📷 An unusual art object in the Krasnodar Park (22 photo)

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Have a nice day! Something unusual and fascinating appeared in our Krasnodar park, of course, I did not pass by and photographed this unusual art object, of course you will not often be able to see this. I hope that you will be interested?

A new art object was built in the park last year and is called "Artificial Environment".

However, for the full picture, it is recommended to download the Recycle Group application for iOS or Android to see augmented reality. Then look up and of course to the sides above the exposure through the camera of the application, but the photo does not transmit this. Although perhaps this is for the best, or else you would be like me at a loss for a while :-)

Because this composition is a multi-figure bas-relief made of plastic mesh.

Well , the idea of the work lies in the question: how to explain to an artificial mind what a game is, and is it possible to convey to the machine the feelings of a person involved in the game? It would seem that the task is not easy.

I just didn't immediately figure out where the game was, and what kind? Maybe looking at my photos will reveal something to you?

All the figures are arranged in a circle. They are like some fictional characters who painstakingly collect knowledge around the world. Then they upload them to servers and interact with a machine that interprets the concept of the word "game" in its own way, making its creator part of the new digital world...

Although you won't understand much without a guide, but you can wander around :-)

The whole composition is made in white, it's like everything merges into one spot. Although in the evening all the figures are illuminated, music is playing, but for some reason it seemed even more uncomfortable to me.

It seemed that someone was watching you closely and thoroughly studying your emotions, facial expressions, gestures, feelings...

And here, in general, everyone was with such frames. I thought they were paintings, but...

I wonder if you can figure out what the artists really wanted to show?

So I looked at it for a while that I didn't even notice how evening came. And all these faces seemed to be looking at you.

I must say it's a very unpleasant feeling. It seemed that they were all unhappy with our attention or even presence. It is possible that this was intended, I do not know...

Then I saw this. What does that remind you of?

To be honest, our audience is not ready for such art yet. Although the young people looked at all this even with interest. There was also one guy who made sketches with a simple pencil (probably the artist liked someone's relaxed or conversely concentrated pose).

But in the very center of this composition there is a huge bright dome with an unusual tree.

He was carefully sheltered behind glass for the winter, so as not to freeze. A small tree was hidden inside.

Have you guessed what it is? So I didn't find out either. It turns out that now our park has its own chorizia (a bottle tree from South America).

Chorizia or ceiba magnificent from the Malvaceae family. Its trunk is covered with tough thorns.

A characteristic feature of this outlandish plant is the unusual bloated shape of the trunk. During the rainy period, the tree accumulates water and gradually takes the form of a "bottle", which is why it is also called a bottle tree.

If the World Championship for the number of names among trees was held somewhere, then ceiba could well claim victory. It is also called cotton tree, cotton tree or silk fiber tree...

And so it will soon bloom, although the life of its flowers is short, only 1 day...

See how it looks without a dome and in the daytime (video from the Internet).

Although it wouldn't be possible to see anything in the sun here, because everything is so white, and in some places even inverted :-)

What was the meaning of the artists, for me it is still a mystery.

I am proud that I understood only a few of the bas-reliefs, and even then I am not sure what is true :-)

Thank you for Your attention and visit.
I appreciate Your feedback and comments.
I wish you luck and have a nice day!
Best wishes!

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