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Absolutely a business card for Prague, it is suitable for you to leave the first impression of the city, and then conduct more in-depth visits. Have the opportunity to stay for a few more days, feel different light and shadow changes in the square, clear skies, rainy nights, people coming and going, is a generous gift to the visitors in the Old Town Square.


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looks like a really lovely city, I had a look back on a few other picture and posts too.

I see you are here on steemit a few months now, just had a look around your account. I know when people start here they get a few welcome messages, but after that, if you have not joined a community you can easily get lost in the sea of posts. How are you getting on here on steemit anyway?

I’m doing a little bit of outreach this week with those that have been here a few months and have had some time to get a feel for the place. Would love to know your thoughts so far? Is there anything I can help you with or questions I can answer for you?

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Thank you very much for give me important information & also thanks a lot for visiting my blog.


you are most welcome


Very nice photo.

Old Town Square is a nice place and travelers like it too much. I like it, too. The image you have posted is an awesome one. Nice photography. I want feel different light and shadow changes in the square, rainy nights and clear skies.