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I flew from Kansas City Kansas united states of america to Susie on Paraguay in South America for only six dollars and eighty-five cents currently in the middle of Argentina and a small little town so if there's if you hear roosters or dogs I apologize the secret to getting flights for uber jeep is you need a lot of frequent flyer miles

Hi I'm because you don't actually have to fly a lot to get a lot of miles these are credit cards actually some of those are debit cards but I thought it looked cooler with more guards so anyway these are credit cards by using these wisely you can harness their power and get practically free flights across the globe without going into debt in six months i went from having zero frequent flyer miles to having over a hundred thousand and I didn't fly once during the whole time.

Whenever you set up for a credit card there's almost always some sort of sign up bonus some initiative to get you to sign up and get their card we want the cards that offer you miles whenever you sign up the most important thing to look at whenever you're going to get a credit card is what's called the minimum spin what a minimum spend is you have a certain amount of time to spend a certain amount of money or you don't get the sign-up bonus so if the sign up bonus is 40,000 miles and you have to spend say two thousand dollars in 90 days.

if you do not Spain two thousand dollars on that credit card within those 90 days you do not get those 40,000 miles and it's very very important because you can only use a sign up bonus for almost all cars you can only use them once per person per lifetime so if you screw up and you don't get the minimum spin you've just wasted 40,000 miles or however many the bonus was so it's very very important that you know if you can meet the minimum spend or not if you can't meet the minimum spend don't get the car the way you know if you're gonna be able to meet the minimum spend or not is you need to look at how much you spend per month on regular things that's food gasoline gym memberships you need to add all those up per month and figure out how much you spend they need to be things that you will be able to put on a credit card so typically rent mortgages car payments can't be put on a credit card sometimes, it can but normally they can't so you need to look at the things that you could put on a credit card you add all those things up and you now know how much you spend per month the other easy way to hit a minimum spend is if you've got a big purchase coming up that you'll be able to put on a credit card say like a new camera a TV like new tires for the car or something like that that you'll pay off completely but it's big enough that if you put it on a card you can basically meet the minimum spend already that being said do not going by things just to meet a minimum spend

If you're spending extra money to meet a minimum spend your defeating the whole purpose of using credit cards to get miles because the whole point is to use this system that the credit card companies has have created to entice people to use their cars are going to death so they can make money we want to use the system to our benefit not the credit card companies so you do not spend more money than you normally would just to meet a minimum spin it's not worth going into debt over the only way using credit cards to travel works is if you pay off the credit card in hole at the end of each month you have to wait until the credit statement post and then you pay off the entire balance every month the entire balance you cannot use credit cards for travel.

If you're going into debt the key to using credit cards is not to change your spending habits to match a card but to find a car that matches your spending habits once you know how much you'll be able to spend on the card in a certain amount of time you can now begin looking at credit cards there's one website that i use for almost all of my credit card searches and that is nerd wallet now i'm not affiliated with nerd wallet in any way it's just a freaking band website nerd wallet will tell you everything you need to know about a credit card before applying for it and you can even use nerd wallet to search just cards for travel they've got a whole section dedicated to just credit cards for traveling so it's perfect for us there's also subreddit where they talk about different promotions in limited time offers with credit cards that's very very helpful as well this is the card.

I started with it's the mileage plus explorer united card through chase whenever I applied for this card had a limited time 50,000 mile sign up bonus within three months I met the minimum spin I got the miles and then I moved on to my next card the second card i got was a Barclay arrival plus mastercard I met that spin and I got 40,000 miles there's a lot to consider whenever you're looking at a card points are not created equal the points on my united card are much better than the point of my barclaycard but points are still points points are always good but you have to look at what kind of .

you're getting to know the value of a certain amount of points just because of card is offering a huge amount of points doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to be a better card than one that's offering less just need to read and do your research and figure out which points are best and how they can be used also both of my cards have annual fees and so you need to know that before applying for a card so that you know it by the end of the year you want to cancel the card or if the fee is worth it for you in the cards benefits outweigh the small fee each year to spend some time on nerd wallet and read it and you'll be able to figure out what card you need also before applying for a credit card you need to know what your credit score is so that you'll know if you'll be approved for the credit card and so to do that just use credit karma is completely free and you know your credit score the main question I get is doesn't opening a lot of credit cards mean your credit goes down no as long as you're using the card smartly you're not maxing out the cards you're paying off the cards each month and you're not closing a bunch of cards all at once your credit score should go up not down initially whenever you are approved for a card your credit score will drop a little bit because the credit companies have to look into your credit score to make sure that your scores high enough for them to give you the card and whenever they do that it drops just a little bit but within a few weeks it will rebound and it will start going as long as you're following these rules my credit score is very good now it's over 700 and I just started using credit cards I know a year or two ago so as long as you use credit cards correctly your score will increase not decrease.


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