Border town between EU and Russia.

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Welcome to the most eastern point of the European Union, the gateway from barbaric Russia. Castle on the left belongs to Estonia. Fortress on the right belongs to Russia. This is historical border between two civilizations. I will take you on a tour across Narva. Shots are taken on smartphone during last year.

Graffiti shot from a train window approaching from Tallinn

Soviet WWII tank T34 facing Tallinn. Estonian border sign near it.


Cabbage growing in the center of town near school. Do not ask me why. Its... BEAUTIFUL!

Russian border radar tower on the other side of the river. Big brother is watching us.

Castle and local beach in summer is cool place to rest. Before WWII it looked slightly differently.
But check out how it looked after WWII. This place suffered.
But was raised from ruins.

To be continued... Stay tuned!

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wow! Lookin forward seeing the next post!


Thanks man!