The old town alone is worth a city trip

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The old town is easily accessible by metro or tram, it all takes place in the vicinity of the Vltava. The fact that the old town of Prague was largely spared by the bombs of the World War, the old buildings are very well preserved. Starting from Wenceslas Square, you can visit the old town in all directions. In all streets, alleys or squares are historical buildings and gastronomic places. The shopping is not too short here. On the Vltava there are recommendable restaurant's such as the "Marina Grosseto Ristorante", which is a ship and has created on the shore.



Prague is a beautiful city. Wonderful monuments, streets, great people. Everything can be visited by walking. Low prices. Great pubs with good and cheap food and also Czech beer - a revelation! The whole surroundings of the square is very beautiful. Seeing the cathedral at night is something magnificent. There are many bars and restaurants in the area and sit down to have a drink and enjoy the surroundings is truly very nice.


I have planned to visit this mysterious city couple of times and failed in timing! your post encourages me to do it again ;) let's cross fingers :D

Oh man! Thanks a lot. I wish You should be go here as soon.

very nice ill like to go there

Thank you for visiting my blog.

hopefully, i can visit that place someday. very beautiful.

I wish you can do it.

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