It is definitely worth hanging

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Life here rages from morning till late at night and the scenery is constantly changing. The big stage with the orchestra, the show of the faerists, the pianist, the jazz musicians. You can buy Prague sausage and a trudnik (by the way, the usual puff is nothing special). Order a carriage, climb the tower. If I had an extra day in Prague, I would try to spend it on the square, yes, all day, and I do not think it would be boring. Here you can join the free excursion in English But still guides are accepted to thank, but only based on whether you liked it or not, and how much.
City rich in history and beauty. It is worth visiting the astronomical clock tower and the city's largest castle. Also the oldest synagogue in the world and, if you are lucky, have the pleasure of being received by the most charming old lady in Europe.



beautiful city to walk walking to its time and spectacular night views that surprise the traveler at every step.


your picture is really beautiful

Really, Heart touching lines and the photo is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

You are most welcome buddy.


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Bro magnificent wrote and marvelous pictures,.. thank you for traveling and collection pic.. thank you for sharing with

I loved this place . beautiful!

Great photo! Have a great weekend.

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wow such a so beauty full picture and nice photography work and yuor line are awesome. great job

Good history and beauty about this city. Travel increases confidence, travel leads to knowledge. So travel and learn more.

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