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The place is simply fantastically beautiful, many cafes and people, of course, too, we are delighted with the tower, as if in a fairy tale, musicians play in the evening, there are souvenir shops nearby! View all !!) 👋😉
This is definitely the place to be seen in Prague. With the Tin Church on one side and the nostalgic texture of the old clock tower and the old buildings on the other side, this challenge unwittingly made me feel once more in the film of Harry Potter. The width of the square, the beauty of the buildings and the cafes were really good. The famous astronomical clock is in this square. Although there is not a very showy show, you can watch the hour-by-hour show, but I advise you to pay attention to your bag and your pocket in such crowd.



Beautiful to see, there are many years of history. There is always much interest in the tolling of the bells of the famous clock tower, every hour under it there is full of tourists who want to hear the toll of the bell. The view from the tower is very beautiful. Very large square, with the Church of Santa Maria di Týn dominating it from above. Superb!


Seeing your photoes i m becoming a big fan of prague now

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The scenery is amazing!

This tower is amazing.I get so much information from your trip.Thanks a lot.

Muy buenas fotos. Gracias por mostrarme una parte del mundo desde tu perspectiva única. Saludos desde Venezuela

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