Guess Who's Back?

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Finally I'm back and things are back to somewhat normal, i was working 7 days a week at one job and full time at another one. But finally I am only working the one job now. I am truly grateful to be done the one job so that I can focus on myself!!

With all the mayham of work, I still managed to get out a bit.
We went down to Bayfield!


I went down to The Hullet Marsh! to check out the sunrise!


I went for a nice walk in Blyth!!


We went to Goderich

goderich lake.jpg

We also went to Stratford!!



welcome back. Stratford in UK ? If yes I have been there too... nice isn't it?

So happy to see you back here and happy you have time to play again!

It's so nice to see you here @shaunf.
Though I'm still new here, I hope to make great impacts just like you.

I really love your photography, your pictures are so beautiful.

I really love your
Photography, your pictures
Are so beautiful.

                 - indoleboss

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Looks a cool place and nice to see you back ;)

Well, Welcome back.

Glad to see you, felt your use of the bots was a bit over zealous. I've downvoted you.

Nice photos.

thank you for the input!

Good for you, that you have time to relax

The colour of your pic very beautiful and the space so peaceful.

The colour of your
Pic very beautiful and
The space so peaceful.

                 - rachelssi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Good post

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