Prague Old Town - a fairytale

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We spent our Easter weekend in Prague. So much of a variety of architecture and history in a concentrated area we had never experienced before. The old town with its many churches, towers, buildings, castles, bridges, views and much more is definitely worth a visit. If you can take the time, we recommend a good 3 days minimum. The city has many stories and many people like to give information. It is also very easy to walk the entire old town on foot even with halfway fitness. Of course, you can also use various tour buses, trams, metro, carriages, etc. to support. Also, one should not forget the variety of any markets (Easter, Christmas). Furthermore, Prague is certainly no place for Kostverächter. The abundant Bohemian cuisine offers all sorts of goodies here. Of course, it is to be expected that such a variety of attractions also awaits entries. But in most cases it is absolutely worth it! To watch out: Taxi --- 1. you should explore the price before boarding the driver. There are obviously significant differences here. 2nd should according to good tips, within the center / the old town no taxi ride more than a maximum of 250 crowns cost. Restaurants - Payment with Euro: apparently it is the local / restaurant owners free to handle in terms of payment with euros its own exchange rate. Since it may happen that one then per euro instead of official exchange rate, for example, 24.60 only 21 crowns are expected. All in all but definitely worth a visit! Attention: you should "get lost" on the Charles Bridge to the statue of St. Nepomuk. It is said, if you touch the golden dog on the statue, you will eventually return there again. If you touch the golden lady, all wishes should come true! Have a good time!




Nice post.m

Thank you brother.

Great Pics! I visited Prague with a buddy of mine several years back and this post reminded me of that time. I started going through my old photos and remembered the good times I had.

I put together a set of photos a long time ago after the trip before steemit was a thing, but I'll have to go through it again and post something. Thanks for inspiring me!

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

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