Natural Geysers, Rotorua, New Zealand

in travel •  5 months ago


Another picture from Whakarewarewa showing the vast amount of volcanic rock surrounding the area, one of few rare places in the world with natural geyser fields.

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Looks very beautiful. Is this a popular tourist destination?


Yes it is. Rotorua is a must for anyone visiting New Zealand.

Rotorua is a surreal place with steam coming out of the ground all over the place. At least there's no shortage of hot water


Funny you say that because the entire Rotorua region used to heat their homes with geothermal. However the water levels started to dwindle due to excessive use and so the practice stopped. Since then geyser levels have returned slowly over the years.

I want to go to NZ so bad, its the farthest i can go from home in KM

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