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RE: The Luxurious Island Resort and Waterpark In The City

in #travel10 months ago

Hi @naojakyl

It's been a while since you were active on the platform, so it seems.
I was wondering if you were still here.
In order to keep the Steem Power delegation, I ask for two things:

  • be active on the platform: publish a quality post regularly (at least once or twice a week should be doable) and engage with the community
  • power up your earnings instead of cashing them out.

Since it has been 12 days since your last post, and 13 days since your last comment, I will be retracting my delegation if I haven't heard from you by Friday. That way, the Steem Power doesn't stay unused, and I can use it to help out another newcomer.

I hope you're still around.


@naojakyl, I haven't heard from you... I truly hope you will return. You started off so great.
For now, I'll be reatracting my delegation, so I can use the SP to help.out someone else in need.
If you are ready to become more active, please drop me a note, and you'll get your delegation again.
It would be such a shame if you would have left...