A visit to Deras Dam and winding up the day with Unwind

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Odisha, India is a land of full of natural beauties with stunning wildlife in their own natural habitats. And Deras lies in the Chandaka Dampara wildlife sanctuary, which is one of the great nearest place to me. Having the apartment picnic arranged there, was a blessing to pass the day in scenic beauty. And on the same day, we had our school function called Unwind to wrap the day. What a day to spend.

We were told to get ready by 9 a.m. and all families were ready and we started our trip in a mini bus. I had never gone in a mini bus and this was a different experience.
Our Bus.jpg

A selfi with my friend Soham in the bus.

With my friend in bus.jpg

It took less than a hour to reach Deras, which is located in the outskirts of capital city of Bhubaneswar, where I live in.
Deras 1.jpg
If you do not know, then Deras is part of the Chandaka Dampara wildlife sanctuary , which is an abode of Indian Elephants and many other fauna. The Sanctuary, lies between 20°-12'-30" and 20°-26'-03” N Latitude and 85°49' 13" and 85°-34'-42" E Longitude in the Cuttack & Khurda District of Odisha. The total area of the Sanctuary extends over 193.39 Sq Km in two parts. Major area of 172.12 Sq Km lies in the Chandaka Dampara area and small area of 19.275 Sq Km in Bharatpur-Jagannath Prasad forests.The forests are dry deciduous with patches of Semi evergreen vegetation which has very good landscapes and sylvan surroundings. Deras is an irrigation dam inside the sanctuary, and is the water spread area of Chandaka forest.

Upon reaching there, we were given breakfast and we did not miss the opportunity to play with friends in the green field. And after some time , we started walking to the Deras dam, which is a marvel in its own beauty. Playing with Friends.jpg

We had to walk more than a kilometer in a muddy road, to climb to the dam. You can see in the below picture, the road is small road is visible which leads the way to the dam.

Deras 2.jpg

Here are some stunning pictures around the dam. It was told to us that, often elephants are visible at the other side of the dam, coming to bathe in the water.

Deras 3.jpg

Deras 4.jpg

Deras 5.jpg

Deras 6.jpg

You can see and feel the natural beauty in the place. It was like a day with full of scenic pleasure. I was feeling like WOW.

Wow Moment.jpg

Walking down back, I was feeling like we should stay for some more time there.

Rest in nature.jpg

On the way, we saw this big stone and thought to give it a try to move it , LOL, with my sister and bobbita aunty.

Move the Stone.jpg

We came back to the place where the food was arranged. The government has arranged the place nicely , where you can cook your food. And there is a Tube-well to spare for your water needs :), Yes its the aqua guard of the people living in villages.


For the first time I was feeling the simplicity of life the village people enjoy. You can see the house nearby.

Village House.jpg

We came back from there at around 4 p.m. Reaching the home, we planned to go to Unwind, the annual function of our school Sai International School. Its one of the moment in the entire year, we eagerly wait. It provides us a platform to be a future entrepreneur. And not to miss a lot of fun.


Enjoyed the evening a lot there , as we had a Live Music concert from Ravi Shukla. I will post the video of that in another post.

At Unwind.jpg

I hope you will feel the beauty of my place and plan to come here once.


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