Exploring Philippines #5: Midway White Sand Beach Resort

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Best way to beat the Heat!

Here in the Philippines, it's already summer time and temperatures could reach up to 34 degrees Celcius. So, my classmates and I decided to go to Midway White Sand Beach Resort to cool down and just have fun!

The heat of the scorching sun sometimes gets every Filipinos to be very annoyed and irritated. Fortunately, the Philippine Island is blessed with many beaches and other beautiful places.

Midway White Beach Resort is clean and full of trees, very close to nature. The beach sand is a little rough but compensated by the clear water with few fishes that you can swim with.

I took this photo about 5 in the morning, and the sun was not out yet, that's why it's a little dim.

It's best to go swimming early morning because you are not suceptible to sunburn at this hour.

Just look at those happy faces enjoying the vitamin sea.

@patttyyy and @leih's groufie.

@patttyyy took a photo of us while wading in the sea. Everyone is just solemnly enjoying the moment and scenery that time. I was looking over the horizon for the Sun rise.

At 8 in the morning, the resort's employees brought out the dragon boat, jet ski and banana boat to prepare for the visitors and tourists looking for something to do at the beach.

@miggy148, @mr-jobean, @mjpretty and @sciencepro playing beach volleyball. We were able to bring our own ball. It was very fun to watch them play, they were having a hard time because it's a little different playing while on the sand than on a volleyball court.

My classmate, Adrian is about to do the service to start the game.

They were really doing their best to save the ball and try to score.

Me and @patttyyy were watching the game when a little furry fella came. He was very hungry so we gave him food, then after he finished his meal, he laid besides us. It's like he's thanking us and just wanting to stay for awhile after a heavy meal.

After a day well spent on Midway White Sand Beach Resort, we decided to go home.

We were walking from the beach to the national highway to wait for a jeepney to go back to Iligan City. We were very tired and hungry, still we managed to put it all behind and talked about what happened and had a good laugh.

From us to you:

Enjoy every moment. Beat the heat this summer by going to beach resorts or other water adventures, and cool off.

All photos are mine.
Camera used: Iphone 6


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