Wonderful beauty of the Lampuuk beach, Aceh

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Today I will tell you my experience of traveling on the beach of lampuk, aceh great. I went with my friends from home to the Lampuuk beach. The beach is very beautiful, lots of tourists visiting the beach of the lights.

The cost of beach entry is very cheap. Ticket price Rp. 3000 for one visitor. This is the picture of the entry ticket which is written in Indonesian language

The beach is very beautiful, stretch of white sand makes the eyes glare. The sea is blue, loves to swim. The scenery is very beautiful, blue sea, white sand, rock cliffs, and mountains that are by the sea. Try visiting here and feel the natural beauty.

Here are some of the photos I have captured and I shared for all the steemians

This is a photo of white sand and blue sea

This is a photo of a mountain close to the sea

I hope you can visit and travel on the lampuuk beach. Hopefully this article can provide information and knowledge about tourist attractions in Aceh. Thanks all steemian :)

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