Pakistan is not a terrorist state - Reason#3 (The Lakes)

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 This post is the continuation of a series where I am trying to show to the world that there is more to Pakistan than a strong propaganda of a terrorist-state image. 

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Today I am going to tell you about some of the famous lakes in the country. Pakistan might not be a huge country but it sure is big enough to have mighty mountains, desert, coastal region and agricultural land. throughout the length there are may lakes with very distinctive features of their own.

There are lakes located in some very unimaginable and inaccessible locations but if you can reach them; your whole perspective of the enchanting beauty will change.

If I dare say, at certain points you might even forget the beauty of Swiss Alps. :P

Here I will just mention some famous lakes across the country.

1. Attabad Lake

The lake was craeted out of landslides and destruction of human habitat. But now it is a marvel to watch.

Photo credit: Syed Hamza Mobeen

2. Chitta Katha Lake

It is located in Shounter valley in Kashmir. The magic happens at different times of the day and different seasons of the year.

Photo credit: Sher Ali

3. Hanna Lake

Found in Quetta, the turquoise waters of this lake offer a soothing refuge to every weary traveller.

4. Dudipastar Lake:

Found in Kaghan valley, its a treat to spend a night at its shore.

Photo credit: Madasar Ali

5. Saif-ul-Malok

Located in Kaghan valley, this lake is one of the very popular tourist destinations.

photo credit: Hasnain Ali

6. Rush Lake

It is a highest lake in Pakistan in Nagar valley. The view, ambience, surroundings and the feel is totally out of this world.

Photo Credit:Mobeen Mazhar

7. Karamber Lake:

Hidden in Ghizer valley, this is the place where dreams are made of and senses are replenished.

Photo credit: Gabriel Gersch

8. Ratti Galli Lake

And this!!!

Photo credit: Shahzad Ahmad

9. Manchar Lake:

This is the largest lake in Asia and is a source of livelihood for many. it is located in Dadu district near Indus river.

Photo credit: Danial Shah

10. Sheosar Lake

No words.

Photo credits: Muhammad Munir

All these images are just the glimpse of what this land has to offer to the visitor.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Your comments, feedback and upvotes will be appreciated.

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Awesome pics feel the vibes through the photos :)

yeah right. :)

doing the same in my blog and definitely gonna resteem it...
keep up the good work @shemabukhari ...

Thank you so much @raja
stay in touch

Beautiful pictures @shemabukhari
Pakistan is a beautiful city.
Thanks for sharing this.

...Followed! and please do stay in touch

Thank you for appreciating

You're welcome.. Pls do try and stay in touch to see my contributions. Thanks.

Beautiful pictures! I do not believe any of the propaganda the mainstream tries to push on the mindless hoards. We need more people like you who will speak out and expose the injustices that have been perpetrated against humanity.

@wreckitralph first of all i really like your display name.
Thankyou for appreciating
and as a media researcheri have come to know about many ideologies and propagandas....
and of course i love writing about these issues, although havnt written any on steemit

apeciateable work ,, and yet the true as well thanks for paosting .

thanku so much for appreciating..stay tuned for more episodes

Wow man these are some neat photos i like them a lot. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for appreciating . Stay in touch

'It has lakes so we're not terrorists'

This is how it seems written to me..

nice one :)
but i guess you miss out the introduction to the post...
these are the series of reasons and "the lakes" is in brackets for the same very purpose that it is one of the reasons....
there were two more blogs and many more to come

Tell the whole country, open their eyes. Show the beauty of Pakistan a very beautiful place

Thank you for appreciating...I believe that every single part of the world is beautiful

Never knew, pakistan was that much off a beauty. 📷 Stunning nature. Media coverage, politics etc is sad. Just be alone in that nature and enjoy it and let the world pass by. Hope we could live in peace and harmony all together in the future and be proud to share our culture with the world! Great Blogpost! 👌🏞

@nocopyrightarts Thank you for appreciating...there is more to come :)

Have been to couple of places you mentioned in your blog an they are incredibly beautiful. Keep up the good work!

thank you for endorsement :)

looks like a wonderful country

Thank you and it sure is with its own flaws :P

This series is getting better and better!

thank you bro dude :)

Most welcome

I appreciate your efforts towards spreading true picture of motherland. I thank you on behalf of our nation.

really appreciate


Hye @shemabukhari

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its time to inhance infrastructure around.its very hard to visit there, but when you reach there you forget your tiredness. really awesome places .

Great work shema

Thank you :)