Do you know where Estonia is?

in travel •  9 months ago

Some pics of Tallinn I shot yesterday during little pub crawl with my friend @dkn and 5 random facts about Estonia.
FACT1 : Estonia is getting ready to celebrate its 100th birthday on 24 February. Congratulations!
i7MpBulQV0s (1).jpg

FACT 2: Tallinn Old City is a great place both in summer and winter if you are dressed according to the weather and the weather is quite unpredictable.


FACT 3: There is a lot of old wooden houses in Tallinn. Renovated flat is one of those near center costs 30-50EUR per night.


FACT 4: Railway is an easy and comfortable way to travel in Estonia. You do not need to book a ticket, just sit back and relax, train personnel will come up to you. Yes, cards accepted.


FACT 5: Estonian guys are so hot that they use motorcycles in any weather conditions. Do not try this at home!

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