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Today I tell you about the wonderful tribe. People who take their patients every year and renew their memory. According to a newsletter
In the early week of September, "Mama" tribes of the tribe of Mama, brought men out of graves and brought them to their homes. Since they burst dead bodies in accordance with local customs, their breasts do not worsen for a long time. Bring home during the festival? By giving a bath to men, they are wearing new clothes. They are buried with a new spice.
The United Arab-aid newspaper, "Albania" has written about British Journal Daily Daily Mail that Indonesia's "southern slani" events have begun men to get rid of graves. This week, the rally continues to be in the province called "Turse". Tarej people get out of the cemetery every year. This celebration is celebrated as a celebration. It is called "My Neon" in the formal language. Basin basins are also related to Christianity. And they follow their tradition according to the tradition of male Christianity. However, they believe that even after death, he lives with his family. Therefore, a person needs to know where the place of death is. The soul of dead dead without it is in severe pain. That's why people always escape from a remote journey. They say that if a distant dies in the area, then it will be difficult for the family to take mother's mother each year. So they live in their area. Especially avoid traveling at the age of age. According to the report, "My Night" is in ancient times since this period. It is announced by local religious leaders. Men's family has already started preparing bodies of loved ones outside the cemetery. To see the parents' bodies, their sons and daughters are far off. Men's family members take new clothes in the cemetery. The nurse scenes of the graves are also seen as children. Children are used to make soil clay. Whenever I get out of the graves, all the family says "Happy New Year". People of Turaj make a special way in harmony and safety of their men. After that, a mask is wrapped in a cloth, a local tree leaves are placed inside the clothes, while tattoo is made of a special wood. Harmatia is buried in the new tomato. In this area, buried in the men's graves, they are buried in the cemetery in the cave mountain in a furious mountainous area in the area. To keep the building straight, both hands are placed on a wooden path, as hands are taken for this purpose. My nine "festival is also known as festival festival. All patients are expelled from the graves and then they are bathed on that day. The hair is thin. Many people call beauty parliers to listen to their loved ones. For the first time, the old massage used for honey is removed from the new spice. After bursting of small children's bodies, new toys are kept in the box before they are ready to be buried. The middle-day ritual is that after removing dead bodies' bodies, they are worn together, are wearing new clothes. Meanwhile, family and friends also Stand with N and make pictures. Services by compensation for men and women. According to the report, the rituals are the only regions of the world, where people walk on the go every year and walk on New York. A video has already been uploaded, Peter Samby, a person named Sobra, who died on his feet, can be seen. According to the report, Taraj is a mountainous region, the world of this strange ritual of Mama Sai tribal I did not know anything, what lived here some years ago. However, when the ritual begins, tourists from different countries started reaching here


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tahnx rhino but this about old indonesion tribes

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Well done @shahzaib! I've never heard about this custom before.
Speaking only for myself and meaning no disrespect towards any culture or custom, it's so foreign to me that bodies are exhumed once a year, bathed, anointed with spices, hair re-styled and then buried again.

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