Whakarewarewa Living Maori Village, Rotorua, New Zealand

in travel •  9 months ago






A Maori Village built long ago on top of Geysers, which are used to dye clothes, prepare food & fill baths.

Fun fact: Eleanor Roosevelt visited this village on August 31st 1943.

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Another fun fact, I visited there 3 years ago. Amazing place and friendly people


I had no idea you'd visited down under. Yes, friendly experience and for pennys compared to other Maori village tours


We had a big trip that took in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Only got a taste of those places, but it was great

Awesome shots i love thermal waters, miracle of nature

Wow what an image. This image looks pretty good. You look cool #senseiteekay. The view is just mind blowing. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Cool looking place, I never got to New Zealand (so far), Australia is as far as I got... but it is on the list!


In my opinion, New Zealand trumps Australia 100 to 1 when it comes to the outdoors so definitely make that trip 😊


Thanks I have it on the list for sure, just had two friends come back from there, they are from Austria and they can't wait to go back.

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