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The historic center of Prague (Stare Mesto) is characterized by cleanliness, order and good state of conservation of all the built heritage. Getting lost in the narrow streets of the old town is a pleasure, because they are all very characteristic and full of bars, shops, but also nice shops; not to mention the buildings that are all well preserved and colored mainly with pastel colors, which make the whole even more a dive into the past. The visit culminates when you open the main square where you can admire the fantastic clock tower, the town hall, the Tyn basilica, St. Nicholas and all the historical buildings that surround it. In the same square it is easy to come across traditional music shows and in the stalls that serve those delicious treats called "Trdlo" to be tasted perfectly. To all this it is fair to add that we have got to shoot at any time of day and night in absolute safety (which should not be underestimated) even if it is always good to have your eyes open!! In short, a jewel set in the old Europe absolutely not to be missed.



We stayed for a week near the Old Town Square, passing through it and the hoards of students several times a day. I'm not sure what the attraction was, but the crowds in the square and on Charles Bridge rival those I've seen anywhere - including in St. Mark's in Venice. Tacky souvenir shops dominate the retail scene. Beware of pickpockets and scam artists who offer high exchange rates on the streets outside the official exchange bureaus. I've never stayed in a hotel with so much street noise and we were several blocks off the square. Be sure to have a detailed map with you. It's pretty crowded, especially around the astronomical clock, but we were lucky to be there during a spring festival. And so the square was filled with vendors selling food, jewelry, etc. One of the churches that soars above this square looks like something out of a Disney movie. The square is a not-to-be-missed site in Prague.Take note: If you eat or have coffee at one of the restaurants surrounding the square, just know that you will pay prices that are a lot higher than anywhere else. But the location is great, so don't sweat it. Tyn Cathedral is a charm, especially at night when the two towers are lit by a warm orange light. Worthy of note is the Radnice, the old town hall of the Old Town and its famous astronomical clock. All the buildings around the square are very beautiful and deserve to be observed. In the square there is also the Monument to Jana Husa (Jan Huss), but in my opinion it is the least interesting area.




The truth is that the place is beautiful, full of food stalls and very attractive souvenirs for tourists like me. The thing is that if you want to see the astronomical clock in an hour (which is when it moves) you can already camp there an hour before, because it fills up like the door of the sun in New Year's Eve! Also if it rains, people will throw you with the umbrella, but hey, that happens everywhere, right? For the rest, it is worthwhile to walk around there.


Great Photography Thank you very much for sharing with us Happy Days.

Thank you brother.

Prague is such a nie town.

and did you taste the local beers they have??

Yap! Always taste it!

very nice photography

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