5 Yacht Charter Vacation Travel and Planning Tips for Newbies

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The summertime is the perfect time for yacht travel. What is a private yacht charter vacation? Well, if you’ve never been on a yacht before and don’t know how to operate one, there is a good chance that you aren’t going to rent one yourself. Hiring a yacht charter service will give you the unique luxury to sit back with your family or a special someone and enjoy the open waters. One of the greatest advantages of yacht travel is that you can get away in style and you can access hard to reach and exotic locale, like deserted islands and other fun locations. Here are five-yacht charter vacation travel and planning tips for newbies.

Devise a budget. When it comes down to it, yacht charter vacations can get expensive, especially if you are traveling into foreign waters. If you don’t have the budget, you may only want to rent the yacht for a couple of days. In some places, you can still get very far in only a couple of days, especially if your jump off point is near an archipelago or a series of small islands.
Decide what size boat you need. As a newbie, you may not realize how important the size of the boat is when you are chartering a yacht. In some cases, you can get away with a smaller yacht. However, if you are having a large event or bringing a few more people, you may want to hire a larger vessel. In most cases, if you are only bringing your significant other, you could probably get away with chartering a small to mid-sized boat.
Secure transportation to the yacht. It is also important to secure transportation to the yacht. If you are on vacation, you can either take a cab or some other form of transportation, like a limo or even a helicopter. For instance, The Advantaged Yacht Charters and Sales company has various supplemental transportation services that will get you to your yacht. In some cases, your yacht may have a helipad directly on the vessel, so you could literally fly onto your yacht and enjoy your vacation.

Check the experience level of the yacht charter company. It is also critical to check the experience level of the charter company. The last thing you want is to go with a company that isn’t very experienced. Not only will you not get the most out of your trip, but also you could actually be in danger in the instance of a major swell or storm. Ideally, you want to ask the company how long they have been in business and you want to ask how long their captains have been chartering yachts.
Book in advance. If you’ve never charted a yacht before, it is important to understand that many companies get booked solid in the summertime. It is important to snag your reservation sooner rather than later – the last thing you want is to wait until the last minute, because it could be too late.


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