plague, where everything happened. Of course, in the old part of the city, away from the Charles Bridge, there are many guests in the narrow streets. But if you walk a bit off the beaten path, you will see a clean city with incredibly beautiful houses. The Prague population is very nice and helpful. Will definitely come back.


Thank you for the post. I just love this country!

Very nice post

Congratulation! Truly a world heritage site is very nice

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